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Jack's sense humanities


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Jack's sense humanities

  1. 1. Worksheet by RJ Tarr at / 1 The Industrial Revolution: Introduction Could add here recommended videos to watch… Complete the gaps in this worksheet using the teacher-led powerpoint presentations to help you.What was the Industrial Revolution?Why do we need to study it?What changed between 1750-1900? Britain 1750 Britain 1900 Your guess Actual Difference figurePopulation: 11 Go up 40 29 millionMillions of people in 18 moreBritainTransport: 10 Days 2 day 1 9 days lessHow many days ittook to travel fromLondon >EdinburghWork: 20% 70 80 60 percentPercentage of morepeople living intownsHealth: 28 Go up 18 10 lessDeaths per 1000 50 people diepeople per year per 1000Politics: 5 Go up Go up 55 increasePercentage of male 20% 60adults with the voteEducation 7 9 17 10 moreNumber of universitiesuniversitiesTotal (lowest scorein class wins!)
  2. 2. Worksheet by RJ Tarr at / 2The Darker SideSource What does this picture tell us? It was many slaves in the ship because they need the slaves to do hard work. They were many people die in London because they were many people live in a small country and they were many people stole the money and kill them. Have many people angry with the government because they don have enough money, the houses are too small, hospital are too crowded and they want the government changes. They don have enough bed, dirty bed, shower, they were so dirty and they have fleas in body.How will we study it?