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openSUSE Conference 2017 - The Docker at Travis Presentation


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Slides from the openSUSE Conference 2017 presentation.

The presentation describes the advantages of using Docker at Travis. There 2 described examples how we use it in the YaST team.

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openSUSE Conference 2017 - The Docker at Travis Presentation

  1. 1. Ladislav Slezák YaST Developer Docker at Travis There is no excuse for NOT using a CI
  2. 2. Why Travis?
  3. 3. Travis – Introduction ● CI as a service (hosted) ● Free for open source projects ● Integrated with GitHub
  4. 4. Travis ● Builds run in Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) or 14.04 (Trusty) VM ● 12.04 is discontinued, even 14.04 is pretty old ● What if you need a newer compiler, libraries? ● What if you need a completely different distro? ● Local/remote debugging not possible
  5. 5. Why Docker?
  6. 6. Docker ● Works out of box at Travis ● Container based, no virtualization ● Lightweight (minimal overhead) ● Many base OS images available ● Easy to build and publish your own images
  7. 7. Example1: Snapper
  8. 8. Snapper ● A tool for managing file system snapshots ● Portable, built for many distributions in OBS ● Single Git source repository ● Changed less frequently
  9. 9. Snapper – Travis Implementation ● Separate Dockerfile (defines the Docker image) and build script for each target distribution ● The Docker images are built at Travis – Easier to maintain – Takes some more time ● The targets are built in parallel at Travis
  10. 10. Snapper – Travis
  11. 11. Example2: YaST
  12. 12. YaST ● Not portable, (open)SUSE specific ● Does not work in other distributions ● Modular design ● 100+ Git source repositories ● Bigger development team, frequent changes
  13. 13. YaST – Old Ubuntu Setup ● Build YaST packages for Ubuntu 12.04 in OBS – Not a full port! Just enough for running unit tests (system access is simulated) ● Extra work, hard to maintain ● Not reliable (false positives or uncaught issues) ● Limited scope for tests (cannot build RPM easily)
  14. 14. YaST – New Docker Setup ● Pre-built Docker images at Docker Hub – Faster (only built once) – Two images for Ruby or C++ packages – The Travis script is included (shared)
  15. 15. Docker at Travis – Summary ● Less maintenace ● More reliable builds – Using the real target distribution ● Easier debugging – Use the same Docker image locally ● Independent on Travis default OS – Ubuntu 12.04 will be dropped soon (switch to 14.04)
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. Links ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
  18. 18. Contacts ● ML: ● IRC: #yast at
  19. 19. Thank You!
  20. 20. Join Us at
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