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Deal sony-nsz-gs7-internet-player-with-google-tv-reviews

  1. 1. Deal-Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV-ReviewsDiscount on Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV] - Search live TV, the internet and apps with Google TV - Access thousands of Android apps at Google Play Store - Universal remote with touchpad & and backlit keyboardWhat?s on TV tonight? Thats completely up to you. Select single episodes, entire seasons, live TV and sports to watch, or search theentire internet?all with a single remote featuring a full touchpad and backlit keyboard. And because the TV and internet worktogether, you never need to switch inputs or fuss with multiple components. One box, unlimited entertainment.Comments62 of 67 people found the following review helpful Finally, July 30, 2012Bynycebo (New York, NY)- Amazon Verified Purchase(Whats this?)This review is from: Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV (Electronics)
  2. 2. Instead of spending much time assessing the Google TV operating system, which Ive used via the Logitech Revue for over a year,Im going to detail why this Sony effort is SO MUCH better than the Logitech effort.Hopefully, it will help sway consumers who are on the fence about buying the Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV(SGTV) or like me, decided to give it a shot and UPGRADE (yes, upgrade) from the Logitech Revue.First, the physical details: theSony GTV unit itself feels about 50% smaller.Whats nicely done is that the power cable doesnt have a power adapter so its one less thing to deal with in the AV cabinet.As for the unit, it has all of the standard ports, including digital optical, ethernet, wifi, IR blaster, a couple USB ports, AND mostnotably the HDMI in and out.Youre thinking: so what, the Revue has HDMI in and out, to which I can only answer YES and NO (more on this later....). Also, itsreported that the processor is a 1.2 GHz dual core.I can report that it is noticeably faster than the Revue.Homescreen images scroll much more smoothly and apps load quicker and respond with less lag.All in all, these hardware improvements certainly warrant an upgrade from the Revue.Second, the remote is fantastic. From theclicking mousepad to the small integrated keyboard, its a win. While I liked the Logitech remote keyboard for typing and emailing,it was just a bit too unwieldy for streaming viewing and listening. The SGTV remote is probably bluetooth based and worksbrilliantly even when not pointing at the unit.The one issue I will mention for some is that the SGTV doesnt seem to pair properly with Harmony all in one remotes because itlacks infrared support.Third, media. Its worth mentioning that I dont have cable or satellite. As such, I feel like Im really missingout on a number of the great features of Google TV in terms of how it integrates network and cable programming. But, in terms ofhow it hooks up with Netflix, Amazon VOD, HBO GO, Pandora, Slacker, Sony Entertainment, and all of the android TV apps, its agreat offering.Fourth, AND MOST importantly, lets revisit the HDMI connection. It supports full HDMI-CEC control thatfacilitates turning it on and off with the TV when the input in selected.But what really sets it apart from the Revue is the SGTVs automatic ability to stream audio through the HDMI cable for analog anddigital surround.Netflix can now easily stream Dolby Digital and/or PCM without needing to switch options in Settings to output audio via the digitaloptical cable.The latter was really a pain in the you know what on the Revue and more often than not, I just left it at stereo output and let my AVRchurn it into surround. Now, the SGTV automatically outputs digital OR PCM depending on the source (Netflix, your TV, etc).Bonus and IMHO, well worth the upgrade.Plus, it frees up a digital port on my AVR.Last, cost.Yes, its more than the Revue (which you cant buy anymore), simple as that. And, its more than Boxee and Roku and Apple TV.But, to critics out there, I will just respond by saying that it DOES more. Not only is it a streaming portal, but its also a browser anda device for movies, photos and music. Some have suggested that the PS3 gives you even more because of gaming, but candidly, Imjust not a gamer so why spend even more for that?Perhaps its worth waiting a little long to see if prices come down in several months, but given the form factor, remote control andWORKING digital/analog audio feature via HDMI, I was happy as a clam to get this unit.While some might score this a 3 starsbecause of complaints about the current curious state of Google TV, Sonys effort is very streamlined, elegant and functional. Itreally is a great offering. As such, Im happy to give it a solid 5 stars.Its just one more reason I dont need cable TV.Was this review helpful to you? | Comments (16) 113 of 123 people found the following review helpful The Sony NSZ-GS7:An Amazing and Very Capable Network Media Player, August 23, 2012ByLawrence H. Bulk "Lawrence H. Bulk"-
