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Creative Barcode: Protecting your work


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Presentation by Creative Barcode for a Hidden Art Creative Hub event, on intellectual property, copyrighting, and how creative people can protect their work.

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Creative Barcode: Protecting your work

  1. 2. WHAT IS CREATIVE BARCODE? Creative Barcode® is the world's first 'Open-Protection' system designed to uphold the value of knowledge & creativity in the innovation process. It denotes originality and best practice responsibility for your firm and your clients’ Intellectual Property It is the best, fastest and most affordable safe disclosure mechanism for creative industries and brand owners worldwide. No complex paperwork
  2. 3. WHY IS CREATIVE BARCODE NEEDED? Ideas are not subject to protection, no matter how well they are articulated by professional creative industries - © copyright Creative industries entire economic structure is built on daily solution-led idea generation - pre-contract disclosure is a necessary part of new business activities Proposals and solution-led visual articulation reflect professional education, experience, knowledge, know-how and overhead time and investment © Copyright Creative Barcode © Copyright Creative Barcode
  3. 4. Barcode Example Shows creation date, owner, project/client and unique numerical number to support due diligence
  4. 5. Apply to all documents and Visuals The barcode with its data panel are applied to all written and visual documents including video, film, photography
  5. 6. Send through ftp, by email, in person Emails are from your address and branded with your logo and cc’d
  6. 7. TRUST CHARTER AGREEMENT Creative Barcode ® is underpinned by a Trust Charter Agreement accepted by both parties. Protects you and the recipient The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) supports Creative Barcode®
  7. 8. Records date sent, by who, to whom, acceptance of TC agreement and download
  8. 9. Members are protected by World Intellectual Property Organization Intervention and Mediation
  9. 10. BENEFITS Forms a permission based agreement between the Creator, their clients and co-creation partners Identifies all related files and correspondence associated with the project throughout all pitching, negotiation and development stages. Enables secure conversations to take place much earlier in the innovation process
  10. 11. BENEFITS cont/.. Protects your clients interests in equal message – confirms originality and identifies source Enables Creators to retain ownership until purchase, license or a permission based use is agreed Being a Creative Barcode member shows responsibility for IP Management as part of Best Practice A transfer of ownership certificate is provided when work has been paid for. Involves no complex paperwork just barcode it and share it © Copyright Creative Barcode
  11. 12. Join the Creative Barcode ® Community £30 + VAT annual subscription to include 5 project barcodes. (additional barcodes from £4) Just barcode it and share it Twitter @creativebarcode #cb360 LinkedIn Group: Creative Barcode Facebook Group: Creativebarcode © Copyright Creative Barcode