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Unbreakable Rules to Run My Business By: Dupsy Abiola


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Business of Software Europe 2017

Published in: Software
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Unbreakable Rules to Run My Business By: Dupsy Abiola

  1. 1. Rules to Live ByBy Dupsy Abiola
  2. 2. @DupsyAbiola
  3. 3. Awards and Recognition Finalist – Global Pitch Competition Commissioner - Future of WorkWinner – 15 Global Start upsWinner – Best Recruitment Winner –BBC Dragons’ Den Semi-finalist – BIG Award
  4. 4. Rules Rock!!
  5. 5. 1.Fortune favours the Bold 2.Avoid BOZOS 3.Trust Yourself and find your crew 4.Expect Failure as Success Tax
  6. 6. Fortune favours the Bold
  7. 7. Avoid Bozos
  8. 8. Source: Urban Dictionary – Top Definition
  9. 9. Belligerence without backup Opaque (Lack of Transparency = No Bueno) Zero progression {over time} On-going energy drain Silent before and after a storm
  10. 10. Trust yourself and find a crew
  11. 11. Expect Failure as Success Tax