  3. 3. This review is from: Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV (Electronics)Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (Whats this?)I am very pleased with this Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV which I received two days ago, August 21, 2012, fromAmazon Vine.I have two of the Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080ps, purchased a year or so ago and which I use frequently; theyare quite good (the newer, replacement, model is the Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player which, I understand, is quite similar).Butthis new Sony model is much more capable than the Roku because it has a built-in web browser. The browser is Google Chrome,normally a full-featured browser along the lines of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Unfortunately here it appears to besomewhat restricted as, so far, I have found no way to add extensions, such as AdBlock. Nonetheless, the presence of this browseradds a great deal of value to this media player.For example, one of my favorite web sites is the Internet Archive [archive<dot>org]which has thousands upon thousands of free public-domain movies, music, books, and so forth. (You could spend DAYS on this siteand not see it all!)Not only was it easy to "bookmark" this site, I also created an application ("app") from it so that it appears in my"All Apps" folder. (Please read further for instructions as to how to create a bookmark and/or an app.)Netflix is built-in, common onthese devices, as is Amazon Instant Video. There is no native TuneIn Radio app (my favorite Internet Radio portal), but it does haveSlacker Radio as well as Pandora. However I went to the TuneIn Radio site via the browser, logged in to my account, and created abookmark as well as an app from it, as I did for the Internet Archive.I also created a bookmark and an app from my Watch List onthe Amazon Prime Instant Video selection, so I have this in addition to the built-in Amazon Instant Video app. Creating these apps issimple once you know how to use the device. Please note that I am almost 70 years old and have had NO computer orcomputer-device training whatsoever; I am completely self-taught. I have had my Sony media player just two days. If, in that smallamount of time, I can learn to use and manipulate (customize) it, so can you, no matter how "technologically-challenged" you maythink you are.There are many, many native apps offered on this player (too many to mention here) and there are lots more offered inthe Google Play Store. Take it from me - as far as media goes, there is something for everyone, whether it be music, movies, ortelevision.If a particular app you want is not present, or even offered in the Google Play Store, it is very easy to create your own app,as I did. In other words, you can customize this player any way you like. How do you create an app? Easy! When youre using thebrowser and youre on a web site you wish to save, merely click the bookmarks button on the front of the remote and you will beoffered choices, one of which is to bookmark the page, and another is to place the page on your My Apps page (essentially creatingan app). In my case, I have done both for the pages I wish to save (such as the Amazon Prime Video Watchlist page and the TuneInMy Favorites page). This capability is very, very welcome.Now I have to tell you that initially the Google Chrome browser gave meno end of frustration. That is because, out of the box by default (WHY Sony?), the cursor click arrow (shaped like a fist and whichappears when placed over a link on the screen) did not work (at least on my player)! Neither did the Enter key (on the back of theremote control) nor the center Okay (or Enter or Select - it doesnt seem to have an official name) button on the front operate whenclicked on a link. I clicked and clicked and nothing happened.So I could go to a site by entering its URL but couldnt go any further!Clicking the links just did not work. (I do not know if this is the default setting for all samples but it was on mine.)I went online tosee if others were having the same problem (they were) and if there were a solution (as of yesterday, August 22, 2012, there wasnone).So I went into the Settings and investigated EACH and EVERY option until I found the solution.To make it easy for anyoneconcerned, the steps are these:Go into SettingsScroll down and go into Language & Input DevicesWithin that, scroll down and gointo Remote Settings; within that dialog box are...Read moreWas this review helpful to you? | Comments (20) 133 of 142 people found the following review helpful Does nearlyeverything a Roku can do and much more, but some things not as well, July 21, 2012ByMicah-Amazon Verified Purchase(Whats this?)This review is from: Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV (Electronics)Update: December 6, 2012:I used to give this product 5 stars, but I no longer feel it deserves that.The product crashes too often, and while some apps like Netflix work really well when fast forwarding, rewinding, skipping, other
