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Brief Description of What the US-China Council is, where its located, what it does, and who its members & leadership is

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  • -To the benefit of it is members and the US economy
  • Uniquely positioned to serve member’s interests in both nations
  • -Frisbie Bio (GE for 6 years, USCBC’s Chief Representative in China)
    - Kent CEO of Coke
  • Wen Jiabao, Hu Jintao, Wang Qishan, Timothy Geithner, James Baker, Gary Locke (Commerce Secretary), Brent Scowcroft (National Security Adviser) as well as numerous specialists on US-China Affairs from the think tank community and the exec. branch of government
  • Veritable who’s who of Fortune 500, although smaller companies represented as well
  • Bullet one: To both governments (repsonsible, accurate, persuasive)
    Bullet four: Visits by Board members
  • CBR – US Business Community’s must read, providing in dpth coverage of all aspects of China trade & investment
    CMI – a members only newsletter covering braking developments & analysis
    Wash Update – an e-newsletter on US political & legislative developments affecting trade & investment with China
    Special Reports, Press Releases,e tc..
  • USCBC Messaging Playbook Slides

    1. 1. About US-China Business Council © 2010, The US-China Business Council
    2. 2. What Does USCBC Do? Works to expand the US-China commercial relationship Favors eliminating trade & investment barriers between the two largest economies in the world Predictable & Transparent Commercial Environment © 2010, The US-China Business Council
    3. 3. Who is USCBC? Roughly 225 American Companies that do business with China Private, Nonpartisan, Nonprofit Provides Information, Advocacy, & Advisory services to Member Companies Founded in 1973 © 2010, The US-China Business Council
    4. 4. Where Is USCBC? Beijing Washington, DCShanghai © 2010, The US-China Business Council
    5. 5. Who Comprises Our Leadership? John Frisbie – President of USCBC for 6 years Muhtar Kent – COB A Few of Our Other Board Members: © 2010, The US-China Business Council
    6. 6. Who Does USCBC Engage With? © 2010, The US-China Business Council
    7. 7. How Does USCBC Work for Members? Hosting Events, Conferences, & Meetings Issuing Policy Statements to Government & Press Consulting on Member Requests through Business Advisory Services department Producing a number of publications a month Meeting with Advocates in Congress © 2010, The US-China Business Council
    8. 8. Who Comprises USCBC’s Membership? Sectors Retail Manufacturing Financial Consulting Construction Hospitality Legal
    9. 9. How does USCBC influence Business Policy? Policy statements Congressional Testimony Media Interaction Engaging PRC Government
    10. 10. USCBC Essential Publications © 2010, The US-China Business Council
    11. 11. How does USCBC work for advertisers Webinar Sponsorship (6 per year) China Business Review Website: 90K impressions per month China Business Review: Circulation of 12K* New Issue Announcement – 6K Fully 50% of our readership is at the “C or D” level of business Another third is comprised of the governments of both nations © 2010, The US-China Business Council *Including pass along rate of 3.1