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CEVA Club Directors' Meeting 2012


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Club Directors' Meeting at Nike Campus Oct. 14, 2012

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CEVA Club Directors' Meeting 2012

  1. 1. CEVA Club Directors’ Meeting October 14th, 2012 Tiger Woods Center Bay Hill Hall
  2. 2. Partner PresentationsSports AuthorityTricia MillerCEVA Discount Weekend Dec. 8th & 9th20% Off, No limit on items.
  3. 3. Partner PresentationsReferee Photo Inc.Rick O’Connor
  4. 4. Partner PresentationsAries ApparelDiana MardsenLaurie Bailey
  5. 5. Partner Presentations
  6. 6. Partner PresentationsNIKEScott ZanonMarketing Director Team SportsLIDSMaria CarliniTeam Sports Volleyball Specialist
  7. 7. WelcomeCEVA Staff: Breen Goodwin, Executive Director Joe Boken, Operations Director Mike Benkoski, Membership & Communications Manager
  8. 8. WelcomeCEVA Board of Directors Members of CEVA BOD Role/Expectation of CEVA BODJunior Girls’ Committee Members of CEVA Jr. Girls’ Committee Role/Expectation of CEVA Jr. Girls’ Committee
  9. 9. WelcomeCEVA Region of USA Volleyball Role of CEVA Office Role of CEVA Club Directors/Admins Working Together CEVA Staff is here to serve the Club Directors, players and parents. We are growing the game together.
  10. 10. Hotels and Travel Patrick Higgins & Mike Chandler Approach to Sports Housing  Budget Saving Strategy (Stay-to-save)  Benefits to staying at official CEVA hotels  Our Approach to enhancing the experience  Question and Answer
  11. 11. DocumentsPlease review the documents in your folder. Junior Girls’ Handbook (not included) List of all other season documents All available on the CEVA website.
  12. 12. Membership & RegistrationFees and Sanctions Please refer to attached Document Power League Entry $600 CEVA President’s Day $450 CEVA Friendship $65 Regionals  2-Day $300  1-Day $175
  13. 13. Membership & Registration2012 – 2013 Season Tryouts Dates Saturday, November 3rd – 12’s/14’s Saturday, November 17th – 16’s/18’s Tryout Information Form (form included): Please submit ASAP whether you are having tryouts or NOT.CONFLICTS: Saturday, November 3rd CYO Competition – plan accordingly State Playoff Competition – plan accordingly
  14. 14. Membership & RegistrationGetting Players & Coaches Registered BEFORE Tryouts ALL adults must be registered and completed background screening prior to tryouts. All Webpoint registrations will now be processed via credit card and are nonrefundable. Players have the choice of two membership options for tryouts  Membership Deposit: $10 (good for 5 days of tryouts)  Full Junior Girls membership: $55
  15. 15. Membership & RegistrationPaperwork to collect at Tryouts Player Membership Card (or registration confirmation)  Check Membership Dates  Check Level of Play Medical Release Form Concussion Form
  16. 16. Membership & RegistrationPlayer Membership Card Important:  Name  Membership Dates  Level of Play, LOP
  17. 17. Membership & RegistrationUnregistered Players Computer or Laptop ideal Hardcopy member form is last resort  Parent/Guardian Signature required 3 places  Forms must be sent to CEVA Office by Monday 9am after tryouts.  CEVA will collect membership payment from players. Medical Release Form Concussion Form All Documents on our website.
  18. 18. Membership & RegistrationCEVA Commitment Policy Full policy in Junior Girls’ Handbook This policy was put in place to better serve players and their families. We are following the best practice policies of many other USA Volleyball Regions. Clubs are encouraged to work together in scheduling tryouts. All clubs are strongly encouraged to use the CEVA Commitment Letter.  In the event a player commits to more than one club, the CEVA office can only take action based on writing, not hearsay.
  19. 19. Membership & RegistrationUpgrade Membership after Players Commit to your club Players who registered for a Membership Deposit must upgrade their membership in Webpoint BEFORE participating in any practice, competition or fundraiser. Players who choose “UNDECIDED” for a club may log back into Webpoint and choose your club after signing the CEVA Letter of Commitment.
  20. 20. Questions? Write down questions Fill out form Answer at the end or via email
  21. 21. WebpointBasics Club Directors/Administrators will build their own teams in Webpoint this season. Club Directors/Administrators need to register by October 31st to keep their Admin access Club Admin Handbook for Webpoint is available on documents tab of website Rosters will be locked again on April 1st – all adjustments need to be made prior to this date.
  22. 22. WebpointRoster Requirements Coaches  CEVA Membership (includes all signed waivers)  IMPACT Certification  Cleared background screening ($18 via Webpoint)  There is no longer a baseline fingerprint requirement  Referee and Scorer  Take the clinic (either online or in person) and take the quiz(s) via  Concussion Training  Complete online video and submit signed paperwork to club director
  23. 23. WebpointRoster Requirements Players  CEVA Membership (includes all signed waivers)  Scorer Certification  Take the clinic (either online or in person) and take the quiz(s) via  Each team should have at least 3 certified scorers  Concussion Training (Submit signed paperwork to club director)  Medical Release Form (Submit signed paperwork to club director)  Uniforms  All players need appropriate uniform numbers listed on the Webpoint roster
  24. 24. Ref/Score Training Refer to Junior Girls’ Handbook Section 8.6 for specific requirements. All certifications done online Additional training online (all positions of work team) Club hosted clinics still available for training.
  25. 25. UniformsUniform Requirements (Rule 4.3) Numbers must be contrasting colors ( centered and be no smaller than 4” on front and 6” on back (mainly for 12U)  Contrasting color examples. It is recommended that the numbers are 6” on front and 8” on back (Rule Uniform Requirements: (Rule 19.2) Must contrast in color with that of predominate colors of jerseys of other team members. Libero uniform may be different design, but must be numbered like the rest of the team members. No combinations such as navy/black, purple/black, dark green/black, navy/maroon, white/light yellow.
  26. 26. Uniforms2014 Libero Uniform Requirements: The Libero or her/his teammates must wear a solid color jersey. The solid color jersey must clearly contrast from the predominant color(s) of the teammates jersey. Predominant colors are those that appear on approximately half of the body of the uniform jersey. To be considered solid colored:  Sleeves must be same color as the body of the jersey.  Piping/trim must be the same color as the body of jersey.  Lettering and collars can be different color than the body of jersey.  Numbers must be a contrasting color and meet all other specifications in Rule 4.3.3 and associated USAV regulations.
  27. 27. WebpointClub ManagementSusan BarkleySenior Manager, Region Services
  28. 28. Club Management My Club My Teams Search Members List Membership Cards Team Form Search Team Assignment
  29. 29. My ClubMain Info, Club Members, Teams
  30. 30. Who is in my Club?
  31. 31. Current, Lapsed, Unpaid, Pending Thanks to CEVA policies, only need to look at Current Members, not Unpaid members! Lapsed Members include those who have a lapsed membership and have not renewed membership (in any club) since that membership. Why is someone missing?  They haven’t registered yet (check the CEVA Current Members listing), OR  They haven’t selected your club (or any club).
  32. 32. My Teams Click the “+New Team” button to add a new Team.
  33. 33. Create a New Team Give careful consideration to Team names. (They cannot easily be changed!) Requirements:  Include the Club name,  Include the Age Division, and  Include the Team Rank. (There are lots of teams out there called “17s”!) Recommendation: Use a Team name that does NOT need to be changed each season. (For example, don’t use the name of the coach.)
  34. 34.  Complete the information in the various fields. The Team Code will generate based on the information you provide. The Team Rank options provided will be only those still available. (If you are creating multiple teams in an age group, only one can be ranked 1, etc.)
  35. 35.  Click on the particular Team link to change the Status from Active to Inactive if the Club no longer offers that specific Team. (This will help avoid assigning members to rosters incorrectly.)
  36. 36.  Other than changing the Team Status from Active to Inactive (or from Inactive to Active), you can’t change much – so take your time, please, when creating your Teams!
  37. 37. Team Assignment Team Assignment provides a batch process to make multiple team assignments from one screen. This option allows assignment of Club members who have not yet been assigned to a team. Individual rosters may also be edited directly, which allows adults to be assigned to multiple rosters (as well as adding a member, removing a member, changing a member’s role, changing a jersey number).
  38. 38. Team Assignment – Batch Process
  39. 39. Roster Verifications
  40. 40.  Roster assignment verifications are enforced by the system, so you can’t add someone who isn’t qualified to be on a roster. Examples: An adult without background screening on a junior roster, a girl on a boys’ roster, or a player who is too old for the team level of play. Specific information is provided at the top of the screen for roster assignments that were not processed. Those who were assigned no longer display on the list for the Team Assignment process. If you need to assign an adult to more than one roster, you need to go directly to the roster for any additional assignments.
  41. 41. Edit a Team Roster (Add or Edit) On the Players tab of the team, click the “+Add Club Member to Team” button to add a member.
  42. 42.  Click the Edit button to change the roster assignment of an existing team member. Change the name, position, or number, then click the Update Team Member button to save the change. Or click the Delete Team Member button to remove that member from the roster.
  43. 43. List Membership Cards A current member may print his/her own card by selecting the Print Membership Card menu option A Club Administrator may print membership cards for current members in the Club  Select a Team  Club
  44. 44. List Membership Cards - Member Select the Print Membership Card from the menu on the left.
  45. 45.  Current information displays – membership information, background screening, officials’ certifications, coaching certification. If something updates in the record, print the card with updated information.
  46. 46.  Or the member may find the membership card at the end of the Membership Confirmation. (Click the icon to the left of the membership that looks like a little piece of paper.)
  47. 47. List Membership Cards – Club Admin Select Club Mgmt – List Membership Cards from the menu.
  48. 48.  Two options: (1) Select a Team to display cards for that team only; or (2) Leave Team Selection as “Select One” to display cards for all current club members.
  49. 49.  Printing by Team will show only those on that roster, printing three cards on a page.
  50. 50.  Printing all membership cards will display all current members in the club, printing three cards on a page.
  51. 51. Search Members Use as many or as few search filters as appropriate for the results you need. May want to identify those in the club with Background Screening, or IMPACT certifications, members with a certain level of play, all junior girls, or all junior boys, or adult members, etc.
  52. 52.  The results may be exported to a Text or Excel file. From the results screen, a group email can be sent to all or selected individuals.
  53. 53. Officials Search
  54. 54. Team Form Search Basic Search Team Rosters The results from these screens will include only those members assigned to active rosters.
  55. 55. Team Form Search – Basic Search Search is based on roster assignments.
  56. 56.  Very helpful for Club directory or event program, since the export file contains Team information, not just membership information. Also helpful to email to selected Teams.
  57. 57. Team Form Search – Team Rosters Select by Team or narrow down the results by using the search filters, or simply click the Search Rosters button for all rosters.
  58. 58.  Rosters may also be pulled directly from the Team information, and any adult on a roster may view and print that roster.
  59. 59. Webpoint Registration Thank you for the opportunity to present this information. Good luck with your season!
  60. 60. WebpointBuilding a Team in Webpoint Make an appointment with Mike for late November/early December. We are happy to run you through building a team and you should be good to go for the rest of your club!!! Send Mike your list of issues via email and we can help you work through any missing players or other challenges you may have.
  61. 61. Age WaiversUpdated Age Waiver Policy – READ POLICY IN HANDBOOK Age Waivers will ONLY be considered for development or geographical needs Age Waiver forms must be completed in total and submitted by the club directorHIGHLIGHTS:  No more than 2 per team  No age waivers provided for top teams within a club with more than one team in an age group  Only birthdays in July or August considered  Players being considered for age waivers should NOT be impact players
  62. 62. Registration PaperworkStreamlined Paperwork Complete the Club Coversheet  (Team Coversheets are no longer required!!!) Club Coversheet is due December 5th
  63. 63. Questions? Write down your questions Fill out form Answers after or via email
  64. 64. Rental CourtsCEVA Owned Rental Courts 18 portable indoor volleyball courts 6 portable outdoor volleyball courts
  65. 65. FacilitiesFacility Rules Easy rule of thumb --- WATER ONLY in the gym. There are few facilities who allow food and drink anywhere in the building or courts. Teams will be given warning and penalized for breaking the Food & Drink Policy (review 8.4 of Handbook)
  66. 66. Parents & SpectatorsParent & Spectator Code of Conduct Parent and Spectator Code of Conduct form is included in your documents packet (and online). Educate your parents! Post in your practice facilities Concussion videos links on CEVA website  Bullying, hazing, harassment  Recognize, Reduce, Respond
  67. 67. InsuranceIncident/Injury Reports All coaches should carry a few copies with them When to fill out the form…  Athlete or coach gets injured at a CEVA/USAV sanctioned practice, tournament or fundraiser Incident/Injury Report comes to the office Medical Claim form goes to the parent
  68. 68. InsuranceCertificate of Insurance Request Fill out the insurance request form found under Documents Go over this form with your facility to make sure we can meet their needs. Certificate Holder: the location’s info  Fill out the Attention to section  List the contact of the facility’s email on the form RVA is for the office signature (please don’t sign this) Process time: 5-7 days
  69. 69. Jr. Girls’ Committee Topics 12’s Step in Rule: “CEVA Region allows players to take one step into the court to serve – standing on or behind the end line.” Recruiting Policy  Responding to inquires for basic information  Private lessons  Impact on Outdoor programming
  70. 70. CEVA Specific RulesDifferent Regions have different rules Boys on a girls’ team Age Waivers Uniforms Scorekeeping/Ref requirements If you’re playing out of region and have questions, contact the office
  71. 71. College Showcase Junior Committee responsible for showcase Last weekend in January Location TBD.
