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The Latest iPod Touch Review (32GB, 3rd Generation).pdf

  1. 1. ==== ====Get This Product with Special Price at : ====Specifications: Apple has recently launch its new generation of iPod Touch (3rd generation).Although it does come with a couple of new features, the major features of the 2nd generationiPod Touch remain unchanged. Here is a quick look at this new model to help you decide if it isworth the upgrade.The model that we have reviewed is the 32GB model. One of the major specs upgrade in this newgeneration media player is its faster processor. It has a higher capacity, where you can choose toget a 8GB, 32GB or a 64GB model. The graphics capabilities have also been improved upon.Design: The dimensions of the new iPod Touch remain unchanged. It measures at 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.33inches in dimensions. The only difference is the slight variation in etchings behind the device.Other than then it is nearly identical to the 2nd generation device. It has the same 3.5-inch touchscreen that ha a 480x320 resolution. The physical volume button on the side is also maintained.Features & Performance: The major improvements can be witnessed in the features of the3rd generation iPod Touch. Improvements have been made to the Genius play-list feature. AGenius Mixes feature has been added to help you select a mix of songs in a play-list according togenre.Then there is the new Voice Control feature that lets you control music playback by saying thecontrols out loud. All you need to do is to hold the headphone remote button and speak thecommands into the microphone. Besides basic controls like next song and play, you can also callout song names and the name of the artists that you wish to listen to.Overall: So would the 3rd generation of iPod Touch be worth the upgrade? If you already have a2nd generation iPod Touch that works really well, it is a little of a stretch to say that it is worth theupgrade. Nevertheless, if you have an older (wearing out) device, or wish to get an Apple devicefor the first time, this new 3rd generation model is definitely the way to go. Currently, it retails foraround $290 each, an excellent price tag for the best portable media in town.For more reviews and product info on the new 3rd generation iPod Touch, visit Apple iPod Touch.For reviews and info on other portable media players, visit http://devinemp3players.blogspot.comArticle Source:
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