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Merchant e solutions -

  1. 1. Payment Processingfor TODAY!
  2. 2. Merchant e-Solutions OverviewA Payment Processing Company Differentiated byCutting Edge Proprietary Technology• Full Service Merchant Acquirer Direct with MasterCard, Visaand American Express• Founded in 1999 by the Former Bank of America MerchantServices Executive Team• Currently Processing for Over 65,000 Merchants– Card-Not-Present, e-Commerce and Retail• Run Rate of $20 Billion in Transaction Volume• Headquartered in Redwood City, CA. - Operations andCustomer Support Center Located in Spokane, WA– 300 Employees• Large Enough to Handle Any Merchant’s Needs, Yet SmallEnough to be Personal, Agile and FlexiblePayment Processing for TODAY!
  3. 3. Single Source ProviderOther Solutions•Multiple Parties Involved– Gateway (ex:,CyberSource, etc.)– Processor– Back-End Processor•Customer Service Issues– Hand-Offs– Delays•More Potential Points of Failure•Increased CostsThe MeS Way•Only MeS– From Transaction Entry toFunding!•Single Contact Customer Service– 24x7x365 in Spokane, WA– Answered by live people whocan handle your call•Fewer Potential Points of Failure•Lower Cost StructureWhy Merchant e-Solutions?Payment Processing for TODAY!
  4. 4. PayEverywhere Virtual Terminal• Can be Used on Any PC with a Broadband InternetConnection• Designed to Ensure Best-Rate Qualification.• Built-in intelligence identifies business, commercial and purchasingcards, then requests additional data required for those transactions• Ensures lowest rates and no unnecessary fees• Monitors transactions and alerts users to conditions that might result inhigher processing costs or higher risk transactions• Storage of All Customer and Payment Card Info• Makes running transactions for repeat customer fast, easy and accurate• Your customers will love it!• Stored on our servers so you don’t have to deal with data security• Fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data SecurityStandards (DSS)• Supports “Card Not Present” and Swiped TransactionsPayment Processing for TODAY!
  5. 5. PayEverywhere Mobile• Supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch,BlackBerry, and Android devices.• Process card swipe transactions using theWoosim Porti SC30 card reader/printer or theMagTek iDynamo card reader.• All sensitive card data is stored on the MeSVirtual Terminal servers, not the mobiledevice.• More reliable wireless coverage and lesscostly than conventional wireless terminals.• No additional fees for the mobile applicationdownloads.• Great solution for merchants of all sizes• Trade shows• Field service reps.• Etc.Payment Processing for TODAY!
  6. 6. • MeS Pay Here is a secure checkout page hosted by MeS.• Facilitates self-service payment of open invoices by yourcustomers• Using only general HTML, it’s easilyadded to any website.• Can have the look and feel of merchant’sweb site• MeS Pay Here does the following:–Collection of Credit Card information via a secure form.–Authorization and settlement once transaction is approved.–Redirection of the cardholder back to the merchants web pageof choice.–Email receipt to the merchant and consumer.MeS Pay HerePayment Processing for TODAY!
  7. 7. MeS Pay HerePayment Processing for TODAY!
  8. 8. More Reasons to Use Us• Support for e-Commerce– Compatible with Most Shopping Carts and ProprietarySystems– We Can Help You Establish a Web Presence• Advanced Web Reporting– Customizable– Real Time– Let’s you see the data you need to see in real time• AmEx Deposits in 48 Hours– 4 to 5 Days is Normal– Same Deposit as MasterCard and VisaMerchant e-SolutionsPayment Processing for TODAY!
  9. 9. Payment Processing for TODAY!ContactAndrew WirtzNational Account Executive(877) 233-4562 Direct(646) 319-7231 Cellabhdrew@verizon.netPersonalized Relationship Support Available24x7x365
  10. 10. Payment Processing for TODAY!ContactAndrew WirtzNational Account Executive(877) 233-4562 Direct(646) 319-7231 Cellabhdrew@verizon.netPersonalized Relationship Support Available24x7x365