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Sqlite virtual-tables written in Perl


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SQLite has this extensibility feature called "virtual tables", which is cool, except that it has to be written in C code. Now the same can be done in Perl code :-).

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Sqlite virtual-tables written in Perl

  1. 1. 05.09.2014 - Page 1 Département Office Sqlite Virtual Tables written in Perl Swiss Perl Workshop 2014 Etat de Genève, Pouvoir Judiciaire Département Office
  2. 2. What is SQLite • Relational Database Engine in a C software library –  SQL support, including foreign keys constraints, transactions, etc. – Also fulltext support – Self-contained • File-based –  No server, no sockets, zero configuration • Extensible –  can add user-defined functions, aggregate functions, etc. Great for tests Great for embedded devices  "the most widely deployed database engine in the world" (smartphones, Firefox, etc.)
  3. 3. SQLite and Perl • DBD::SQLite driver – Contains the whole SQLite source (no external dependency) – Regularly updated • Usage : use DBI; my $dsn = "dbi:SQLite:dbname=$dbfile"; my $dbh = DBI->connect($dsn,"","", %options);
  4. 4. Tied variables in Perl my %regular_hash Perl Core implementation tie my %foo_hash, 'Tie::Hash::Foo'; Tie::Hash::Foo +TIEHASH +FETCH +STORE ...
  5. 5. Virtual tables in SQLite CREATE TABLE Foo(...) SQLite core implementation CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE Bar USING foobar (....) Foobar.c +xOpen +xNext +xEof +xColumn ... C code 
  6. 6. Virtual tables in DBD::Sqlite '1.43_08' # register the virtual table module within sqlite $dbh->sqlite_create_module(mod_name => "DBD::SQLite::VirtualTable::Subclass"); # create a virtual table $dbh->do("CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE vtbl " "USING mod_name(arg1, arg2, ...)") Will be passed to the CREATE() method # use it as any regular table my $sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM vtbl ...");
  7. 7. Implementing a virtual table DBD::SQLite::VirtualTable DBD::SQLite::VirtualTable::Cursor MyVTab MyVTab::Cursor +CREATE +BEST_INDEX ... +FILTER +NEXT +EOF +COLUMN ...
  8. 8. Builtin 1: VirtualTable::FileContent CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE tbl USING fcontent( source = src_table, content_col = content, path_col = path, expose = "path, col1, col2, col3", --or "*" root = "/foo/bar", get_content = Foo::Bar::read_from_file ); SELECT col1, path, content FROM tbl WHERE ...; CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE fts USING fts4( content="tbl", tokenize=unicode61);
  9. 9. FileContent + FTS4 Virtual (FTS4, C code) Virtual (FileContent, Perl) C1 Content C1 C2 Path get_content() C1 Content Regular table FTS4 internals Filesystem
  10. 10. Builtin 2: VirtualTable::PerlData CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE atbl USING perl( foo, bar, etc, arrayrefs="some::global::var::aref") CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE htbl USING perl( foo, bar, etc, hashrefs="some::global::var::href") CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE ctbl USING perl( single_col, colref="some::global::var::ref")
  11. 11. Hashrefs example use Unicode::UCD 'charinfo'; our $chars = [map {charinfo($_)} 0x300..0x400]; CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE charinfo USING perl( code, name, block, script, category, hashrefs="main::chars"); SELECT * FROM charinfo WHERE script='Greek' AND name LIKE '%SIGMA%'
  12. 12. Colref example # perl our $values = @ARGV; # SQL CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE iarray USING perl(i INT, colref="main::values"); SELECT * FROM some_table WHERE some_col IN iarray; # BEWARE! INSERT INTO iarray VALUES (99); # pushes in @ARGV
  13. 13. Go and try • 1.43_08 •