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You're unchained when...


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Much thanks to everyone who participated in our latest creative collab project, "Media Muse." We asked you all to show up online via Twitter, Facebook and, here, on our blog, to tell us how you would finish this sentence: "You're unchained when..." We then invited some of our favorite illustrators, cartoonists and designers to create an image based on the lines that spoke to them. Your liberated imaginations inspired some incredible pieces by brilliant artists.

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You're unchained when...

  1. 1. you’reunchainedwhen...a live unchained collab project
  2. 2. How do you knowyou’re unchained?For our latest online collab project, we asked the Live Unchainedcommunity to finish this sentence:You’re unchained when...Our followers liberated the twittersphere and blogosphere withtheir thoughts. Later, illustrators and designers made imagesinspired by your comments on our blog, and using the hashtag#youreunchainedwhen. Some were their own radical muses,creating their own visuals and lines.Thanks to everyone who participated for being an inspiration!Much love,Kathryn and Miriamhttp://www.liveunchained.comDesign: Asilia (
  3. 3. Afua Richardsonhttp://www.afuarichardson.comVisual: Afua Richardson; Words: Olivia Jade
  4. 4. Aida Sofia Barba & words: Aida Sofia Barba
  5. 5. You are unchained when you can define your own beautyJessika Von Innerebnerhttp://kartoonkid.comVisual & words: Jessika Von Innerebner
  6. 6. Kendall Pattersonhttp://gutterspaced.comVisual: Kendall Patterson; Words: Sharon
  7. 7. Lance Tookshttp://www.lancetooks.comVisual & words: Lance Tooks
  8. 8. M. Rasheedhttp://www.mrasheed.comVisual: M. Rasheed; Words: Kathryn Buford
  9. 9. Sean Mackhttp://blog.smackillustrations.comVisual: Sean Mack; Words: Kathryn Buford
  10. 10. Tim Rodgershttp://timrodgers.blogspot.comVisual & words: Tim Rodgers