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Optimize Your Checkout Page For Conversion


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Your customer reaches your online store's checkout page. Suddenly she isn’t so certain about buying your product. Maybe it’s because there’s an extra shipping charge, or your checkout is hosted on a different URL, or she just doesn’t trust you with her credit card information.

She closes your tab.

This is happening to you right now. In fact, for every 3 people who reach your checkout page, 2 abandon it without purchasing.

45% of online shoppers abandon shopping carts multiple times within a specified three week period – the average value of goods in these abandoned carts was $109.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to your checkout to increase conversion, and this presentation shows you some that will surely boost your conversion rate, and eCommerce sales.

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Optimize Your Checkout Page For Conversion

  1. 1. Optimize Your Checkout Page For Conversions Presented by
  2. 2. 2/3 2 out of 3 people that reach your checkout page will abandon it without purchasing The Stats 45% 45% of online shoppers have abandoned their cart multiple times within a 3 week period $109.00 $109.00 is the average value of goods in the abandoned carts Shopping cart abandonment can be extremely frustrating. The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to your checkout to increase conversion
  3. 3. Don’t Redirect The Checkout Other leading eCommerce softwares will re-direct your customer to a page like this: This looks suspicious and confuses customers. They expect to checkout on your store. GOOD BAD carts/245908855656451689/ b849f00837934d74916f54db625e0502 ? Don’t leave your customer asking these questions Why am I at a software company? What are all those numbers? Why are they asking for my credit information? Where am I?
  4. 4. Hidden Fees 56% 56% of shoppers have abandoned their cart due to unexpected fees during the checkout process Hidden fees reduce a customer’s trust in you All fees should be calculated before the checkout process Do not hide fees and then add them in during the checkout process
  5. 5. Multipage or Single Page There has been much debate on whether the checkout should be one page or multipage. This has people wondering, which is the best? 21.8% The Vancouver Olympic store changed their checkout process from a four page checkout process to a longer one page process. The results were an increased conversion rate of 21.8% 10% CrazyEgg used to have a one page checkout. They decided to run a test to see how well a multi page checkout would work. The results were an increased conversion rate of 10% Conclusion: Test your checkout process
  6. 6. Form Fields When it comes to checkout page forms, there are certain things you can’t avoid. However, there are some things you can do to make your customers’ lives easier. Pre Populate Information If a customer has purchased from you before, do not make them type in all their information again New Customer Use Tool Tips To help customers understand what a field is, you’ll need a tool tip Tool tips come in handy especially when you have non-standard form fields Use Asterisks Highlighting mandatory fields with an asterisks is a must You don’t want customers filling out the form and clicking ‘Purchase’ only to realize they missed some fields If it’s a first time customer you can use geo-tagging to find out where they are and pre-fill address fields
  7. 7. Guest Checkout One of the worst things you can do is force someone to make an account before checking out. 23% 23% of people will abandon their shopping cart if you try and force them to create an account.
  8. 8. 17% Trust and security seals can help put a potential customer’s mind at ease, knowing that his or her personal information is protected. But not all seals 12.49% Trust And Security 31.6% are created equal. Buyakilt tested two security seals. They started with the “Norton by Verisign” seal for 5 weeks. They increased conversion by 17%. Next they tested the Comodo seal and conversions increased even further by an additional 12.49% Adding the two results, the overall increase in conversion rate was 31.6%, which translated to a six figure increase in revenue!
  9. 9. Coupon Codes 27% of people who searched for a coupon code never returned. So should you ditch the coupon code altogether? Not so fast. Macy’s has a link on their cart page that directs the customer to another page on their site that has a list of all their current promos. After implementing this, they saw a 6% increase in web traffic. They also no longer have to pay an affiliate website 4-5% of the purchase amount. A good idea would be to run some A/B tests to find which solution converts a customer best.
  10. 10. Progress Indicator 1. Shipping 2. Payment 3. Review & Submit The checkout process is like a map. Customers want to know where they are and how much longer it’s going to be until they reach their destination. Every good checkout includes a progress bar. The best ones tell you exactly what step you are on and what steps there are left.
  11. 11. What works? Customize and test your checkout to maximize conversion and see what works for you Start Testing A B Total Control Pick an eCommerce platform that allows for full control over your checkout process C Why Test Your Checkout Process? Buyakilt customized their process and increased their revenue to over 6 figures D Why Customize Checkout? Customizing your checkout could increase your conversion rate
  12. 12. A/B TESTING FOR eCOMMERCE The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing Your eCommerce Store Francis Tao Sid Bharath Free ebook What’s In This Book? This 74 page book will show you how simple changes to your online store can lead to vast increases in conversion rates and sales revenue You’ll Learn 1. What A/B testing is and why you need it 2. How to identify sales leaks in your website 3. Creating a hypothesis to fix the leaks 4. Implementing meaningful tests 5. Examples and tips from experts to get you started with A/B testing for eCommerce Get My Free Copy
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