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Dean Brown - Maker assembly


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Maker Assembly

Published in: Design
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Dean Brown - Maker assembly

  1. 1. Maker Assembly at theV&A Dean Brown
  2. 2. The 7 Lamps of Making
  3. 3. “Acting almost like prosthetic extension of the hands of the artisan, digital design and fabrication tools are creating a curiously high-tech analog of pre-industrial artisanal practices.” Mario Carpo “If there is any hope of resurrecting Morris-esque resistance or Ruskinian ideology in a digital age, it is to recognise, as they did, that objects are not simply form but intrinsically politicised artifacts.And so are the technologies we use to produce them.” Sam Jacob
  4. 4. “open-source furniture will not be truly “disruptive” until it produces its first compelling object.” Justin McGuirk
  5. 5. John Ruskin & The 7 Lamps of Architecture
  6. 6. The 7 Lamps of Architecture 1.The Lamp of Sacrifice 2.The Lamp of Truth 3.The Lamp of Power 4.The Lamp of Beauty 5.The Lamp of Life 6.The Lamp of Memory 7.The Lamp of Obedience
  7. 7. 1849 Religion Architecture Arts & Crafts 2015 The Maker Movement Products...
  8. 8. 1.THE LAMP OF SACRIFICE “It is not a question of doing more, but doing better”
  9. 9. 2.THE LAMP OF TRUTH “Nobody wants ornaments in this world, but everybody wants integrity”
  10. 10. 3.THE LAMP OF POWER “For, whatever infinity of fair form there may be in the maze of the forest, there is fairer, as I think, in the surface of the quiet lake.”
  11. 11. 4.THE LAMP OF BEAUTY “man cannot advance in the invention of beauty, without directly imitating natural form”
  12. 12. 5.THE LAMP OF LIFE “hand-work might always be known from machine-work”
  13. 13. 6.THE LAMP OF MEMORY “when we build, let us think that we build for ever”
  14. 14. 7.THE LAMP OF OBEDIENCE “no originality for its own sake, but conforming to the finest among existing values”
  15. 15. Why Lamps? 1.The obvious word association between Ruskins “Lamps“ and Lamps. 2. Lamps are associated with making something on an industrial scale, in a factory far far away. Making lamps with an opensource “craft“ attitude embodies the idealism of the maker movement. 3. Lamps allow for a cross disciplinary collaboration involving form and electronics - another key aspect of the maker movement. 4. Lamps afford in their relative complexity to articulate abstract concepts like “Truth“,“Power“,“Memory“ etc..
  16. 16. “Architecture, as the beginning of the arts must set the example for other practice to follow” John Ruskin
  17. 17. SHARED Unified designing & making Self-production De-centralised Customisation They exist predominantly outside of the “design” domain. DIFFERENT Democratic tools and methods (MM) A low threshold of skill (MM) Medium Batch potential (MM) Networked collaboration (MM) A response to disappearing industry, rather than growing Industry. (MM)
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  19. 19. Thankyou @mr_deanbrown