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Vel Jones


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Vel Jones

  1. 1. ----------------- -------------------- Hello, I'm VEL Jones! Vel Jones-TodaysLeadingWomen.comVEL Jones, is the founder of VULGAR CITIZEN, an innovative clothing boutique, that redefines vulgarity and its power in fashion. As a brand, Vulgar Citizen cater to the outrageous in all of us and encourage people to own their vulgarity, not just in their wardrobes but also in their lives. Vel is a NYU grad who moved to LA originally to pursue a career in film production, but when it did not happen with this choice, she eventually pursued to fashion industry. As a result, her clothing and accessories boutique VULGAR CITIZEN was born. Biz Resource: Biz Book: Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Success Magazine Superhero: "my mom" Favorites Hello Biggest Challenges... 1. Building a company with a small budget. 2. Overcoming the steep learning curve involved in building a company. Top 3 Business Advice/Tips: 1. Do all the research that you can possibly do. 2. Ask a lot of questions and ask for help. 3. Do other things that invigorates you and make you a better business owner and a better person. How? Tips for maintaining Work-Life Balance: 1. Make time to take care of yourself first - workout and eat healthy. 2. Have a support system around you. 3. Make time for your family and friends. "Success is seeing people wear my creations and be happy with them." Defining Moment Have always wanted to have my own business, and when I didn't make it to the film industry, thought I'd follow my passion for fashion. Compelling Vision To create a style that makes people comfortable about themselves yet allows them to be outrageously confident. Personal Qualities 1. Natural researcher 2. Inquisitiveness 3. Creativity --------------------------------- - -------------------------------- -- Why?