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  2. 2. A reflective critique by  Laura Johnson  Katy Procter, and Alan ( Paddy!) Shorrock
  4. 4. SOLUTIONS/ AREA‟S OF DEVELOPMENT The programme in general did not offer any „strong‟ solutions for any of the themes expressed. „The council says its all about intervening early, nationally the government are rolling out to 20,000, to what they call problem families, though it is said to cost nine billion per year, to provide „problem families‟ with basic parenting skills‟. So while there is discussion of a solution for „problem families‟ in and around the UK, the programme endues to give negative connotations towards the service, in relation the price tag and how like government funds projects vigilantes, and stops services users progressing to use the service.
  5. 5. SOLUTIONS/ AREA‟S OF DEVELOPMENT SHORT VIDEO- Shorrock (2012) stated on „ The Real Shadworth‟ „that the council recently invested in 2007, in a new play park, cage football pitch, stake park and scooter park build inside the community centre providing play areas for children to use and that more funds totalling 1.5 million are due to be invested soon. In relation to the cuts essential services are still being used. Chinerry, G (2012) states Shadsworth is „ a nice community, lots to do, there is street football on a Friday night funding by Blackburn Rovers, climbing wall comes on a Friday, fathers club, stitching club, brook with wildlife at the end of the estate.‟
  6. 6. Solutions cont Being helped by the housing association, with carpets, skips, wallpaper and paint, so I could have a good clear out and feel better about myself.‟ (Olwyn 2012)??? „Blackburn council says it has got ring fenced money to help more families but all services are under pressure from budget cuts.‟ (Bilton, 2012) Offers a solution for poverty, but again this is taken away by saying the funds are not readily available. You could be supported or not?
  7. 7. THE PRODUCTION OF „THEESTATE‟ “Shadsworth is not some lost estate. It is full of families with hopes and aspirations” (Bilton, 2012:TV) V‟s “Kids are growing up in tough times” “Is this a picture of broken Britain?” “…anti-social behaviour and drugs are at the door” “Anti-social behaviour eats away at estates like Shadsworth” (Bilton, 2012:TV)
  8. 8. The portrayal of the Resident‟s and the Estate
  9. 9. Comments found on forums include:- “i must admit and this might make me sound judgemental but when it said the estate was called the shadsworth estate all i could think of were the similarities between the fictional chatsworth estate on shameless!!” (netmums, 2012:online) “i just kept thinking of the lady with the pink in her hair with the boy called oshi must be costing the government a fortune” (netmums, 2012:online)“There were many things that annoyed me but the main thing was the woman complaining that she had beencalled in to the job centre earlier than expected. She was moaning that it was inconvenient as she had things to do - like shopping. I have things to do as well but unfortunately I cant do them until Ive finished work - I dont moan about it, I just get on with it! Also I found it amazing that she had been provided with carpets and furniture and had had her housedecorated for her by some organisation to help with her depression but the carpet was filthy and the wallpaperin the hall was all ripped. Perhaps she wouldnt be so depressed if she kept her home looking nice - you dont have to have lots of money to keep your house clean and to put things away.” (netmums, 2012:online) “…Then it cuts to a bunch of early 20s lads who get asked if they would do it, they come out with some shit like who wants to be a cleaner? and why bother if you get the same on benefits, both of whom confess to smoking weed as part of their daily routine. The to a woman who also says she smokes weed regularly and is seen rolling up a fag every time shes on screen. The guy asks if the job center put a job in front of her and said youre working tomorrow what would she do? She says shed ask them if they were having a laugh.Later in the show this fat bitch has her kid expelled from school and didnt even discipline him, she says well he knows what he did was wrong, not point in taking away his xbox. How the fuck can this bitch who has been out of work for 8 years and has 4 kids afford an xbox? Fucking ****s” (, 2012:online)
  10. 10. DRUGS… Chief Superintendent Bob Eastwood- “It is wrong to say that drugs are common place and everyone is involved” Also states that it is wrong to say drugs are sold openly on the streets of the estate Richard Bilton questions whether the drug strategy is wrong, after which the programme proceeds to show drug deals on the street in the daytime.  Attempt to undermine Chief Superintendent Bob Eastwood?
  11. 11.  Richard Bilton also appears to take at face value the statements made by residents of the estate regarding drug use- everyone does it! However, has little regard for the statements made by Bob Eastwood
  12. 12. POVERTY DEPRIVATIONIs generally considered to Concerns such things as be a lack of money lack of opportunities, inability to access healthcare; safe environments; adequate protection from harm, and a lack of resources
  13. 13. Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) The English Indices of Deprivation measures relative levels ofdeprivation in small areas of England called Lower Layer Super Output Areas. (,2011:online) The seven domains used to construct the index are:  income  employment  health deprivation and disability  education skills and training deprivation  barriers to housing and services  living environment deprivation  crime
  14. 14. IMD Summary ”…Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council is the 17th most deprived out of the 354 local authorities in England. Around 37% of residents lived in areas that were considered to be within the 10% most deprived in England in 2007 compared to approximately 34% in 2010. Almost a fifth (18.1%) of residents aged 16 to 64 are claiming out of work benefits and it is estimated that 29.5% of children in the borough are living in poverty. The number of council tax claimants has decreased by -0.7% and housing benefit claimants increased by 0.1% between July 2010 and July 2011” (, 2011:online)
  15. 15.
  16. 16. % of children in Families on out of work benefits (North West) Allerdale 16% Oldham 29% Barrow-in-Furness 22% Pendle 24% Blackburn with Darwen UA 29% Preston 23% Blackpool UA 29% Ribble Valley 6% Rochdale 28% Bolton 24% Rossendale 19% Burnley 29% Salford 29% Bury 18% Sefton 20% South Lakeland 9% Carlisle 17% South Ribble 12% Chester West and Chester 16% St. Helens 25% Chester East UA 13% Stockport 16% Chorley 13% Tameside 24% Trafford 15% Copeland 18% Warrington UA 14% Eden 9% West Lancashire 18% Fylde 12% Wigan 20% Halton UA 27% Wirral 25% Wyre 16% Hyndburn 25% Knowsley 32% Lancaster 18% Liverpool 34%, 2012:online Manchester 40%
  17. 17. Continued. (, 2012:online) Blackburn
  18. 18. Vulnerable Localities Index(Lancashire,, 2011) Shadsworth
  19. 19. Applicable Theories Social Disorganisation Theory (Sutherland, 1934)Infers that community ties become severed and as a result, resistance to deviance is lowered. This happens as a result of businesses and a transient population entering an area (Sutherland, 1934 cited in Williams, 2008)
  20. 20. Applicable Theories Broken Windows (Wilson and Residualisation Kelling, 1982) “The term „residualisation‟ means “… originally employed to a process in which a residue isdescribe a range of offensive and created. When people move in disorderly behaviours and some number from a conflicting relationships in neighbourhood or community fractured and eprived because they believe it is no communities in the USA” longer a desirable place to live, (Wilson and Kelling, 1982 cited in then what they leave behind is a McLaughlin and Muncie,2009:15) social residue of less enabled people. The social balance of the area is disturbed by the departures and the people who remain are faced with concentrated poverty together with strengthening social stigmatisation” (Williams, 1999:online)
  21. 21. Applicable Theories Differential Association Theory (Sutherland, 1939 cited in Williams 2008)Asserts that crime is learnt from association with those who already have criminal tendencies
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