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Yale's E-books Go Mobile (Nota Bene, p.4)


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"Yale's E-books Go Mobile" Nota Bene: News from the Yale Library. 24.2 (Fall 2009): 4.

Posted with Permission, 12/2009

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Yale's E-books Go Mobile (Nota Bene, p.4)

  1. 1. no·ta be·ne News from the Yale Library volume xxiv, number 2, fall 2009 Yale Contributes to the World Digital Library Yale University Library joined with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the Library of Congress, and approximately 40 international institutions in Paris in April 2009 to launch the World Digital Library (WDL), a web site that features unique cultural materials from libraries and archives around the world. The site,, aims to provide free, unrestricted public access to manuscripts, maps, rare books, films, sound recordings, prints, photographs and other cultural heritage materials in digital format. The part- nership will grow rapidly in content and with new library partners. Yale has contributed a number of important works in the pilot phase, including 22 pencil drawings of the Amistad slave ship prisoners, ca. 1839–40; William Clark’s 1810 map of North America; an Arabic calligraphy primer, ca. 1852–53; and one of three manuscript copies of Ferdinand Magellan’s journal from his voyage around the world in 1522. As the project expands, more content will be added from digital collections across the University, reflecting the international strength of Yale’s holdings. The launch took place at UNESCO’s headquarters, co-hosted by UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura and Librarian Pencil sketch of Kimbo, one of the Amistad Prisoners, by William H. Townsend, of Congress James H. Billington. Leaders from the partner ca. 1839–1840. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. institutions were on hand to present the project to ambassadors, ministers, delegates and special guests attending the semi-annual meeting of UNESCO’s Executive Board. curiosity and encourage both students and the general public Associate University Librarian Ann Okerson represented Yale to learn more about the cultural heritage of all countries. at the launch and said, “One of the Library’s highest priorities In September 2009 the Library of Congress provided Yale with is to support and promote Yale as a truly global university. The initial viewing data for its contributions to the WDL. Yale content WDL will not only open many of our collections to the world, has been viewed 193,431 times between April 21 and August 31 and but will also support teaching and scholarship at Yale in area Library staff find it encouraging that of the top 20 items, only half studies, languages and world cultures.” are the English language versions of the metadata record. This The WDL’s staff and volunteers translate the content descriptions means that materials are reaching non-English speakers in their into seven languages, with content in more than 40. Browse and native languages and scripts at an unprecedented rate. search features facilitate cross-cultural and cross-temporal explora- The Library of Congress and UNESCO are currently drafting tion on the site. Descriptions and videos, some with expert curators a WDL Charter that will establish a governance structure for this speaking about selected items, provide context intended to spark important new cultural resource. –ao & gl 2 University Librarian Appointed 4 Yale E-books Go Mobile 6 Exhibit Celebrated Islamic Art Principal of Somerville College, 4 New Library Initiative Provides and Architecture Oxford Support to Study Abroad 6 William F. Buckley, Jr. Papers 2 Borrow Direct Milestones 5 In Memoriam: Marjorie G. Wynne, Donated to Yale table of contents 3 Yale Library Studies 1917–2009 7 Emergency Preparation and 3 Stowe Fellows at Yale Divinity Library 5 Medical Library Exhibit Showcased Response Guide Launched 4 Carnegie Hall Concert and Lecture Soviet Sexual Health Posters 7 Trustee’s Corner to Mark OHAM Anniversary 8 Calendar of Exhibits
  2. 2. fall 2009 news no·ta be·ne News from the Yale Library University Librarian Appointed Principal of Somerville College, Oxford Yale University Librarian President Levin lauded Alice Prochaska has been Prochaska for enhancing global appointed Principal outreach at the library and Somerville College at providing leadership in local Oxford University and outreach programs, including will take up her duties there a strengthening network of in September 2010. relationships with schools, Prochaska has been colleges, and public libraries University Librarian since in the New Haven area and August 2001 and previously throughout Connecticut. She served as Director of Special has also partnered with Local Collections at the British 34 members of staff to improve Library. She studied at labor relations and promote Somerville and received her University Librarian Alice Prochaska. diversity in the workplace, and undergraduate