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Martech Social - M.Social platform overview


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M.Social is a fully customisable social networking platform enabling you to create your own online communities. Owning your own social environment, you can increase engagement, develop stronger relationships, gain insight, benefit from free user generated content and drive sales.

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Martech Social - M.Social platform overview

  1. 1. M.Social Community Platform CONNECT | ENGAGE | INTERACT | Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  2. 2. Martech Social WHO | WHAT | WHERE | WHENA bit about usHello. We specialise in providing a creative mix of social media technology and strategy. We offer a varietyproducts and services to help brands and organisations capitalise from social media, email and mobile applications. Technology Services { A fully managed social networking platform for media • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY M.Social owners, brands and organisations wanting to create their own community • SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT { A fully managed email delivery platform which can run either M.Direct as a standalone service or • COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT integrated with the M.Social platform A range of solutions from • TRAINING M.Mobile { mobile social networking web sites to bespoke mobile application development for iPhone, Android and more • SOCIAL MEDIA Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  3. 3. M.Social INTERACT | ENGAGE | COMMUNICATE | CONNECTM.Social: Community platformM.Social is a fully customisable social networking platform enabling you to create you own online communities.Owning your own social environment, you can increase engagement, develop stronger relationships, gain insight,benefit from free user generated content and drive sales. Brands Members • Engage • Engage • Insight • Interact • Support • Share feedback • Knowledge • Share experiences • Communicate • Exclusive offers • Advocacy • Seek advice • Relationships • Discuss • Own members & content • Review • Sales • Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  4. 4. Social Integration INTERACTIVE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS | EXPOSURESocial Integration & ExposureM.Social integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube providing multichannel exposure Connect Registered members can link a variety of social accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Facebook Connect is also offered making it easy for members to sign up and share content. Expose Martech provides a Facebook plug in exposing all community content on Facebook, encouraging community recruitment and registrations. The M.Social platform publishes to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube providing cross platform Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  5. 5. Influence and Exposure RAPID ROI | INSIGHT | FEEDBACK | COMMUNICATION TOOLSPower at your fingertipsM.Social provides brands and organisations with a powerful platform that generates excitement, interaction,personal contact and the ability to target self selected advocates providing rapid Social Media ROI. 80% of business is generated Insight & Feedback by 20% of your customers Your community provides members a Members who sign up to your platform to share specific information community self select themselves as and content about you and your advocates, connect with them and products or services. This puts you in you have a recipe for success. a unique position where you are able to obtain direct feedback, insight and product reviews. Direct Contact Communication Influence Through a variety of Communication channels and With the additional multichannel communication tools (Email, correspondence can be targeted exposure your brand and Status updates and content) ensuring you deliver the right organisations can reach a wider you can communicate directly messages, at the right time, and to the audience generating exposure and with your audience right people Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  6. 6. Functionality PROFILES | SHARING | MODERATION | ANALYTICSMember and Admin functionality Member Functionality Create a profile Invite friends Update status Upload photos and videos Publish blogs Discussion boards Create and join groups Create and join events inMail Enter competitions Live chat Seek expert advice Link social accounts Redeem offers/vouchers Administrator Functionality Content generation Moderation Activity and site analytics Manage members Admin permissions Fully integrated email system Create discussion topics Feature channels Create polls Create competitions Create offers Targeted communication Customer service Social Rewards Create Fan Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  7. 7. Interactive Store Pages FOLLOW | COMMUNICATE | UPDATE | SHAREFan PagesThe M.Social platform is the only third party social networking platform in the world to offer fan pagecreation and interaction. Fan Page Creation Members or Admin creation. Follow niche interest groups Members can keep up to date and interact with niche micro -communities within the overall network. Send targeted communication Fan Page administrator can send out email messages to their followers and members also receive fan page activity updates on their wall Status Updates Fan Page updates posted to member walls Link to Facebook Fan Page Publish all updates directly to a Fan Page of your Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  8. 8. M.SOCIAL RESULTS LOYALTY | INTERACTION | CONTENT | LINKSResultsM.Social is used to provide you with full circle engagement , relationship building and exposure. The virtuous social media circle More Authority Something worth talking about More links More engagement More word of mouth referrals More loyal audience More Traffic Higher repeat visits More people talking about you More repeat custom More useful site Higher levels of interaction Better customer experience More opportunities to interact More content More feedback, Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  9. 9. Clients FEATURED CLIENTSWho we work withWe work with clients across a wide range of industries, from automotive and retail, sporting organisations andpublishers, to travel and entertainment. Every client has a unique story to tell, and we provide the tools and thestrategy to help achieve their Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  10. 10. BENEFITS MARKET LEADING | KNOWLEDGE | DELIVERYWorking with MartechMartech clients are our friends and we aim to exceed all their expectations. We are driven by success andwe love our workMartech• Market leading technology• Strategic thinking• Proven track record• Multinational client portfolio• Vast understanding and experience Sales of multichannel social mediaM.Social Platform• Own your community• Build your audience• Multichannel exposure• Research and analysis• Drive website traffic• Increase sales• Harness fans and followers Time• RAPID Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011
  11. 11. Contact Us PHONE | WEBSITE | EMAILTalk to usIf you would like more information or to arrange a meeting, please get in touch.TOGETHER WE MAKE THINGS HAPPENWe look forward to working with you. Martech Social T: 020 7801 9877 Unit 7, Commodore House F: 020 7504 8686 Juniper Drive Battersea Reach London SW18 1TW UK Martech Social | Social Media Solutions | © 2011