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Embedded World 2020

Presentation on 'LEGaTO: A low energy toolset for heterogeneous computing' given durint Embedded World 2020

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Embedded World 2020

  1. 1. A low energy toolset for heterogeneous computing
  2. 2. LEGaTO Ambition • Optimizing OmpSs to support energy-efficiency • Working on RECS|Box hardware with CPU + GPU + FPGA + FPGA-based Dataflow Engines (DFE) Create software stack-support for energy-efficient heterogeneous computing Main goal: energy efficiency • Fault tolerance • Security • Programmer productivity
  3. 3. Boosted Use-Cases Smart City 7x gain in energy efficiency using FPGAs Health Care 822x speedup using FPGAs, enabling a new world of Biomarker analysis Machine Learning up to 16x gain in energy efficiency and performance on the same hardware, using the EmbeDL optimizer
  4. 4. Smart Mirror • Image: Object, face and gestures • Speech with DeepSpeech Displays personalized information All detections simultaniously • Start: 16 FPS at 500 W • Now: 25 FPS at 400 W • Goal: 10 FPS at 50 W Local machine learning frameworks
  5. 5. Cluster Server • 56-63% less TCO over 5 years • Heterogeneous, flexible and scalable microserver cluster • Turnkey appliances optimised to relevant classes of applications X86 and ARM CPU, GPU, FPGA
  6. 6. TCO reduced by > 50 % after 5 years Reduced TCO with RECS®|Box Deneb  Lowered upgrade costs by replacing only the microservers in regular upgrade cycles  Reduced data centre footprint through ultra-high density of computation power  Less energy costs by superior energy- efficiency
  7. 7. LEGaTO Partners