Photography Production Portfolio


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Photography Production Portfolio

  1. 1. Melissa A Melendez THE WORKPhotography Production | Commercial Photography
  2. 2. American Express – Plum CardPhoto Production magazine print Client: AMEX | Job #: AMXUS 02203-02 | Description: Fame Generation - Taryn Rose | Pub: Common Yellow B Live: 20.25" x 13.125" | Trim: 21"w x 13.5"h | Bleed: 21.25" x 14.25" | Gutter: .5”” | AD: MelKn | CW: JohnRd | DFX: DaveNu | PROOFR: RenéeSt | PM: JamieBl | TM: MeganMa/KarenLd | DA: AnhTg | QC: Crispin Porter + Bogusky Date: 12.07.07 Taryn Rose Charter Member 2,459 of 10,000 Taryn Rose Boutique Las Vegas, NV If payment in full of the New Balance on your billing statement is credited to your Account within 10 days after your statement Closing Date, you will receive a discount of 2% if your Eligible Purchases made during the billing period covered by that statement exceed $5,000. If your Eligible Purchases are less than or equal to $5,000, you will receive a Discount of 1%. If you pay at least 10% of your New Balance (plus the entire amount of any previously deferred amounts) by the Please Pay By date on your billing statement, you may defer payment of the remainder of that New Balance until the Please Pay By date shown on your next billing statement. Your Account must be in good standing in the month in which you exercise the Defer Pay Option. Additional terms, conditions and restrictions apply. For full details, visit © 2007 American Express Bank, FSB. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. ©2008 The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and the dynamic ribbon are trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. NCAA and Final Four are licensed by or trademarks of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Photo Production CKEUS 02315 CZ8T708-P "Cinderella"v4.qxp 2/19/08 FOR AN UNDERDOG TO 9:24 PMCOKE ZERO IS THE OFFICIAL FAN REFRESHMENT OF THE Page 1 ZERO CALORIES. SO, LIKE,WHAT DO THEY KNOW? YOU COULD NEVER HAVE A DRINK WITH REAL COKE TASTE AND THEY SA GO THE DISTANCE. THEN AGAIN, THEY SAID Y IT’S IMPOSSIBLEDIVISION I MEN’S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Date: 02.19.08 Date: 02.19.08 Crispin Porter Bogusky Client: CKEUS | Job #: 02315 | Description: Cinderella Ad | Pub: Winter Guide (on DD extension) CZ8T709-P Live: 7.875”w x 10.375”h | Trim: 8.375”w x 10.875”h | Bleed: 8.625”w x 11.125”h | Art Director: Tim Egar | Studio Artist: John Gonzalez POS brochure Coke Zero – Final Four / Cinderella
  4. 4. Angel’s Envy bourbonPhoto Production tradeshow print
  5. 5. B-Cycle - DenverPhoto Production print
  6. 6. Domino’s Pizza – Show Us Your PizzaPhoto Production OSI, POS & banner ads
  7. 7. Geek Squad – An Agent Always with YouPhoto Production employee handbook
  8. 8. Nike+ - Running is DeadPhoto Production magazine print
  9. 9. 9-Inch Diet bookPhoto Production Book
  10. 10. Domino’s PizzaPhoto Production employee handbook YOU GOT A LIGHT FOOT YOU GOT SMARTS Being in the delivery business means we interact with others on public If we’re going to be known as the company that continues to revolutionize streets. And while our customers call us because they expect fast the industry, we’re going to need good ideas coming at us left and right. delivery, under no circumstances does that mean we can do it unsafely. But where are we going to get all these ideas? Where are we going That’s why we’re instituting the “Three Miles Under” rule. All Domino’s to find new ways to surprise the customer, improve efficiency, deliver delivery drivers must keep their speed three miles per hour under the orders and keep costs to a minimum? Well, we figure we’d go to the posted speed limit at all times. Yes, you read that right. Three miles people who know it best. You. So, if you’ve got a great idea, let us know. per hour under the speed limit at all times. And our goal is to still arrive in 30 minutes. How’s that possible? We’re Domino’s. We’re not normal. That’s how it’s possible.DOMUS02025_EmpHandbook_FINALv2.indd 12-13 11/5/07 8:24:55 PM DOMUS02025_EmpHandbook_FINALv2.indd 22-23 11/5/07 8:24:59 PM YOU GOT GOODWILL As any superhero movie will tell you, some people use their powers for YOU GOT A KNOCK good and others use them for evil. It goes without saying what side of the fence we’ll be on. Together, we’re a very powerful force. Let’s think about ways we can use this force to impact our community. Do we get Just like every great messenger or delivery icon, we also have a way involved in charity? When emergency strikes our neighbors, are we there to call attention to our arrival. It’s called the “Time’s Up” knock. with pizzas? It’s simple. It is basically two quick knocks followed by a single. Tap, tap. Tap. Go ahead, try it out. Don’t be shy. Knock, knock. Knock. The point is, let’s find out what we can accomplish within our own Feels good doesn’t it? Well, it’s yours. And it’s the sound thousands communities by using our power for good. of customers will hear when we arrive at their door. Yes, it’s Morse code for “U” but don’t worry, most of our customers YOU GOT PERSONALITY don’t use Morse code anymore. But if anybody asks, just tell them: “I was just saying, hey, U, your pizza is here.” Everybody loves to laugh. That’s why we all love comedians. If a person can make you laugh, you tend to want that person coming around a lot. Hmmm. Maybe there’s an idea in this. As we consider future hires, let’s put personality and people skills on the top of the list. The more personality we have at the door, the more people will want us back. Heck, let’s go all the way and find us some comedians. Why not? People love pizza and people love to laugh. Well, let’s deliver a pizza and a punch line. And for all of us already here, let’s brush up on some comedy of our own. Here, try this one: “Knock, Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Water. Water who? What are you doing?”DOMUS02025_EmpHandbook_FINALv2.indd 28-29 11/5/07 8:25:02 PM DOMUS02025_EmpHandbook_FINALv2.indd 16-17 11/5/07 8:24:57 PM
  11. 11. Green GaragePhoto Production website
  12. 12. Old NavyPhoto Production social media
  13. 13. Kraft Macaroni & CheesePhoto Production social media
  14. 14. American ExpressPhoto Production print & interactive campaign
  15. 15. Microsoft Windows 7Photo Production print
  16. 16. Cabin Life magazine – Cabin RestorationPhotography editorial
  17. 17. Best Buy – Buyer Be Happy & TwelpforcePhotography banner ads
  18. 18. ThisAin’ – “Best Looking” company interiorPhotography architectural