Using Marketing Tools and Tactics to SHOOT your Candidate Experience Through the Roof


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  • Lindsay Video has arrived in HR. Candidates expect you to be best in class. You are marketing your organization – future hires and customers! People want relevant, compelling information and they want it fast.
  • Lindsay
  • Lindsay -- keep it visual and make sure you have a call to action! You improve learning and retention by over 60% through video vs straight text. Video saves your recruiters time --- candidates comprehend more and therefore self select more effectively.
  • Lindsay
  • Flip your traditional way of sourcing on it’s head! Let candidates get engaged and then spread your job messaging for you. Nothing is better than showing up 8 pages deep on a targeted search!
  • Lindsay:Is your messaging dynamic? Can you reach people globally? Must have mobile friendly url’s / landpages, all your messaging should be dynamic so it renders properly based on the device type your candidates are coming in from. SMS is great but if you are recruiting outside the US know the compliance issues of that location along with the text charges --- QR codes and mobile urls maybe the best way to go!
  • Lindsay – Maren has spoken a lot about know your target audience and I think this is on slide that will surprise most of us. We tend to thing of mobile and social as young, the fact is the audience on these sites gets older everyday. Whether you are looking to target a key individual for an executive position or if you are looking for someone to sit at your call center you need to reach candidates via social media. That is the beauty of it you can target the site, the discussion group or even the individual based on the hiring challenge you are trying to resolve.
  • Using Marketing Tools and Tactics to SHOOT your Candidate Experience Through the Roof

    1. 1. Marketing is to Recruiting… Using marketing tools and tactics to shoot your candidate experience through the roof
    2. 2. • 77% likely to share a negative experience.The state of candidateexperience today • Negative experience reduces amount of accepted offers. • Poor employment brand in the workplace. • Fewer and fewer quality applicants apply. • No news = bad news
    3. 3. You’re not helpless. Recruiting is nothelpless.“I can’t possibly respond to every resume that comes into ourshop.” “We’re too big/small/busy/understaffed/underfunded.”
    4. 4. Marketing Does.Marketing Recruiting• Has to research target • Candidates are different markets and tailor their as are their expectations messaging to several. for a “good” experience.• Must use multiple • As application channels distribution channels. increase, so too must the• Works with customer communication loops. service to ensure • Candidate experience seamless experience. doesn’t happen in a• Has lower cost of vacuum. acquisition. • Much more is riding on this decision.
    5. 5. How will marketers change their social mediaactivities in the future?We asked marketers to indicate how they will change their social media use in the near future. Surveytakers were asked to indicate whether they will increase, decrease, remain the same or not utilize varioussocial media networks and tools. A significant 77% of marketers plan on increasing their YouTube and/or video marketing. Businesses with 1,000 or more employees indicated this is a key growth area, with 82% responding affirmatively. Socialmediaexaminer.comCONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY © 2011 Social Media Examiner
    6. 6. Tactic #1: The 80/20 RuleMarketers allow certain clients to self-select. We also know thatsome clients are more trouble than they are worth. The trick is notmaking them angry when they’re shown the door.
    7. 7. Tools• Loop11 • Be crystal clear about• Silverback 2.0 your culture and• Omniture values. Everywhere. • Ease of access trumps fancy design.• Youtube • Provide candidates• Facebook with a closer look into• LinkedIn the organization via social channels.
    8. 8. Why video?Engagement with online video continues to grow substantially. 8
    9. 9. Tactic #2: Rapid Response TeamNo it’s not easy, but whether you do it through social channels, thetelephone, auto-responders or a CRM, you MUST respond topeople. No excuses.
    10. 10. Tools• Gmail, Outlook • Respond. (autoresponders, canned • In the manner you were responses) contacted.• Salesforce/Sugar/ACT • There are several tools,• Autoresponders or timed including Gist, responses via Vertical Rapportive, Sprout Social Response, Constant and more that will allow Contact, MailChimp, Awe you to keep track of ber people that email a• Social channels inc. certain address. Twitter • Many of these are free or very low cost and allow you to import/export CSV files.
    11. 11. Tactic #3: Market researchA good marketer knows his or her markets, all of them. How canyou use this information to your advantage? You got it.Networks, communities, or just contact!
    12. 12. Tools• Eloqua • Research can be• Survey Monkey conducted via follow• QuestionPro up surveys• Facebook Insights • Beta groups can be used on LinkedIn• Dive into your ATS data • Testing tools within your career site and• Your own two hands facebook • Try your own career site.
    13. 13. Tactic #4: Content MarketingGot a captive audience that needs something? Give it to them.They may not be today’s hire, but they could be tomorrow’s (or acustomer!)
    14. 14. Tools• RSS feeds • If content creation is• Storify,, etc out of the question, try• Slideshare curation.• Video • Give information alongside the CTA, in• Good old fashioned this case, your open email positions. • People love video, especially when it shows them the answer to a burning question.
    15. 15. Search Engine OptimizationMake sure your content is indexing on Google!Google is the number 1 place people start their job search!Video places top of search engine results.Search Engine Optimized - utilizing such key words as your company name, name of the position, andtype of sector.Our clients are front and center reaching top talent with multiple first and second page placement fortheir videos!Traditional recruitment methods provide only ONE opportunity to capture a candidate. With the SEOlinks, you have UNLIMITED opportunities to capture a candidate - video appears on multiple websites!KEYWORD: FANNIE MAE JOB FINANCE PROFESSIONALS KEYWORD: CLEVELAND CLINIC CARDIAC OR REGISTERED NURSES #1 ON THE FIRST PAGE - “WEB” SECTION #1 ON THE FIRST PAGE - “VIDEO” SECTION 16
    16. 16. Tactic #5: Setting ExpectationsTerms and conditions. FAQs. Contracts. Statements of Work. All ofthese documents set expectations early and often.
    17. 17. Tools• Headers and Footers • Pay attention to the• Career Site company you keep.• Follow up FAQ email • How easy and• YouTube informative is your process?• Flowchart • Does your process match your internal processes? • How do I know what to expect?
    18. 18. Be Where your Candidates Are
    19. 19. This is the goal for marketers.A click. A movement from one point to the next. A smile. Atestimonial.
    20. 20. Sources