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Suite pad content marketing analysis


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Content Ideas

Copy other outbound sales blogs - publish interesting/informative articles that will attract potential customers.

“Before this company size inbound does not make sense”
“Why outbound still outperforms other channels”
“5 Reasons Why Outbound Sales Is For Your Company”
“How Outbound Can Help You Boost Your Sales”

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Suite pad content marketing analysis

  1. 1. Content Marketing Analysis
  2. 2. Agenda Company Content Concept Content ideas Influencer Marketing Conclusion
  3. 3. Company ● Started by 2 young Germans ● Ships kiosk tablets to hotels ● Helps them get new revenue streams Target market: hotels, mainly Europe
  4. 4. Content Concept ● English + German blog ● Only news, no content marketing strategy
  5. 5. Content ideas Articles that interest hotel managers / helpful content to help them get more business. ● “Where the average hotel customer spends money on” ● “Digital signage in hotels and how it falls short” ● “What hotel customers say about hidden upsells”
  6. 6. Influencer Marketing ● Search for influencers “hotel marketing blog” ● Example:
  7. 7. Conclusion Inbound marketing is underused at SuitePad … although influencers are reachable and content is easy to produce. What do you think? (especially Moritz + Tilmann) Do you want such an analysis of your business? Email me: