6 Ways to Make People Open Your Emails


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6 Ways to Make People Open Your Emails

  1. 1. Just like any online entrepreneur, I receive countlessemails a day. Most of these are thrashed. What gets to be read are those from people I know and those with headlines that pique my curiosity.
  2. 2. No, it is not raw insensitivity. It is purely for reasons of productivity. I remember Sean Platt of ghostwriter.comsaying that reading emails is very counter-productive for serious writers. And I agree.
  3. 3. Emails from people I know are given their cursoryattention, then thrashed. Those with catchy headlines are given their rundown to see if they live up to theircatchiness. If they do, they are used as reference materials or acted upon. If they dont I trash them with much derision.
  4. 4. Nothing makes me feel more betrayed than to be seducedto read an email for its magnificent headline, yet a terribledud in content. Its very much like bedding down a woman for her nice cleavage only to find out that theres really nothing there but a wad of foam.
  5. 5. But, I hate to admit it, I am always tempted to open emails with interesting and catchy headlines. And I bet you, you too, are.
  6. 6. That being said, if they can do it to you, you can do it to them as well, right?
  7. 7. The following are proven attention-grabbing headlines guaranteed to make people open your emails:
  8. 8. Use fearful adjectives:Headlines with thewords, deadly, fatal, gloomy, attract peoples attention likeflies. Of course, your content must explain "why" without sounding fatal or gloomy. No one want to deal with an angel of doom.
  9. 9. Share a secret:Though overused, people still cant resist being told a "secret."
  10. 10. Personally, I think the "secret" formula has become stale and common. But there are others who are curious by nature, always looking for secrets to discover.
  11. 11. Sound an alarm:A favorite alarm constantly used bymarketers is, "Hurry, this offer is available only to the first 100 opt-ins."
  12. 12. Of course it isnt true, yet it gives you a sense of urgency to open the email to see what is inside.
  13. 13. Ask a question:The most searched question in Googlestarts with the phrase, "How to..." It always tops the searches in a given day.
  14. 14. A line in a movie I recently saw went this way, "What would you do if you only have a minute to live?"
  15. 15. Give this a little twist and I am sure you will have people opening your emails.
  16. 16. Tell a story:Have you noticed that all sales copies havestories from real people on how they benefited from the program they are selling? Of course, silly!
  17. 17. It matters not if the stories are true or not, it got you reading them anyway.
  18. 18. So how about "I went from Bust to Boom in 7 days?" Sounds familiar? It never loses its magic.
  19. 19. Offer a benefit difficult to resist:This is standard practice among online marketers. If offered straight from anemail, this is a great motivation for people to open yours. I dont like it when used as an opt-in ploy.
  20. 20. Be sure, though, that the offer is relevant to the productyou are promoting. No harm is done if the offer is purely to build relationships.
  21. 21. The above are proven ways to have people open youremails. But opening them is just half of the problem. The other half is to make them read to the end of your message. This is where relevancy of content comes in.
  22. 22. A lot of attention-grabbing headlines are stupid, at thevery least and misleading, at worst. Examples of theseare, "I saw a talking toad," and "Your check is ready for mailing."
  23. 23. Headlines like these drive me to the "Unsubscribe" link faster than a wink.
  24. 24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApQ8Ut5r1AQ/