degree and led technical advances that Nota Bene is published during doctorate in Modern History included digitizing significant the academic year to acquaint parts of the library’s own collections. During from Oxford. the Yale community and others interested with the resources of In announcing Alice’s appointment, President her tenure she also oversaw the advances in the Yale libraries. Please direct Richard C. Levin said “During her eight years development and improvements in the library comments and questions to as our University Librarian, Alice has provided system, ranging from the renovation of the Geoffrey Little, Editor conspicuous leadership in advancing Yale’s Lewis Walpole Library in Farmington and Sterling Memorial Library, the Bass Library to an expansion of the (phone: 432-8061, e-mail: library system — although she would be the first to say that it is not her work, but that of Library Shelving Facility in Hamden, among the library staff that should be credited.” Levin other projects. added, “It has given her particular pride to Prochaska will take a semester’s leave starting see the Yale University Library develop as the in January 2010. She plans to use some of Yale’s Copyright ©2009Yale University collections in her own research on the topic Library leading international research library of North issn 0894-1351 America, with its growing strengths in nearly all of the history of cultural restitution and claims parts of the world and extraordinary collections for repatriation of cultural materials in the of special, rare, and unique materials.” 20th century. –gl Contributors to this issue include Katherine Haskins (kh) Daniel Hebert (dh) Borrow Direct Milestones Graziano Krätli (gk) Tara Kennedy (tk) The 1 millionth item request through the The service allows any current faculty, Geoffrey Little (gl) Borrow Direct interlibrary loan service was student, or staff member from any of the parti- Nancy F. Lyon (nfl) created and filled on May 9, 2009. The cipating institutions to locate and request a William R. Massa, Jr. (wrm) book was Salman Rushdie’s The Moor’s known titled monograph online. Within four Danuta A. Nitecki (dan) days or less the book is retrieved and shipped for Last Sigh (Pantheon, 1995) and was lent Ann Okerson (ao) pick-up at the requestor’s home library. A sur- Amanda J. Patrick (ajp) by the University of Pennsylvania Library to a reader at Princeton University. vey of readers a few years ago identified several Anne Rhodes (ar) perceived advantages of this service over other Simon Samoeil (ss) Borrow Direct, which also celebrates its Martha Smalley (ms) interlibrary loan systems. Most important to tenth birthday in 2009, is one of the most Lisa Carlucci Thomas (lct) readers has been the ability to request any circu- popular forms of interlibrary loan currently Susan Wheeler (sw) lating monograph that is not available for use offered by seven of the Ivy League library at their home institutions, including items cur- editorial information: systems. Originally designed by librarians rently charged out to others as well as materials Alice Prochaska, and programmers from Columbia University, not owned by their library. Borrowers also University Librarian University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University, apreciate that the service is fast, highly reliable, Geoffrey Little, collectively known as CoPY, the pilot service free, and easy to use. In the 2008–09 fiscal Editor was launched on November 29, 1999. Several year, Yale readers requested over 30,000 items ChenDesign years later the libraries at Brown, Dartmouth, through Borrow Direct, while Yale filled just Publication Design and Princeton joined the original partners. over 27,000 loans for readers elsewhere. –dan
  3. 3. Yale Library Studies Yale Library Studies, a new series from Gwathmey, and the late Marjorie G. the Library, will be published in December Wynne. The second and third issues 2009. It succeeds the Yale University Library will explore collections and the collectors Gazette, which was published in 82 volumes who built them, and teaching and learning from 1926 to 2008 and edited by a series of with collections. distinguished scholar-librarians, including The first issue will be available for Donald C. Gallup, Patricia C. Willis, and $50 plus tax and shipping and handling. Stephen Parks. Yale Library Associates will receive separate Each volume of Yale Library Studies, details on how they will receive the series. which will appear annually, will explore To be alerted when the first issue is a different theme and will contain articles published and to register your interest, by Yale faculty, library staff, experts in that e-mail Jason Helms ( particular field, and invited authors. The in Library Administrative Services. Please inaugural volume, Library Architecture note that given the holiday mail, some Sterling Memorial Library under construction, at Yale, features articles by Robert A.M. subscribers may not receive their copy 1929. Manuscripts and Archives. Stern, Danuta