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Linked data newsrewired_16-12-10


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Linked data newsrewired_16-12-10

  1. 1. Linked data A dummy’s guideMartin Moore, Media Standards Trust @martinjemoore
  2. 2. x xlinked data
  3. 3. Daniel Martin Moore Martin Moore Kitchens Martin Moore Ireland U-20s Martin Moore CellarMaster Benjamin Martin Moore Martin Moore QCMartin Moore - Me
  4. 4. “each of us is a sacred, unique snowflake” Chuck Palahniuk, Fight ClubCC mommamia
  5. 5. “Martin e Moore” na mPerson wr ot e Article X
  6. 6. The Linked Data webBy Richard Cyganiak
  7. 7. University of Michigan Library Card Catalogd, photo dfulmer
  8. 8. Johannes Brahms
  9. 9. Sparql RDFa URI XML Endpoint FOAF Triples Query Ontology JSON OWL SemanticWith thanks to Heath Robinson