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Portfolio - Maria Gazabon


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Portfolio - Maria Gazabon

  1. 1. HERO of the MONTH enterprise s Green Room The Tutored Chef Identity Design - Various
  2. 2. don’t you wish you could Love Here? Advertising Campaign - The Bahamas
  3. 3. Advertising Campaign - Save The Polar Bears
  4. 4. Stationary Design - SuSu Stationary
  5. 5. ADOPTION types of ADOPTION One of the most confusing issues facing Growing up is far from easy. As a teenager, prospective adoptive couples is the varying types of adoptions. Adding to this confusion is the fact that nearly every adoption pro- However, this time can also be exciting, heartbreaking and frustrating all at once as a closed, open and semi-open adoption you leave your childhood behind and begin entails. your new life as young adult. Closed Adoptions are you PREGNANT? PREGNANT? taste of love, or you may have just gotten When many people think about adoption, they envision a closed adoption in which are you caught up in a moment when sharing a kiss turned into something much more. Now you the adoptive family and birth mother remain system which results in constipation. This missed a period, it is a good indication that ABORTION the placement of the child. For many gen- could be a sign of pregnancy if you do not are you are pregnant. A pregnancy test friends and others at school will react when erations, it was common practice to keep experience constipation frequently. - having sex, but you are now pregnant. adoptions closed. However, in the early 1980s, adoption began to shift toward more riod is really caused by your pregnancy. However, just because you are a teenager openness. Today, some people believe 11. Constant urination: doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to closed adoptions to be “safer,” mainly out 2008 ABORTION elections 18. Positive pregnancy make your own choice about your preg- of a fear that if the birth parents know where Your growing baby in the uterus puts a lot of nancy. You don’t have to choose between the adoptive family lives, that they will “take having an abortion and becoming a parent back” the child. While this fear has largely tests: & women rights when you know you aren’t ready to - there been perpetuated by television movies and yourself visiting the toilet more frequently Only a positive urine test or blood 1. Nausea or morning is another option for you. sensationalized media reports, this is not women report cravings for salty and sweet than usual. test can give you solid indication that you Adoption will allow you to know your baby, true. Today’s adoption laws are very clear food during pregnancy while others report a - are pregnant. The problem is, they may not while still being able to do all of the things sickness: Morning sickness is term to uncommon desire for spicy or starchy food. 12. High Basal Body be fool proof. Remember to visit a doctor to you had planned for your future before you found out you were pregnant. At American tive family is recognized as the child’s legal family. describe nausea and vomiting during preg- 7. Weight gain and Open Adoptions Adoptions you will be the boss - you will be nancy. This occurs in approximately 50% to 95% of all pregnant women as early as the Temperature (BBT): If your BTT It is important to remember that not all of able to do everything from picking a family to raise your baby to deciding what kind of While many adoption professionals have bloating: The combination of your stays in the high temperature range for 18 days or more, you have a good chance of - future contact you will have with the adop- tive family as your baby grows up. adoption is, it typically means that the birth probably got it’s name due to the fact that baby’s growth and your increased food nancy. When you have a positive pregnan- The adoption world is full of industry terms parents and the adoptive family speak being pregnant. cy test, visit a doctor to get more tests done prior to and even after the child is born. This most of the nauseating symptoms start in the intake will cause you to put on weight and and language that can be confusing to may include phone calls and face-to-face many. As many couples quickly learn, there visits. Some adoptions of this nature are very morning right after you get out of bed when your blood sugar levels are low. However, it inexplicable increase in size of your stom- 13. Cramping: As the uterus is a lot more to the adoption process than simply deciding whether or not to pursue an adoption plan -- including what type of open, with the adoptive family and birth parents exchanging contact information may happen at any time of the day. grows and stretches, it is normal to feel adoption they wish to pursue. pregnant. cramps that feel similar to menstrual cramps. 2. Headaches: If you have 14. Spotting: Slight bleeding oc- never experienced regular headaches 8. Heartburn: Hormones before pregnancy, be prepared for some created during pregnancy may relax the curs when the fertilized egg throbbing pain in your head and neck dur- lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which begins to implant itself into ing pregnancy. Changes in your body’s opens the valve to allow stomach acids to the uterus any time from 3 to - 6 days after fertilization. This ABORTION hormonal patterns is the primary cause of headaches during pregnancy. Other condi- ing sensation. usually happens outside of a STOP there tions like lack of sleep, poor posture, stress, normal menstruation cycle so it 9. Lower back pain: and it doesn’t dehydration and low blood sugar levels may should not be confused with a As your also worsen of cause headaches. normal period. baby grows in size, the additional weight pulls your spine to the front of your body and 3. Dizziness and fainting causes you to experience some back pain 15. Darkening of spells: Due to the lowered blood pres- from time to time. the areolas: Your areolas