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Affection Management @ MW2013


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Affection Management is a mindset that helps cultural institutions build strong relationships with the different audiences and play a relevant role in their communities. 

Powered by culture, innovation and connections.

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Affection Management @ MW2013

  1. 1. Affection ManagementLuis Marcelo MendesCommunications Consultant for Museums@ Fundação Roberto MarinhoRio de Janeiro - Brazil
  2. 2. When you’re benchmarking museumsyou stumble upon all the usualsuspects: Tate, MoMA, Louvre, BritishMuseum. You name it.The premium players of this game ofmillions of visitors and millions ofdollars.
  3. 3. Computers connect us morethan ever before. It is possiblefor us to be kind in ways thatour species has neverexperienced.And if we do something aboutit, we can make it better.Cory Doctorow
  4. 4. But according to ICOM there are55.000 museums in the world.And (I guess) we can agree that nomore than 1% of them are leadersof the league.  
  5. 5. So how about the 99% ? You know, the ones we now got usedto call traditional museums.
  6. 6. Is this ceasing to be an artistic andeducation competition and becominga financial one? How can we deal with the gapbetween rich and poor museumsworldwide?
  7. 7. There’s a lesson we can learn from themovie Moneyball, about this baseballmanager, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt nextpage), that have to deal with thesmaller budget in the whole league.
  8. 8. And yet they started to win games in arow after Billy Beane listens to thegeeky/computer guy, Peter Brand (lastpage), that says you dont needmillionaire players to get on base, buta different approach, a bold attitude,powered with technology.
  9. 9. I apply this thinking to MoMA,where more than 90% of ournew visitors "intend to return"and have a great experienceONCE THEY VISIT. So all weneed to do is get them in thedoor--or in the metaphor ofMoneyball, bring them inalong with a friend or a group,and build it from there.Kim Mitchell - MoMA
  10. 10. So lets give a second thought of whatis really behind the success of thosemuseums. I understand its theaffection exchange that connects Tate,the MCA Denver or the Walker Centerwith the audience.Money is good but this game is notabout money. It’s about relationships.
  11. 11. Nina Simon @ MAH Santa Cruz isproviding an affection environment forthe audience.Where strangers from differentbackgrounds can engage in aconversation and share theirexperiences. Check her results.
  12. 12. Pesquisa no evento Communicating the Museum em 2008 com uma centena degestores de museus. Cerca de 80% da Europa. Demais representantes das Américas,Asia e Australásia.32%: branding é um termo feio63%: não administram suas marcas17%: branding > organização interna
  13. 13. I believe these are the days of miraclesand wonder. And the signs arepopping up everywhere.
  14. 14. Computers connect us morethan ever before. It is possiblefor us to be kind in ways thatour species has neverexperienced.And if we do something aboutit, we can make it better.Cory Doctorow
  15. 15. “How did you make all thesepeople pay for music?" Andthe real answer is, I didntmake them. I asked them.And through the very act ofasking people, Id connectedwith them, and when youconnect with them, peoplewant to help you.Amanda Palmer
  16. 16. Affection Management is a mindsetthat helps cultural institutions buildstrong relationships with the differentaudiences and play a relevant role intheir communities. Powered by culture, innovation andconnections.
  17. 17. This is as important as the financialmanagement or the collectionmanagement in a museum. This is keyand we so often take it for granted. Jasper Visser: The future of museums isabout attitude (not technology).And this is perfect. 
  18. 18. Maybe the attitude of embracing thePeter Brands of the world and start aradical shift.Museum geeks of the world,unite and take over.
  19. 19. There is a wide open path to work fromhere, if you consider that thereare hundreds of books about angermanagement and not a single one aboutaffection management.
  20. 20. Some of my affection collecttion:
  21. 21. Lightning talk edited version @ ebook @ you.