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MalaysiaKini Subscription - NBePay (Credit Card Payment)


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A step by step tutorial on how to pay for your MalaysiaKini Subscription using ur Credit Card via NBePay - News and views that matter

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  • see here for a comparison chart for nbepay, ipay88, PayPal, WorldPay and 2Checkout.
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MalaysiaKini Subscription - NBePay (Credit Card Payment)

  1. 1. MalaysiaKini Subscription Credit Card – NBePay
  2. 2. Go to and login with your username and password
  3. 3. A. Under Service, choose
  4. 4. B. Under ‘Available Package List’, choose the most suitable Package by clicking ‘Add to basket’.
  5. 5. C. You can then check your ‘Shopping cart basket’ and press [Make Payment] to confirm
  6. 6. D. Under ‘Please select your payment method’ choose ‘ Credit Card – NBePay’
  7. 7. E. Press [Continue]
  8. 8. F. A popup should appear. It if doesn’t, please click here
  9. 9. G. Fill in your credit card and personal Particulars. Then press [Pay Online]
  10. 10. End