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Improving Click Through Rate (CTR) in your PPC


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Improving Click Through Rate (CTR) in your PPC

  1. 1. May 1st, 2013 Published by: Matthew OsorioCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1Improving Click ThroughRate (CTR) in your PPCThis eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBookCreator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF,ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats.Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock morefeatures and hide this message.Improving Click Through Rate(CTR) in your PPCThere is a wide range of internet marketing strategies that canbring considerable growth to your online business. But themost common being the SEO and PPC. So, if you are involvedwith Pay Per Click Advertising, one of the metrics you shouldbe concerned with is CTR. Click through rate (CTR) is thepercent of ad views that will result in clicks or leads, and itis one of the key factors in the PPC Search Engine rankingstrategy. PPC Ads with higher click-through rates get betterquality scores and higher placements in Google search results.Increasing Your Click Through Rate (CTR) would not onlyresult in increased traffic, but also an improved Quality Scoreand a higher Ad Rank for your Pay Per Click Advertisingcampaign. But getting a higher CTR is not as easy as youmay think. You will either have to work out with a new setof keywords or may have to adjust your CPC bids for yourcampaign. But it is not always possible to adjust your CPC bidsas you may end up with a mess. So what options are availableto you to increase your text ads Click Through Rate (CTR)without making adjustments to your keywords or CPC bids?Here are a few ways by which you can improve your CTRwithout making the above changes:• Improve Your Ad Copy:The most important thing is to improve the way you write yourad copy. As you are selling through your ad copy, you must beable to persuade your visitors that they can cater their needsfrom your website. Thus, by being creative as much as possibleand producing killer text ads you will be able to take yourbusiness to newer heights and also earn high profits.• Google+ Social Extensions:Having the social extension to Google+ makes a big differenceto your text ads as it adds an element of social proof and anendorsement to it. If you are able to build a good following onGoogle+ then you would certainly get a CTR boost for your PPCcampaign.• Use a logo with your location extension:When setting up your Location Extension it is beneficial toadd your business logo or any other relevant image of yourbusiness into it. Remember, Google displays your businesslogo when people search for relevant queries on the PPCSearch Engine.• Invest in Brand Name Keywords:By embarking on a strategy that combines aggressively biddingfor your competitors & your brand name keywords you will beable to offer your visitors with more options to click throughto high value pages for a significantly lower CPC. Brand namekeywords generally have much lower CPC as when comparedto the commercial keywords.• Get a site links extension:By integrating a site links extension, advertisers will get achance to associate multiple landing pages with their brandname. The advertisers should not only be careful whileselecting the associated landing pages for their ads but mustalso use a highly descriptive site links text.• Hyper Descriptive Display URLs:The advertisers can increase their Click through Rate (CTR) bymaking hyper descriptive display URLs with the 35 characterlimit. They can experiment CTR’s by using identical headlinesand ad descriptions and then varying display URLs. This willalso save much time for creating the ads from scratch.• Get reviews to display on your ads:Reviews are a definite way to acquiring credibility andattracting more clicks on the PPC Search Engine. However, theAdvertiser has no real control over the display of reviews withthe seller rating extension.By implementing the following measures the advertisers canobserve a great hike on the CTR in their PPC campaign.Article Source: Articlebase.comAbout the AuthorApproved Search is a premier Pay Per Click MarketingNetwork to help match qualified traffic sources withadvertisers looking to maximize their results. For moreinformation visit us at Pay Per Click Advertising
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