A. Nitecki, the late Charles until early in the New Year. –gl Stowe Fellows at Yale Divinity Library The three Stowe fellows were thrilled to be able to take advantage of the Yale Divinity Library’s world-renowned collections documenting the history of the missionary movement and world Christianity. More than sixty professors, graduate students, archivists, and independent scholars from throughout the world, including the United Kingdom, India, Korea, Myanmar, Poland, and Switzer- land, attended this year’s Yale-Edinburgh Group. The meeting’s theme was “Missions, Law, and Custom.” Dr. Brian Stanley, Director of the Centre for the Study of World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh, presented The 2009 Stowe Fellows. the Day Associates Lecture on July 3 on Three doctoral candidates were recently Centre for the Study of World Christianity the topic “”From the ‘Poor Heathen’ to awarded fellowships to attend the annual at the University of Edinburgh. His ‘the Glory and Honour of all Nations’: meeting of the Yale-Edinburgh Group research focuses on the “Term Contro- Vocabularies of Race and Custom in on the History of the Missionary Move- versy” in the translation of the Bible into Protestant Missions, 1844–1928.” ment and Non-Western Christianity Chinese and Korean. Baradziej studies The Yale-Edinburgh Group was formed and conduct research at the Yale Divinity at the University of Gdansk in Poland in 1992 under the leadership of Lamin Library. The fellowships were supported and is looking at female missionaries in Sanneh, D. Willis James Professor of by the David M. Stowe Fund for Mission Manchuria from the United Free Church World Christianity at Yale, and Andrew Research. The Yale-Edinburgh Group is of Scotland, the Lutheran Church of Walls of the University of Edinburgh hosted in alternate years by the University Denmark, and the Presbyterian Church to facilitate discussion and exchange of of Edinburgh and Yale Divinity School. in Ireland. Manktelow is doing her doctoral information about historical aspects The 2009 Stowe Fellows were work at King’s College, London, and is of the missionary movement and the Daniel Ahn, Joanna Baradziej, and focusing on missionary families and the development of world Christianity. –ms Emily Manktelow. Ahn is a student at the London Missionary Society, 1795–1895.
  4. 4. Carnegie Hall Concert and Lecture to Mark OHAM Anniversary In 1969, music historian Vivian Perlis, to the Oral History of American Music then a part-time reference librarian at Project at Yale.” This multi-media concert, Yale’s Music Library, conducted an performed by Yale School of Music faculty interview with the former business part- and students, will take place on April 6, ner of composer Charles Ives. That nearly 2010 in Yale’s Sprague Hall as part of spontaneous act was the seminal event Yale’s Chamber Music Society concert in creating what is today Oral History of series, and on April 8 in New York City American Music (OHAM), the preeminent in Zankel Hall, Carnegie Hall’s black- project dedicated to the collection and box theater, as part of the “Yale in New preservation of oral and video memoirs York” series. Works by composers of creative musicians. This year, OHAM including Charles Ives, Duke Ellington, celebrates its 40th anniversary with events that include a lecture by Perlis, OHAM’s Eubie Blake, John Cage, Aaron Copland, Founder and Director, along with Associate Steve Reich, and Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Director Libby Van Cleve, on November will be interspersed with related audio 3 at 4:00 p.m. in the Sterling Memorial and video footage from OHAM inter- Aaron Copland (left) appearing as “the roofer” in Library lecture hall (128 Wall St). The views. The Carnegie Hall performance the short film 145 West 21, with lyricist John La lecture will also feature engaging audio is free and open to the public and mem- Touche. The film was shown as part of a fund- excerpts from the collection. bers of the Yale community are invited raiser for the production of Copland’s 1936 high school play-opera, The Second Hurricane. Oral OHAM’s anniversary will culminate to participate in the celebration of this History of American Music. in “Voices of American Music: A Tribute special collection. –ar Yale’s E-books Go Mobile E-book collections in Yale University examined mobile access to Yale’s e-book As readers increasingly employ new Library increased from approximately collections using four devices: the Amazon mobile methods of accessing library 475,000 titles in 2005 to over 1 million Kindle 2, Sony Reader PRS-500, iRex collections, studies such as this one titles in 2009. Concurrently, the demand iLiad (second edition), and the Apple iPod establish a critical baseline for the for mobile access to information and Touch (which uses the same firmware as development of future services. This e-books in libraries has grown, fueled by the iPhone). Study findings indicate that is one of several endeavors at the Yale technological developments