what is it? trimester of pregnancy. At this point in Abortion and Preterm Birth: pregnancy, the fetus is too large to be broken up by suction alone and will not pass through the suction tubing. In this sure in your body during pregnancy, blood 10. Constipation: Hormonal could darken and increase in diam- eter during pregnancy. This is caused Women who undergo one or more induced Spiritual Consequences Abortion is not just a simple medical procedure, the cervix must be opened changes during pregnancy slows down the by your body’s preparation for your risk of delivering prematurely in the future. People have different understandings of procedure. For many women, it is a life fainting spells in serious cases. movement of food through your digestive Premature delivery is associated with God. Whatever your present beliefs may is done by inserting numerous thin rods breasts to produce milk. higher rates of cerebral palsy, as well as be, there is a spiritual side to abortion that emotional, and spiritual consequences. Most other complications of prematurity (brain, 4. Mood swings: With your made of seaweed a day or two before deserves to be considered. Having an women who struggle with past abortions say respiratory, bowel, and eye problems). that they wish they had been told all of the facts about abortion and its risks. the abortion. Once the cervix is stretched open the doctor pulls out the fetal parts with hormones raging, it is common for women 16. Tender or swollen Abortion and Breast Cancer: abortion may affect more than just your body and your mind -- it may have an impact on your relationship with God. forceps. The fetus’ skull is crushed to ease breasts: A lot of women experi- ABORTION procedures removal. A sharp tool (called a curette) is to feel moody during their pregnancy. All Medical experts are still researching What is God’s desire for you in this and debating the linkage between Are you pregnant? also used to scrape out the contents of the women have to go through a period of situation? How does God see your abortion and breast cancer. Here uterus, removing any remaining tissue. ence sore, swollen, tingly or ten- unborn child? These are important adjustment to settle into their new roles as a are some important facts: questions to consider. Manual Vacuum der breasts during pregnan- Aspiration: Dilation and Extraction pregnant women and that takes time. Check out the cy due to the increasing to full term gives protection (D&X) (partial-birth 18 pregnancy hormones that are used against breast cancer. Choosing up to 7 weeks after last menstrual period (LMP)This surgical abortion is done early in abortion): 5. Fatigue: If you feel tired and to prepare a woman for abortion causes loss of that protection. A the pregnancy up until 7 weeks after the woman’s last menstrual period. A long, from 20 weeks after LMP to full-term This procedure takes three days. During the experience some or all of the symptoms mentioned in this article, you have a good symptoms to see breastfeeding. This feels number of reliable studies have concluded that there may thin tube is inserted into the uterus. A large be a link between abortion and the syringe is attached to the tube and the embryo is suctioned out. using thin rods made of seaweed, and medication is given for pain. On the third chance of being pregnant. Hormonal changes are usually the main cause of fa- if you have been of how your breast feels before your period. later development of breast cancer. A 1994 study in the Journal of the National Suction Curettage: day, the abortion doctor uses ultrasound to locate the legs of the fetus. Grasping a leg tigue followed by the additional weight you experiencing any Cancer Institute found: “Among women who had been pregnant at least once, between 6 to 14 weeks after LMP This is the most common surgical abortion procedure. with forceps, the doctor delivers the fetus up to the head. Next, scissors are inserted into have to carry around. of them. 17. Missed the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than among other women.” 6. Food cravings: Craving for periods: the base of the skull to create an opening. A Because the baby is larger, the doctor must suction catheter is placed into the opening If you Emotional and Psychological to remove the brain. The skull collapses and Impact: Opening the cervix may be painful, so local the fetus is removed. food that you normally would not eat could have been sexu- or general anesthesia is typically needed. After the cervix is stretched open, the be a sign that you are pregnant. Normally, ally active and you There is evidence that abortion is associated doctor inserts a hard plastic tube into the RU486, Mifepristone with a decrease in both emotional and physical health. For some women these uterus, then connects this tube to a suction machine. The suction pulls the fetus’ body (Abortion Pill) negative emotions may be very strong, and can appear within days or after many years. apart and out of the uterus. The doctor Within 4 to 7 weeks after LMP This drug is This psychological response is a form of may also use a loop-shaped knife called a only approved for use in women up to the post-traumatic stress disorder. Some of the curette to scrape the fetus and fetal parts 49th day after their last menstrual period. symptoms are: out of the uterus. (The doctor may refer to the fetus and fetal parts as the “products of conception.”). pills to cause the death of the embryo. Two Eating disorders days later, if the abortion has not occurred, Relationship problems Dilation and Evacuation she is given a second drug which causes Guilt cramps to expel the embryo. The last visit (D&E): is to determine if the procedure has been Depression Flashbacks of abortion completed. RU486 will not work in the case between 13 to 24 weeks after LMP This Suicidal thoughts of an ectopic pregnancy. This is. surgical abortion is done during the second Sexual dysfunction Alcohol and drug abuse Editorial Design - Chik Magazine