GFS Chemicals Bulk Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing


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GFS Chemicals Bulk Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing

  1. 1. Custom Products GFS Chemicals, Inc. Specializing in High Quality Bulk Inorganic Manufacturing (Kilos to Metric Tons)GFS remains focused on what we dowell. Our production environmentprovides the flexibility to offer cus-tomers solutions to their problems.We have a development staff ready tosupport your application need and themanufacturing capabilities to supportyou long term. GFS is the perfect busi-ness partner for your specialty chemi-cal need. Our flexibility is an asset.We would be happy to talk directlywith you about your individual require-ments. Please contact us and learn theadvantages of working directly with themanufacturer for any of your inorganicproduction needs. For more informa-tion call toll-free at:
  2. 2. Manufacturing Core Chemistriesto Customer SpecificationsDecades of both chemical We support applications in the semi-and engineering experience conductor, pharmaceutical, ceramics,allow GFS to address oppor- coatings and power storage markets.tunities in highly specializedcustom inorganic manufac- Our main products include:turing. The recent expansion • Ceric Ammonium Nitrate – catalyst,of our Research andDevelopment Division is a oxidizer, etchantdirect result of our desire to • Cerous Chloride, Anhydrous –support the complex needs fuel cell research, catalyst, Grignardof our customers. Our goal initiatoris to help solve problems in • Lanthanum Nitrate – metal additives,a unique manner that make glass mfg.our customers even more • Yttrium Nitrate – thermal coatings,successful. superconductive components • Lithium Perchlorate – batteries, We have exceptional experience inAs science advances, GFS catalyst turning common lithium salts into Surface Treatment and Iodates and PeriodatesChemicals is committed to • Potassium Perchlorate – oxidizer, anhydrous specialties for select Anti-Corrosion Products We routinely produce iodic and period-the ongoing development of propellants applications. ic acid at 99.99%+ purity to support With the help of licensed technologyproducts and technologies • Sodium Perchlorate – propellantscritical to the interests of sensitive catalytic, electronic (CMP) and GFS continues to build our technology Ask us how perchlorates might help Our main products include: base. Recent developments in the areaorganic and inorganic anti-fungal applications. solve your problem today. Additional • Lithium Carbonate – ceramics, of polyoxometalates (POM), or het-chemists alike. While most Our experience dates to the 1960’s with information is available. catalyst, pharmaceuticals, single oxide eropolymetalates (HPM), have beenof the periodic table has chemical and electrolytic processing to crystal developmentbeen integrated into the GFS support a wide variety of industries. We expanded at GFS Chemicals. Materialinorganic manufacturing Lithium Salts • Lithium Phosphate – batteries, development for the replacement of engage in new product developmentoperation, we have outlined Lithium is well known for its uses in the additive chrome based products in anti-corro- opportunities through product develop-the significant areas of core primary and secondary battery market. • Lithium Perchlorate – batteries, sive applications are underway at GFS. ment and application specific needs.competency as follows: GFS has supported a variety of lithium propellants, free radical scavenger This technology also supports a wide salts with an assortment of anions. We • Lithium Iodide – batteries, catalyst range of surface treatment applications Our main products include: continue to explore the use of lithium and specialty catalysts. Contact us forPerchloric Acid and Perchlorate • Iodic Acid – catalyst, etching, for hydrogen storage applications and Rare Earth Compounds more information on this exciting areaCompounds analytical reagent new species of catalysts. GFS brings an element of stability to of product development.The backbone to GFS Chemicals has • Periodic Acid – catalyst, cleaning, rare earth chemical production. Webeen based on Perchlorate chemistry. etching, CMP slurry, analytical We are an experienced manufacturer of remain one of the few manufacturers ofPerchlorates are used in applications • Sodium Periodate – catalyst, high purity, specialized lithium salts a full line of rare earth salts and solu-for oxidations, catalysis, electrolytes, cleaning, CMP slurry, anti-fungal used as key materials for battery elec- tions. Utilizing raw material sourcesand desiccants. • Potassium Periodate – catalyst, trolytes, single oxide crystal production, from all corners of the globe we contin-Perchlorates are stable, provide an cleaning, CMP Slurry, anti-fungal catalysts and polymer additives. ue to manufacture high purity productsexcellent source of oxygen, completely for catalysis and emerging nanoparticledissociate from the supporting cation in applications in the United States. Oursolution, and are uniquely soluble in customers benefit from consistent qual-non-aqueous environments. ity, more immediate availability andOur main products include: flexible specifications coupled with• Perchloric Acid – catalyst, oxidizer, pricing that remains aggressive. etchant, analytical reagent• Magnesium Perchlorate – dessicant, batteries, catalyst