and by the 84% of Yale’s e-book collections can be Library to expand knowledge about the expanding number of digitized and born accessed using an Apple iPod Touch or mobile information environment, adapt digital e-books now available to consumers. iPhone, and 24% can be accessed using and enhance library services using mobile A recent study, conducted by Lisa Carlucci the Sony Reader, iRex iLiad, and Amazon devices, and promote mobile access to Thomas, Digital Collections Librarian, Kindle 2.0. scholarly resources. –lct New Library Initiative Provides Support to Study Abroad After two surveys conducted in spring (YSS) Study Abroad courses offered in Librarians were also assigned to each 2009 of the library and information needs 20 locations overseas, and students who of the 370 study abroad students based of Yale undergraduates studying abroad, travel to pursue a research project on on courses and destinations abroad. the Yale Library launched a new initiative their own. Field Librarians advised students and to support the growing number of students The Library Support to Study and their teachers on specific Library resources who take courses or conduct research Research Abroad program included a series pertaining to their destination countries, overseas. of drop-in orientation sessions offered as well as on the best way to access The new program, designed in collab- over two weeks in late April to ensure that these resources. oration with the Yale College Center all students going abroad were aware of A dedicated online research guide for International Experience (CIE) and the possibility to access Library resources was also created, featuring extensive the Yale Center for Language Study remotely, to help them install or test VPN information on off-campus access, Library (CLS), initially focused on two categories software, and to assist them with Library- resources and services to students going of students: those enrolled in one of related questions and issues pertaining to abroad, practical advice, and country- approximately 30 Yale Summer Session their travel abroad. Subject specialist Field or course-related information. –gk
  5. 5. In Memoriam: Marjorie G. Wynne, 1917–2009 Yale University Library lost a dear friend and Library Association, which celebrated its 50th colleague with the death of Marjorie G. Wynne anniversary this summer. At the 2007 meeting of on April 5, 2009. RBMS in Los Angeles, it was announced that Yale Known as “Miss Wynne” to librarians around had set up a scholarship in her name to enable an the world and to generations of Yale students and early-career librarian to attend the section conference faculty, she joined the staff of the Yale University each year. Wynne also established a fellowship in her Library’s Rare Book Room in 1942 after studying name at the Beinecke Library for a visiting scholar to at Duke University and the School of Librarian- visit and study the collections for a period each year. ship at the University of California, Berkeley. In Miss Wynne was also active in the International 1963, she moved the rare book collections from Association of Bibliophiles, the Bibliographical Sterling Memorial Library to the newly opened Society of America, the Connecticut Academy Marjorie G. Wynne. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and of Arts and Sciences, the Grolier Club of New was named the Edwin J. Beinecke Research Librarian. York, the Yale Library Associates, and Yale’s She retired in 1987. Elizabethan Club. Wynne was one of the founders and the moving spirit Gifts in her memory can be made to the Marjorie G. Wynne behind the Rare Book and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) of the Fellowship, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, P.O. Association of College and Research Libraries of the American Box 208240, New Haven, CT 06520-8240. –nfl & gl Medical Library Exhibit Showcased Soviet Sexual Health Posters Student curator Alexander Kazberouk (far right) describing one of the posters on display. Exhibit poster. This spring a large audience of students, Medical Library acquisition: Venereal Commissariat on Health.“The Soviet Library staff, and Yale Medical School Diseases and the Fight Against Them. government is waging a relentless battle alumni gathered for a tour of A Soviet The portfolio of forty posters for against venereal diseases” the first poster Poster Campaign Against Venereal Disease, exhibition and use in public lectures, of the series announced. “Participation 1928, an exhibit on display in the Cushing/ accompanied by detailed instructions in this battle is everyone’s duty,” cried Whitney Medical Library rotunda from for their use, was distributed throughout another. The complete set of posters April 23 to May 28, 2009. Prepared by the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist with English translation was also avail- Alexander Kazberouk, Class of 2010, and Republic (the largest and most populous able for viewing in the rotunda using Curator of Prints and Drawings Susan of the fifteen Soviet republics of the an onsite computer. –sw Wheeler, the exhibit introduced a recent Soviet Union) in 1928 by the People’s
