Holland America Video Email Case Study


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Holland America Video Email Case Study

  1. 1. A video is worth a thousand pictures Case Study: Holland America Line Sophisticated email marketing program experiences 100%+ increase in email channel engagement and higher click-to-open ratios with Liveclicker in-email video. www.liveclicker.com Liveclicker, Inc. 2055 Junction Avenue San Jose, California 95131 info@liveclicker.com (408) 540-6200
  2. 2. CASE STUDY: GOALS “Featuring video  Provide a differentiated inbox experience within the email itself  Increase email channel click-through rate allows us to share a  Deliver compelling value to the brand richer experience of  Increase audience engagement what a Holland America cruise is like CHALLENGES – effectively and immediately. This  In-email video was unproven helps strengthen our  Deliverability concerns brand while we  Higher per-campaign costs engage our email audience at a deeper level.” With 136 years of experience, Holland America Line is recognized as - Mari Ström, the undisputed leader in the cruise industry’s premium segment. The eMarketing Manager company’s fleet of 14 ships offers nearly 500 cruises to 320 ports of call in more than 100 countries, territories or dependencies. Parent company Carnival dominates the global cruise industry with an $89 billion market cap worldwide. Holland America Line has long maintained a strong offline direct marketing program and notes how important its network of travel agents and direct mail activities are to its overall success. “Our guests are generally 55+ years old but are technically savvy and engage with us in multiple channels,” says Mari Ström, eMarketing Manager. “Guests booking a cruise with Holland America Line are seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are committed to delivering on this expectation regardless of the channel.” Unfortunately, providing guests with a compelling, rich experience in the email channel remained a perennial challenge due to ongoing deliverability and rendering challenges. “Before engaging Liveclicker, we were unable to deliver video in email. Instead, we relied on providing a rich experience only on campaign landing pages and elsewhere on our web site,” says Ms. Ström. “Liveclicker solved the technical challenges for us so we are now able to deliver video in email to over 75% of our HTML-enabled audience, with smooth failover for those unable to see video directly in the email. We have seen higher audience engagement and clickthrough.” In addition to the increase in hard channel metrics, video in email provided other unforeseen benefits to the email program. “Within the company, there is a lot of buzz that goes on when we use Liveclicker with our campaigns. People across the organization are giving the channel much more attention now that they see the possibility of what email can do from an experience perspective.”
  3. 3. After making the decision to experiment with in-email video and experiencing theearly results, Holland America Line quickly decided to roll Liveclicker out acrossa broad suite of its email marketing programs. Today, Liveclicker videos areincluded in product emails, trade emails sent to travel agents, and brandingemails. Because Liveclicker integrates seamlessly with any Email ServiceProvider or in-house email marketing software, Holland America is able to launchnew video email programs immediately through Liveclicker’s self-service webinterface.To support its ongoing video email efforts, Holland America Line relies on a richlibrary of video content including destination video footage and professionally-produced footage of guests onboard ships. “It is much more compelling to showpeople on the ship, in the spa, in the dining room, or otherwise enjoying theHolland America Line experience when using video,” says Ms. Ström.Liveclicker’s built-in engagement reportsprecisely track subscriber engagement overtime, yielding metrics that inform the emailprogram well beyond video.Holland America Line recommends keeping in-email videos short (no longer than 30 seconds)and to focus on driving clickthrough by usingengaging, creative video content. Additionally,testing audience segments to see how differentsets of subscribers react to video isencouraged.Today, Holland America Line is aggressivelyusing video across an increasing number ofemail programs. Now that the initial concernsabout deliverability and engagement havebeen laid to rest, the company is focused ondriving innovation within its email programsthrough video.BEST PRACTICES Keep in-email videos short – no longer than 30 seconds Focus on driving clickthrough with engaging, creative content Test audience segmentsRESULTS Drove 100% increase in the number of subscribers clicking on in-email video elements vs. static images in controlled A/B tests Observed higher clickthrough rates and higher click-to-open ratio for video email vs. static email in broad consumer segments Achieved deliverability parity for video-enabled email vs. static emails Generated positive internal buzz around the email channel, which helped support an increase in the overall email marketing budget