  4. 4. apps are extremely frustrating.For instance, you push fast forward for a moment, and you watch it skip forward and it stutters and sometimes leaves you a fewseconds later in the video, but sometimes leaves you 10 seconds earlier!And if you hold the button down for a full second, it might skip 2 minutes ahead.It is very hard to reposition the video.I still really like the remote, but this box does not excel at its primary function: video.I am now looking to see if I can find a better solution for me-- anyway, I am looking at Raspberry Pi with XBMC, WD TV, andsome Blu Ray players, or maybe an Apple TV but since I want to watch MPEG2 TV shows recorded over the air , I would need totranscoding them to H.264 and I hate burning CPU cycles for that, although it would be nice to be able to play them more easily onphones, iPads, tablets, etc.Here is my old review:The Roku has a nice user experience and it also deserves 5 stars (although Idisagree with Roku forcing you to give them your credit card to keep on file) -- and if you are looking for the cheapest device thatcan just play Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon VOD, Crackle, and similar very well, then your best option is a Roku or maybe a BDplayer.But if you want more, youll have to start dealing with tradeoffs.For the Google TV, the tradeoffs are 1) that you cant get some content, such as that from Hulu Plus or NBC (although you canthrough Playon)-- and 2) the Amazon VOD experience is poor (although the movies play back nicely).(The Google TV has one of the best Netflix experiences, and Crackles website experience is okay).But the Google TV can do lots ofthings the Roku cant, such as 1) play videos and flash from some websites such as Syfy or adult websites, 2) use it as an AppleAirplay device (using the Airtight app), 3) play mpeg-2 videos such as from a HDHomeRun, MythTv, ripped DVDs (for those whodont want to take the time and cpus to convert to h.264) 4) Browse the internet -- so for $200 and a tv you probably already have,then you can write emails, check your social media websites, write a paper, whatever.For a lot of people that want to have a media device on their tv and not also pay for a computer, this is a good compromise.TheGoolge TV might get XBMC, but although XBMC has announced android support, it appears it will rely on native support notcurrently available in Google TV.On the plus side, Plex works nicely on the sony unit.By default Plex will have the server transcode mpeg2 to h.264, but there is a setting to use "Direct play" in which the server willsend the mpeg-2 direclty.This means that your Roku will play MPEG2s so long as you have a powerful enough computer to do the transcoding on the fly--and because of that pushing the forward and backward buttons will pause before the video is adjusted.But with a Sony Google TV with direct play turned on, skipping forward and back takes only a small pause.(I am using an older core 2 duo as the server, so if you have a newer 4 or 8 way, or have hardware to help accelerate the transcode,then perhaps the pause wont be as noticeable).I have found that I dont like the way Plex organizes TV shows, so I am using the app GTVBox Video Player to play TV shows.Its a nice app, but most of the apps I have found dont fast forward, rewind, or skip well.Netflix is the only app I use regularly that does this decently.By the way, the Logitech Revue and Vizio Co-Star cant play MPEG2,only Sony units currently do.I think the Google TV missed a huge opportunity by not providing an option for joysticks and helpingdevelopers port android games to the Google TV.Hopefully they make an announcement on those lines soon.Also, I think it seems wrong that some content providers are for locking out google tv users out from their website (e.g. hulu andnbc) but allowing other computers and similar devices to access them.But this doesnt matter much to me, though, because nearly all of that locked out content is broadcast OTA and I get it free throughthe HDHomeRun and store with DVR with MythTV-- and with 10x the video quality-- which is a huge reason why I like the googletv which can play MPEG2!I also would love to see Amazon VOD get better, but I am not that interested in paying the expensive rental fees for just 24 hours ofaccess-- and the free selection with Amazon Prime is very limited, so Amazon VOD is not an important factor for me.(By the way, for the technical savvy, you should check out the Raspberry Pi which I believe you can buy optional MPEG2 supportfor)Ultimately, each Google TV and Roku have their individual strengths and weaknesses-- and if you...Read moreWas this review helpful to you? | Comments (32)