Cool laser gadgets


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Cool laser gadgets

  1. 1. Cool laser gadgetsIn this technology era all the people use all kinds of gadgets that areinvented by the specialists and are sold on the market, but they are notnecessarily very useful. Lets take the laser flashlights for example. Nowthey can have different colors and you can choose a red laser flashlight ora green laser gadget, depending on your taste. Now there are differencesbetween these cool gadgets because some of them are highly poweredand some just normal.They can be used to point at things when you make a presentation or
  2. 2. something in front of the class, when you show a certain town or countryon the map or when you want to make fun of some of your colleagues byplaying with the colored spot on their clothes or head.The latest models of green laser gadgets are powerful enough to let yousee the beam, too, not only the dot where the laser beam touches a wall ora still object. After trying some of these thing bought from the internet,some of the kids I know realized that these things can be used bothindoors and outdoors, during the daytime or at night and they can evenlight a room enough to allow you to walk around without bumping intoobjects.I also read some reviews of these cool gadgets on some internet web sitesand one guy who posted some comments there said he was able to scarethe crows that were making noise in the trees in front of his house. And
  3. 3. he did it from the distance, from the window of his room, without havingto make a lot of noise or get down and grab some stones to chase themaway.The more powerful laser gadgets can be used to point at certain thing inthe distance, to point at birds in the forest for example if you are birdwatching with your club members and you spot a nice looking bird, butthe others just cant see it. You can use it in the astronomers club to pointat different stars on the sky and at different groups of stars. Of course thelaser beam is not strong enough to get to the star, but it point the directionin which to look in order to see the planet or star you are pointing at.Anyway, I think he was just trying to find some reasons why he boughtthe device in the first place. Like I said in the beginning these gadgets arenot always very practical, but they are very cool. And it is very normal for
  4. 4. teenagers to be fascinated by all kinds of gadgets, more or less unusualthat spice up their lives and make them feel cool.Of course you can point out to a map with a wooden pointer, but then itwould not be so cool. Anyway, I am not against this kind of gadgetsbecause they stimulate curiosity and innovation and they are the productof technology development. And I am also aware that this is just a normalphase in the life of a teenage boy that will pass.