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How to be the trusted auto repair shop


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How to be the "trusted" auto repair shop

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How to be the trusted auto repair shop

  1. 1. Auto Repair Shops There are many things that consumers are searching for when selecting an auto repair shop. Some of the features consumers are looking for in an auto repair shop are: 1. Certifications Having certifications or belonging to organizations like the BBB (Better Business Bureau) can go a long way to gaining new business to your store. Potential customers search for these credentials and if you do not have them, they could pass you by. 2. References / Reviews Clients want references and if they hear great things about your store from family and friends, they are more likely to use your store for future repairs. 3. Cleanliness. Customers find a clean, well-organized shop when bringing in their vehicle for repair. Bear in mind, customers will often wait while repairs are being done and they will not be comfortable sitting on a milk crate. Using a clean, comfortable waiting area will make your customers return again and again. 4. Experience. Make sure your clients know that you have extensive experience. You also want to have the right tools of the trade! Everyone admires someone who can “McGyver” what ever tool he needs. But would you really want to take your car there? 5. Pricing. Learn what other shops in the region are charging for labor and go with the average. If you charge too much you will lose the client. If you charge to little they will think you do cheap, substandard work. 6. Services. Be your neighborhoods one stop shop! If you have the experience and the tools, why let your clients have to go somewhere else? They should be able to get a wide variety of services when they come in. You can also set them up in your calendar to remind them of services. Services that bring clients in over and over: • Oil change • tire change and wheel alignment • brakes Whether you buy the equipment or need to lease it, get the equipment in your store and you will find the customers in the door. Finding equipment leasing companies is easy and a great method for smaller or newer shops to acquire the equipment they need to do the job correctly.
  2. 2. Gaining new business for your store is simpler than you think. Following the above rules will help your company enjoy continued success.