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Getting your content onto smartphones


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Yapp Mobile provides content owners with a platform that allows them to easily extend their content to support smartphones. Users have access to the best available local places/deals and can even get turn-by-turn driving/walking directions to the front door.

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Getting your content onto smartphones

  1. 1. Background g• The Problem for Users• madeMocal Platform d M l Pl tf• Cross promoting local services• The M k t Th Market Strictly Confidential © Yapp Mobile 2011 
  2. 2. The Problem for Users
  3. 3. Today, customer’s need to turn to multiple Apps forlocal information, maps and directions information directions. Strictly Confidential © Yapp Mobile 2011 
  4. 4. Using Yapp’s Platform - Provide customers with access tothe best local content from a single service service. Local Business Yellow Pages Find a Property D i Find a Job Cars Guide Local Deals Cudo example Strictly Confidential4 © Yapp Mobile 2011 
  5. 5. User’s don’t only find what they are looking for, they get turn-by-turn directions to the front door. turn by turn door findThe ultimate location guide see What other’s took years to find share with those closest to you go Navigate to your destination example Strictly Confidential © Yapp Mobile 2011 
  6. 6. madeMocal Platform
  7. 7. Allowing partner’s to introduce location awareservices across all supported mobile phones planned Via a Mobile Site or as an Application Location Platform Channel Channel Dynamically  Add New  Channels Strictly Confidential © Yapp Mobile 2011 
  8. 8. Places saved to Favourites instantly accessible on mobile example: Take a place’s details with you...> Save locations from the website> Instant access to saved locations on the > Instant access to saved locations on the Favouritesmobile:o Click to callo See on Map See on Mapo Get turn‐by‐turn directions to their front door Strictly Confidential © Yapp Mobile 2011 
  9. 9. Application positioning The application that users turn to for everything local… Strictly Confidential9 © Yapp Mobile 2011 
  10. 10. The Market
  11. 11. By presenting relevant local promotions to customers searching for specific goods and services hi f ifi d d iexample: Strictly Confidential © Yapp Mobile 2011 
  12. 12. Local search will become increasingly important indriving mobile payments payments... Generator Research forecast mobile payments  G t R hf t bil t would hit  US$633 billion in 2014,  US$633 billi i 2014 up from US$68 billion in 2009 Strictly Confidential © Yapp Mobile 2011