Sponsored Updates Success Stories


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Hear how some of LinkedIn's customers are successfully using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

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Sponsored Updates Success Stories

  1. 1. 1 Sponsored Updates Case Studies ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Pilot : Walmart e-commerce raises awareness of their start-up culture LinkedIn Confidential ©2014 All Rights Reserved Challenge: • Walmart e-commerce needed to change its employer brand perception to be viewed as an innovative place to work & compete with tech startups for top talent Solution: • Targeted competitive talent pools in metropolitan areas with peek hiring needs • Shared stories of employees who’d transitioned from start-ups & found a nimble culture there Result: • Proven ROI based on sheer reach and # of impressions • Those who engaged with with updates had the most desired experience & skills
  3. 3. Pilot : Intel appeals to android developers LinkedIn Confidential ©2014 All Rights Reserved Challenge: • Intel wanted to build thought leadership with android talent, attract android developers to its company page and raise awareness about their leadership in android. Solution: • Used Sponsored Updates to target talent with android skills and those in top android groups • Hooked target demographic with content to appeal to their interests/ aspirations. Result: • Highest engagement from software developers • Those who chose to follow came from the top Android groups and had in-demand skills
  4. 4. Marriott nurtures 2 way dialogue with hospitality professionals LinkedIn Confidential ©2014 All Rights Reserved Challenge: • Marriott needed to attract experienced hospitality workers for new hotels launching in Eastern Europe Solution: • Used Sponsored Updates to target hospitality industry professionals in key areas and raise awareness about growth in those regions. Result: • Established genuine 2-way dialogue with target talent • Engagement rate was 3X Sponsored Update average • Gained high volume of new followers in key regions • Boost in quality of applicants for hard to fill jobs • High rate of content amplification/ earned media
  5. 5. Salesforce provides sneak peek into different offices LinkedIn Confidential ©2014 All Rights Reserved Challenge: • Salesforce recently opened a number of new offices across the world and had peek hiring needs for top talent in software, & cloud computing industries Solution: • Used Sponsored Updates to target desired talent in those regions and raise awareness of their offices Result: • Successfully executed localized campaigns • Record high engagement rate amongst professionals with desirable expertise
  6. 6. Gallery of GREAT Updates
  7. 7. Showcase what makes your company unique Best Practices:
  8. 8. IDEO gave insight into what it’s like to work there
  9. 9. Share what matters to your company Best Practices:
  10. 10. Xerox shared advice on enabling risk-taking
  11. 11. Spotlight upcoming events or speakers Best Practices:
  12. 12. Tableau shared an upcoming interview event
  13. 13. American Express invited followers to a career fair
  14. 14. Pandora shared an event tailored toward students
  15. 15. Feature teams working on cool stuff Best Practices:
  16. 16. Johnson & Johnson gave insight into ‘a day in the life’ of its brand managers
  17. 17. L’Oreal spotlighted a high-performing employee
  18. 18. Carhartt expressed appreciation to its employees
  19. 19. Kaiser Permanente highlighted an intern’s experience
  20. 20. Think outside the job Best Practices:
  21. 21. Tableau talked about the qualities its looking for
  22. 22. HubSpot included a unique image
  23. 23. Johnson & Johnson gave insight into its interview process