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Alex Beadon of Killer Impressions


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Alex Beadon of Killer Impressions

  1. 1. ----------------- -------------------- Hello, I'm ALEX Beadon! ALEX Beadon, is an entrepreneur who teaches passionate business owners how to create Killer Impressions within their businesses so that they can attract the right kind of people who will turn into customers and raving fans. Her intention is to provide a place on the internet where people with BIG DREAMS can learn how to do what they love AND get paid handsomely for it. Biz Resource: Evernote Biz Book: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle Superhero: "Oprah, and the superhero me" Favorites Hello Biggest Challenges... 1. Overcoming being hard on myself - self-perfection 2. Overcoming self-doubt, fear, worry. 3. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Top 3 Business Advice/Tips: 1. Learn how to market your business properly. 2. Be clear on what it is you're selling - what problem you're solving. 3. Learn how to leverage social media to grow your business. How? Tips for maintaining Work-Life Balance: 1. Be present in the moment in whatever you're doing at that moment. 2. Set boundaries - set work time, family time, personal time. 3. Stop those notifications in you phone when you're off work-mode. "Success is being as happy as I can be." Defining Moment Got a book deal from my podcast- gave me that breakthrough. Compelling Vision To share wonderful things to people and create aha- moments for them. Personal Qualities 1. Play in your strength 2. Positive energy 3. Creativity --------------------------------- - -------------------------------- -- Why?