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Banner advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising on the internet, you can find banner ads all over the internet on all kinds of websites. Banner ads are working for the advertisers. Would you like to advertise your business with banner ads? Then read these banner advertising tips, how to get the most out of your ad spending.Firstly I want to say that these tips are mainly for advertisers who use CPM (cost per thousand impressions ) banner advertising campaigns and not so much for CPC ( cost per click ) banner advertising campaigns. What is the different between those I write in more detail in my previous post:

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Banner advertising tips

  1. 1. Banner advertising is one of the mostpopular forms of advertising on theinternet, you can find banner ads all overthe internet on all kinds ofwebsites. Banner ads are working for theadvertisers. Would you liketoadvertise your business with bannerads? Then readthese banneradvertising tips, how toget the most out of your adspending.Firstly I want to say that thesetips are mainly for advertisers who useCPM (cost per thousand impressions )banner advertising campaigns and not somuch for CPC ( cost per click )banner advertising campaigns.11 Banner Advertising Tips For BetterClick-Through Rates#1 Advertise on sites thatare relevant to what you offer
  2. 2. Make sure you buy banner advertising onsites that fit your niche, if you arepromoting lets say some computergadgets you don’t want to your bannersto appear on a site which is about weightloss. You want your banners to appearon highly relevant sites to your offer. Ifyou promote a computer gadget, the siteon which your banner appears should beabout computer gadgets, if you have abig budget you can also advertise on siteaboutcomputer games and stuff. Just useyour common sense.Also if you buy banner impressionsfrom advertising companies then theyusually have categories for you to chooseso you should choose your categorywisely.#2 Stand out from the crowd
  3. 3. You are not the only one advertising onthe internet, you have tons of competitionand people surfing on the web are gettingbored with all the banner ads and theyjust don’t pay attention to them. This isthe sad truth people are immuneto advertising! And there is only one thingyou can do, you have to stand out fromthe crowd. Your banner has to besomething unique, that grabs attentionand drives curiosity to get a click. Useyour head to come up with somethingunique.#3 Split testDon’t just create one banner and let it go.Split test your banner adswhich one isconverting the best. Change the color of
  4. 4. the text on your banner, change thebackground, change the image, add aneffect make all the changes you can thinkoff and test it out. Does it convert betteror worse. Do this until you getyour golden nugget, which converts thebest. But only make one change at a timeso that you would know what cause theincrease or decrease in conversions.#4 Put a clear call to actionDon’t make your banner look likea beautiful image that fits perfectly on anywebsite. Keep the feeling that this is anad and they need to take action on it. Putcall to action on your banners like “clickhere” , “check it out” and similar.Read the rest of the tips: 11 BannerAdvertising Tips For Better Click-Through Rates