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Benefits of Online Transcription Service for the Legal Community


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Online transcription is now widely favored by a majority of legal entities. Professional online transcription service ensures a range of benefits for the legal community.

  • Legal transcription has become the efficient & effective means of having professional influence on legal records. The legal field is thus taking a new leap to bring this industry into the public eye.
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Benefits of Online Transcription Service for the Legal Community

  1. 1. Benefits of Online Transcription Service for the Legal CommunityOnline transcription service ensuresan assortment of benefits for the legalcommunity. The major advantage isthat this service can be easilycustomized to meet the specificdocumentation requirements of legalentities and practices. An establishedlegal transcription company ensuressecure solutions within the prescribedtime limit. It can provide legal entitieswith quality transcripts from any kindof file format – audio, video or digital.Save Time and Money with Online LegalTranscription ServicesLegal transcription outsourcing services considerably reduce the complexdocumentation responsibilities of legal professionals. Outsourcing savesthem the time, effort and money they would need to do the job within theirpractices, and gives them more time to focus on their core tasks with greaterefficiency. Online legal transcription services are available for many areassuch as real estate, family, personal injury, business, corporate, and criminallaw. 1
  2. 2. The main advantages of outsourcing legal transcription are:Many solutions: Professional transcripts of various legal documentsincluding memorandum letters, depositions, hearings, legal pleadings,reports, briefs, court transcripts, client letters, wire tap transcription, legalletters, arbitrations, seminars and conferences, general meetings, trials,judgments, interrogations, and more.Secure and flexible dictation methods: toll free dial-indictation, digital recorders and dictation via computers. Legal professionalsare provided with convenient options to call to the toll free number of theservice provider and dictate, or send in the dictation as digital recordings.Online modification facility: Facility to listen to transcriptsonline and suggest modificationsAccurate transcripts: Accurate legal transcripts prepared by anexpert transcriptionists using the latest technologyFiles in any format: Transcribed files in any kind of file formatincluding wav, digital, tape, mp4, dss, cassettes, mp3, DVD, and moreTimely solutions: Files delivered to meet deadlinesExperienced Workforce and ModernTechnology for Resourceful SolutionsEstablished legal transcription companies are equipped with the latesttechnology, and infrastructure. They have a workforce comprising skilled 2
  3. 3. transcriptionists, editors, proofreaders and legal analysts on the job. Theytake care to deliver client-focused legal transcription outsourcing services.The transcribed files usually go through a three-level quality check to ensurethat they are error-free.The services that a professional legal transcription company offers wouldinclude:• Encrypted and secure file transfer options• Regular backup of audio and document files• Accurate rate of 99% (with good audio)• Audio and document file archives• Electronic signatures• Transcription management software• Document flow management system for end-to-end tracking of data• Prompt progress reports of each file transcript• Solutions for any kind of audio file format• Continuous technical support service• Competitive pricing• Free trial optionsMaintaining the Confidentiality of LegalTranscripts 3
  4. 4. Professional online legal transcription companies have several measuresin place to ensure that the legal records they handle are secure. Personnelare screened, computers pass-word protected, files are backed up, andsecurity software regularly updated. Periodic technical evaluations areperformed and the entire workforce is trained to maintain privacy,confidentiality and security.Dictation modes are also secure. Dictation can be done on digital recorderand downloaded to a local computer connected to the Internet. The files arethen sent via the web to a secure server for download by the serviceprovider. Another secure option is to directly dictate by telephone to asecure server. The transcriptionist logs on to the server and transcribes thefiles.When it comes to file transfer, established companies offer both FTP (FileTransfer Protocol) and browser-based options. They use 256 bit AESencryption for the secure online transfer of files.Established Service Provider for QualityServiceThe benefits of online transcription service for the legal communityincluding attorneys, prosecutors, lawyers, court reporters, law firms,corporate legal departments, insurance companies, state and federalgovernment agencies, and other legal groups, are obviously immense. 4
  5. 5. It is important to associate with an established legal transcription companyfor the best results. Experienced service providers can ensure customizedlegal transcription services in minimum turnaround time and at affordablecost.For More InformationUnited States Main Office8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Main: (800) 670 2809Fax: (877) 835-5442 5