  6. 6. public programs 2009–10 For more information, visit: Summer Exhibit Celebrated Islamic Art and Architecture All lectures in the Sterling Memorial Library lecture hall (130 Wall Street) unless The Library’s Near East Collection organized an otherwise noted engaging exhibit on Islamic art and architecture in Sterling Memorial Library over the summer. October Showcasing the beauty and splendor of the art William S. Reese, proprietor of and architecture commissioned by the rulers of William Reese Company the Islamic Empire, the exhibit also demonstrated ‘The Economics of Color Plate Book Publishing in Antebellum America’ how Islamic architectural influences travelled Thursday, October 29, 4:00 p.m., from the Middle East to North Africa, Spain, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript and Venice over 800 years. Library The books displayed featured varieties of November Vivian Perlis & Libby Van Cleve, structures including mosques and minarets, Oral History American Music, Yale schools, palaces, hospitals and hospices, citadels University, authors of Composers’ and castles, covered bazaars, as well as decorative Voices from Ives to Ellington (Yale, 2005) artwork like jewelry, ceramics, and textiles. Tuesday, November 3, 4:00 p.m. An online version of the exhibit is also available Beverly Gage, Department of History, Yale University, author of at: The Day Wall Street Exploded: A islamicart.html. –ss The Alhambra in Grenada, Spain. Story of America in its First Age of Terror (Oxford, 2009) Thursday, November 19, 4:00 p.m. collections December Alice Prochaska, Yale University Librarian ‘Reading and Identity’ William F. Buckley, Jr. Papers Donated to Yale Thursday, December 1, 4:00 pm., Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library movement in America, the elder Buckley deposited more than seven tons of unpublished material in Christopher T. Buckley, author of Losing Mum and Pup (Twelve, Manuscripts and Archives prior to his death in 2009) Date and time TBA February 2008, with the intent that it eventually January be donated to the University. The papers have been Molly Haskell, author of Frankly, My part of the department since the mid-1960s where Dear: Gone with the Wind Revisited they have been accessible to scholars and students (Yale, 2009) Date and time TBA for over 40 years. Christopher Buckley also donated February (Black History Month) his correspondence with his father that will be a Hazel V. Carby, African American & American Studies, Yale University, separate manuscript collection in Manuscripts author of Cultures in Babylon: Black and Archives. Britain and African America (Verso, The William F. Buckley, Jr. Papers span 1999) Date and time TBA more than 65 years, beginning with personal March correspondence from Buckley’s time at Millbrook James J. O’Donnell, Provost & Preparatory School. The collection also holds Professor of Classics, Georgetown University, author of The Ruin of material from his days at Yale, including photos, the Roman Empire (Ecco, 2008) awards, commendations and editorials from his Date and time TBA tenure as chair of the Yale Daily News. The largest April (Yale Pride) section is Buckley’s correspondence written during Graeme Reid, Lesbian, Gay, the time he served as editor-in-chief of the National Bisexual, & Transgender Studies, William F. Buckley, Jr. at press conference during his 1965 Review. Documents from his 1965 New York City Yale University, author of Above the campaign for Mayor of New York. Manuscripts and Skyline (forthcoming) mayoral campaign also provide insight into the rise Archives. Date and time TBA of conservatism, and manuscripts of his books are May The papers of William F. Buckley, Jr. ’50 are now also a highlight of the collection. Marlene Wagman-Geller, author of part of the permanent collection of the Depart- A cultural and political icon, Buckley first gained Once Again to Zelda (Perigee, 2008) ment of Manuscripts and Archives thanks to the national attention in 1951, when he published God Date and time TBA generosity of his son, Christopher T. Buckley ’75. and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of “Academic Credited with launching the modern conservative Freedom”. Following this first success, Buckley