  72. 72. CEVA/USAV LogoCEVA/USA Volleyball Member Club Logo
  73. 73. CEVA Boys’ Program
  74. 74. The past 2011 Saw first all boys team compete in CEVA Began boys tournaments to increase awareness and participation CEVA office ran the tournaments, coaching, and administration of these teams CEVA established a dedicated boys volleyball committee
  75. 75. The Present Currently have 8 boys tournaments scheduled from Jan-May as well as President’s Day tournament Seattle (Alan Chinn) possible 20 teams this season from commitments from Club Directors Fall league with consistent teams More boys every tournament
  76. 76. The Future Take the lead and create the opportunity Ability to funnel interested boys to your program No longer turn kids away at the door
  77. 77. CEVA Boys’ ProgramFall Tournaments: Winter and Spring Dates:October 20th in Salem January 19th and 26thOctober 28th in Longview February 9th and 23rd April 14th and 27th May 4th and 19th
  78. 78. Tournaments $60 per team Don’t need a full team to participate More information can be found on the CEVA website
  79. 79. PASSING THOUGHTS Easy to dismiss 1 or 2 boys – but at what cost to our sport and our community? As leaders in our community how can WE make this happen? Basketball cuts are coming, can we find a place for these athletes? The desire and market is there: Seaside/Seattle More boys and new blood every tournament Maybe he has a sister?
  80. 80. Questions?Write down questionsFill out formAnswers after or via emails
  81. 81. TournamentsCEVA Friendship Tournaments Saturday, December 15th  18’s AM  16’s PM Sunday, December 16th  14’s AM  12’s PM Registration for tourney  Online Registration  Deadline Nov. 30th
  82. 82. TournamentsCEVA Power League Application Procedure  Online Registration deadline: December 3rd Seeding Updates  Challenge Date Dec. 11 Qualifier Format Updates  Crossovers have been updated Skipping Power League  Penalties
  83. 83. Power League RegistrationCEVA Power League
  84. 84. TournamentsPresidents’ Day WeekendApplication Procedure  Online Registration  Deadline: Dec. 3rd Feb. 16th to 18th  Girls: 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U  Boys: 18U, 14U 2013 in Eugene
  85. 85. TournamentsPresidents’ Day Weekend Registration
  86. 86. TournamentsCEVA Regional Championships Application Procedure  Online Registration  Deadline: Feb. 4 April 20th and 21st Corvallis & Albany
  87. 87. TournamentsCEVA Regional Championships Registration
  88. 88. TournamentsUSAV Girls’ Junior National Championships All teams interested in attending the USAV Girls’ Junior National Championships must submit all associated paperwork to the CEVA office by 5pm the Monday prior to the CEVA Regional Championships. Refer to Girls Junior Handbook Section 8.9
  89. 89. TournamentsUSAV Girls’ Junior National Championships New Patriot Division  Team Limit per age group  Registration process  What happens if you qualify for a bid division?  How the waitlist works  Hotel situation
  90. 90. TournamentsClub Hosted Tournaments Tournament Sanction Form Tournaments Directors must now be members and background screening per USAV Policy Send your Tournament Directors to our training on Saturday, December 1st Insurance
  91. 91. Fun StuffSpirit Contest Team of the Month Prizes, feature on Blog Facebook @CEVAVB on Twitter Instagram: CEVAVB
  92. 92. Contact Procedure CEVA Office to Club Directors/Administrators Club Directors/Administrators to Coaches Coaches to Parents/Players Works in reverse as well
  93. 93. Contact Information 503-644-7468 (office line) 503-389-0305 (urgent line) Breen: Joe: Mike:
  94. 94. Important Deadlines Club Admin Renewal Oct. 31st CEVA Friendship Entry Nov. 30th Power League Entry Dec. 3rd CEVA Presidents’ Day Entry Dec. 3rd Club Coversheet Dec. 5th Regionals Entry Feb. 4th Roster Freeze April 1st
  95. 95. CEVAThank you all for attending! Questions?