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10 routine blog_maintenance_checklists

  1. 1. net mediablog.com http://netmediablog.com/10-routine-blog-maintenance-checklists10 Routine Blog Maintenance ChecklistsNwosu MavtrevorRunning a blog is not just about posting f resh contents always; there are blog maintenance routines Icarry out daily or weekly on my blog to keep it running smoothly. To keep any system running smoothly,one must ensure to always perf orm routine maintenance on such system to keep it perf orming optimally.If you are a blogger and you do not have routine maintenance f or your blog you may run into an“avoidable” problem someday so that is the reason why I have decided to share my routine blogmaintenance activities with you on this post. Routine blog maintenance won’t take you much time, onceyou have decided on the routine you simply ensure to observe it and your blog will run smoothly withoutthe f ear of running into troubles someday.I know you may be thinking when will I have time to carry out routine maintenance on my blog? You mayalready have been carrying out such routine maintenances without knowing. And I want to also state thatcarrying out routine blog maintenance f or your blog is one of the best blogging practices every bloggershould practice.Routine Blog Maintenance Checklist1. Backup your blog regularly: Blog backup isdef initely the most important blog maintenance routinesf or every blog, backup your blog weekly or at leastmonthly.2. Check for Broken Links on your blog at leastweekly, I use Online broken link checker to search myblog f or broken links. Af ter reading Enstine’s “HowCommentLuv Plugin is Damaging Your SEO!”, I decided itwill be nice to compile my routine blog maintenancechecklist and share with you.3. Update your blog plugins: WordPress pluginupdates are always available and sometimes out of ourbusy schedule we may not take f ew seconds to updateour plugins to its latest versions, please always ensureyour plugins are up to date by updating it.4. WordPress Optimization: WordPress optimization is a necessary routine blog maintenance practiceevery WordPress blogger should perf orm. The WordPress auto-save saves revisions or articleswhenever you are typing an article so you won’t lose your write up, these revisions build up and consumememory and may slow down your blog, I normally use a plugin called WP-Optimize to keep my databaseclean by removing the post revisions and spam. With this plugin you can run optimize command on yourWordPress core tables.5. Get rid of spam comments/trackbacks: Blogging and spam comments are like Bonnie and Clyde.Except you have ensured serious measures against spam comments and trackbacks and have kept themto its barest minimum on your blog, take some time out to clean up your spam comments.6. Database Optimization: Take some time out and optimize your blog’s database f or betterperf ormance. You can read Babanature’s post titled “Optimizing Your WordPress Database For A BetterPerf ormance” f or more on this.
  2. 2. 7. Image Optimization: At least every weekend, I try to optimize the images I used during the week onmy blog f or better perf ormance. Check out some “Online Tools f or Image Compression and Optimization”I of ten use f or my image optimization. These tools help me reduce the image f ile sizes and improveperf ormance of my blog in general.8. Linking within my blog: As I publish new articles I may not have the time to immediately start lookingf or related old articles on my blog to begin linking them, it’s easier when you link a new article to an oldone, but linking an old article to a new one will involve you digging up your archives and searching f or thearticles, so I mostly perf orm this routine maintenance during weekends. I simply dig around and look f orold posts on my blog and link them to related new posts.9. Revisit Old posts: Over time one tends to improve in knowledge and writing skills, so take some timeout and revisit your old posts and give them a touch, improve your grammar, correct your typos, carry outSEO tasks on them etc.10. Eliminate unused plugins/Themes: Take a visit to your plugin section, access the plugins you haveon your blog and eliminate those plugins you don’t necessary need to run your blog. Deactivate thoseones you don’t of ten use. Same with themes, delete any theme you may have installed that you are notusing any more on your blog.Do you think I f orgot any important routine blog maintenance on my checklist? Please help me by addingit on the comment section below, remember to subscribe to my RSS f eed.