  7. 7. founded the National Review, a conserva- work, The Reagan I Knew, was published of material — approximately 43 feet higher tive news and opinion magazine. Buckley posthumously. An avid speaker and than the Washington Monument. stood at its helm for more than three lecturer, Buckley gave, by his own count, A devoted Yale alumnus, Buckley decades and helped launch the careers of 70 speeches a year for 40 years. From 1966 received an honorary degree from the many renowned journalists and politicians. to 1999, he taped 1,504 episodes of public University in 2000 on the 50th anniversary The National Review celebrated its 50th television’s Firing Line, the longest-running of his graduation. Christopher Buckley anniversary in 2005. program with a single host, surpassing even was Class Day Speaker during the 2009 William Buckley wrote more than The Tonight Show. Buckley’s productivity Commencement ceremonies. –dh & wrm 5,000 columns, authored more than 50 is evidenced by the size of his collection: books, and edited at least five; his last it stretches to more than 598 linear feet preservation Emergency Preparation and Response Guide Launched This past May, the Library’s Emergency prioritization of collections for recovery; this new planning process and they have Plan Task Force unveiled the new preparation of emergency evacuation successfully prioritized their collections, “Emergency Preparation and Response route maps; receipt and maintenance created evacuation maps, and have a fully Training Guide.” This is the first time of emergency supplies (with kits to be up-to-date emergency response plan. that the Library has had a comprehensive delivered by the Preservation Department); Emergency preparation is an important emergency recovery plan for collections. orientation on using supplies; and the creation and maintenance of emergency and necessary responsibility for all libraries Preservation Department staff will work to create tailored and specific contact phone lists. and departments and ensures the safety emergency preparation and response Preservation managers are meeting of collections and staff. The Emergency plans for each Library unit and will also with collection contacts or curators over Plan Task Force is composed of staff assign preservation managers. Some of the coming months. The Divinity Library members Sarah Burge, Renee Cawley, the following areas to be addressed are was the first department to go through and Tara Kennedy. –tk trustee’s corner Lynn Hanke, Yale Library Associate and Member of the University Librarian’s Development Council Founded in 1930 by an eminent group of bibliophiles, the Yale Library Associates provide support and visibility for Yale’s libraries. Their forty-member Board of Trustees includes Lynn Hanke, the focus of this Trustee’s Corner. Lynn Hanke is a producer, archivist and “otherwise general catalyst” for a number of theatre and film productions, including the 2008 independent film Gilbert and George, a documentary on the famous British contemporary artists that premiered at the Yale Center for British Art. Lynn’s firm, Polaris Arts, Ltd., a New York-based media production company, was co-founded in 1989 by Lynn and her husband, G. F. Robert (Rob) Hanke, Yale ’60. Lynn and Rob are generous contributors to Yale, supporting the Library, the visual and dramatic arts, the Class of 1960, various Yale sports, and they are members of the Friends of British Art at the British Art Center. Lynn’s career followed an education that included the Chapin School in New York, Franklin College in Switzerland, The New School University in New York, and NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts. Lynn served as Assistant to the Director for the Acquavella Galleries in New York, and now collaborates with international artists, actors, writers and sports figures. –ajp & kh Lynn Hanke (center) and family.
  8. 8. Yale University Library Non-Profit Organization 130 Wall Street U.S. Postage Paid P.O. Box 208240 New Haven, Connecticut New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8240 Permit Number 526 Bookplate from the bookplate collection, Arts Library Special Collections. no·ta be·ne News from the Yale Library Updated Selector’s Directory For requests for new materials as well as reference or instruction inquiries, please refer to the current list of the library’s subject specialists at: calendar of exhibits Sterling Memorial Library The Lewis Walpole Library Whiffenpoof Centennial Works of Genius: Amateur Artists in Walpole’s Circle until end of December through March 2010 Stover at Yale For more information: January–February From Nineveh to New Haven November–January Divinity Library Treasures of the Babylonian Collection Imaging Journals of Constance Pierce November–January April–May Centennial of Tel Aviv Charles and Joy Sheffey: Medical Missionaries December–February to the Congo Architecture, Utopia and Empire June–November March–May For more information: For more information: Haas Family Arts Library Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library Capturing the Inaccessible: The Aerial Photographs Really As It Was: Writing the Life of Samuel Johnson of Robert B. Haas ’69 until mid-December November–January Permanent works also on display The Postwar Avant-Garde and the Culture of Protest, 1945 to 1968 and Beyond until December 19 Cushing/Whitney Medical Library For more information: Pathology and Beyond: The Creative Life of Yale blblevents/brbkexhibits.html Medical Illustrator, Armin B. Hemberger until January 15, 2010 Please see for a list of events For more information: and exhibitions across the University. library/historical exhibits_main.html