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Swedish ecommerce market tutorial


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This country guide gives you an outlook of the Swedish ecommerce market.
This guide has everything you need to know: what the most popular products in Sweden are, as well as its growing sectors and the major opportunites that arise from this market!

You won't miss any opportunities!

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Swedish ecommerce market tutorial

  1. 1. EASILY SELL EVERYWHERE USER GUIDES Keep updated Swedish Ecommerce Outlook
  2. 2. Lengow is the ecommerce automation solution that helps brands and distributors improve their performance, automate their business processes and grow internationally. Intuitive and innovative, the Lengow platform is the key that opens the door to strong profitability and visibility for products sold by online retailers around the world on all distribution channels: marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, affiliate platforms and display/retargeting. With more than 1,800 partners that have been collaborating with Lengow since 2009, the Saas solution offers a powerful ecosystem to the 3,500 merchants that use it in 45 countries accross the globe. Contact us for a demo of our solution. WWW.LENGOW.COM Marketplaces Display / Retargeting Product Ads On-site tools Comparison Shopping Engines Affiliate platforms
  3. 3. In 2014, Swedish ecommerce rose by 7.5%, REACHING 8.90 BILLION EUROS As such, online accounted for 3.5% OF TOTAL RETAIL SALES IN THE COUNTRY IN 2014. Retail ecommerce sales in Sweden are expected to grow by 7% in 2015 and reach €9.5 billion, REPRESENTING ALMOST 5% OF TOTAL RETAIL SALES IN THE COUNTRY. Ecommerce sales in Sweden, 2011-2014 (in billion euros) A bright future for the Swedish ecommerce market Ranking Northern Europe in turnover (€ billion) 1. DENMARK 2. SWEDEN 3. NORWAY 4. FINLAND 9,88 8,90 8,30 6,59 SWEDEN IS THE BIGGEST ECOMMERCE MARKET IN EUROPE 11th EASILY SELL EVERYWHERE Swedish Ecommerce Outlook 9,5 0 2 4 6 8 10 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  4. 4. Sweden is a burgeoning online market with a particularly young audience waiting to be reached. Its steady online growth and high mobile penetration rate make this country very favourable for online merchants. Most bought online products : Top growing sectors : Major opportunities While internet users in Sweden still tended to prefer domestic ecommerce sites when it came to buying on the web, one-third of digital buyers had made an online purchase of a retail good from a foreign merchant in 2014 Top countries to buy from for the Swedish : UK USA Germany China ELECTRONIC GOODS CLOTHES BOOKS BUILDING MATERIALS SPORTS & LEISURE TOYS Download the full version