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Old Westbourne Warriors Newsletter

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Warrior Newsletter May 2010

  1. 1. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au Issue Number & Date: Issue 24, 19th May 2010 (Laverton) Compiled & Edited By: Herb Gallina Mixed Start to the Season. Introduction & Welcome Welcome to all players, families, officials, volunteers, sponsors and supporters. Mixed results have been the order of the day over the first rounds of football so far this season. The Seniors sides are now showing promise after an interrupted RUSSO PAVING April, the Youth Girls are improving every week, and all Junior teams are competing & Wayne Nott admirably. We’ve been advised by the Australian Sports Foundation that the Lights Project will gain tax deductibility status. Also, we are planning a Club BBQ fundraiser on Sunday June 13th, featuring a lap-a-thon challenge. Also, Werribee FC is hosting a Multicultural Day at Avalon Airport Oval this Friday 21st May (see flyer). Some teams are still looking volunteers. Contact your Team Managers. In this issue, I’ll provide a snapshot summary of footy results, provide a 2010 fixture, and update you on ground conditions, site access and key dates. Statewide Water Thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors (list now updated) for 2010. Cartage Keep working towards those common goals on and off the field. Go Warriors! (Statewide Labour Hire) From our President, Adrian Lipscombe: Club Unity, Direction and Goals. So often when Clubs expand, the lines of communication are blurred and the overall direction of the Club is not as visible to members as it should be. We aim to identify who we are, why we are here, what we stand for and where are we going in our Club’s direction. As Club President, it is my duty to ensure that our direction is visible, promoted and that all Albion Hotel members are engaged. Our 11 football teams and 2 cricket teams that we put on the park each week are at the core of any direction the Club takes. As a volunteer and amateur Club, the Committee will provide all members the resources to From the President promote and achieve: • Enjoyment; • Player development and Progression • Success both on and off the field; • Stability; • Commitment; • Passion; • Discipline and respect; • Integration between all age groups; • Structure; • Progression to higher standards in all areas. Wyndham Denture Our Club is always going to be in a constant state of change. People come and go depending on their circumstances in life. All members have a responsibility of ensuring the culture that is Clinic generated aims to meet the overall direction of the Club towards its ultimate aim of delivering its mission and realising its vision. Patten Pavement On behalf of the Committee I would like to congratulate all the teams on their efforts so far, and Services wish them the best of success for the rest of season. Thankyou everyone once again for your time and support. Yours in Football. MAIN ARTERY Adrian Lipscombe President OWAFC Page 1 of 20 v0.1
  2. 2. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au The ‘first port of call’ relevant contacts are as follows: (Laverton) Football Operations Senior Football Manager – Football Operations and VAFA Member/contact: Damien Billman: Ph. 0409 210 208 Email: Damien.Billman@yahoo.com.au Junior Football Manager – Football Operations and WRFL Member/contact: Graeme Clark: Ph. 0414 984 702 Email: statewidelabour@optusnet.com.au Cricket Contact – Cricket Operations: Luke Hudson: Ph. Email: luke_hudson21@hotmail.com RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott (or contact Paul Hudson on 0421 841 719) These gentlemen are the first contact for general football and cricket operations and league matters. Sponsors for 2010: We ask all our players, families and supporters to acknowledge our sponsors and use their products and services when the opportunity and need arises. To all our existing sponsors, as part of our endeavour to continuously improve, we Statewide Water Our Generous Sponsors (Sponsorship for 2010) value your feedback and welcome all opportunities to improve the value of your Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) sponsorship arrangement with the Club. For those contemplating being new sponsors in 2010, with products or services, in-kind one-off or long term relationships, please contact the Club (via your preferred contact, team or via e-mail at secretary@oldwestbourneafc.com.au ) to discuss the range of sponsorship and advertising options available. NEW SPONSORS ALWAYS WELCOME! Albion Hotel The Club encourages all members, players, volunteers, supporters and families to support our kind sponsors. They will offer you the best deal in town! We would like to thank all our sponsors, and ask everyone at the Club and all readers to acknowledge and reward this generous support by availing themselves of the various quality products and services offered by these companies. And mention that you are from Old Westbourne AFC when you obtain your product or service. In addition to our Corporate sponsors, we would also like to thank all the individuals for their kind donations, the player sponsors, service and product discounters, in-kind providers, grant providers and anonymous sponsors. Below is a snapshot of how our teams are travelling as at May 18, 2010. Juniors have played 6 Rounds (WRFL) Season 2010 - SNAPSHOT U9 (blue): Very competitive so far. Great team with some excellent talent! U10 (red): Great team, some excellent pace, energy and skills! U11B: Won last game. W5, B0, L1. Sitting 2nd out of 9 teams. U12B: Lost last game. W0, B0, L5, D1. Sitting 11th out of 12 teams. U14C: Won last game. W4, B0, L2. Sitting 3rd out of 8 teams. Wyndham Denture U16B: Lost last game. W2, B0, L4. Sitting 6th out of 8 teams. Clinic Youth Girls have played 4 Rounds (AFL) YG (Western): Lost last game. W0, B0, L4. Sitting 8th out of 8 teams. Patten Pavement Services Seniors/Reserves/ClubXVIII&U19 have played 5 Rounds (VAFA) U19 (Nth2): Won last game. W3, L2. Sitting 4th out of 8 teams Club 18 (Nth): Lost last game. W1, L4. Sitting 9th out of 10 teams MAIN ARTERY Reserves D2: Lost last game. W3, L2. Sitting 4th out of 10 teams. Seniors D2: Won last game. W2, L3. Sitting 8th out of 10 teams. Page 2 of 20 v0.1
  3. 3. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au Please also refer to the Club Website, Club Calendar and your team Newsletters for (Laverton) more details. • Friday 21st May – Werribee FC Multicultural Day – 4-6pm, Avalon • Saturday 22nd May – Round 6, Senior sides • Saturday 22nd May – Round 5, Youth Girls General Club News, Calendar and Events • Sunday 23rd May – Round 7, Junior sides (U9 – U16) • Saturday 29th May – Round 7, Senior sides • Saturday 29th May – Round 6, Youth Girls RUSSO PAVING • Sunday 30th May – Round 8, Junior sides (U9 – U16) & Wayne Nott • Saturday 5th June – Round 8, Senior sides • Saturday 5th June – Round 7, Youth Girls • Saturday 5th June – Geoff Ryan Lunch (contact Ace) • Rubik’s Cube Party, 7.30pm at Clubrooms (see details at back) • Sunday 6th June – Round 9, Junior sides (U9 – U16) • No football Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th June Statewide Water • Sunday 13th June – Club BBQ & Fundraiser – Info TBC Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) • Saturday 3rd July – Comedy Night • Saturday 24th July – Trivia Night • Saturday 31st July – Auction Night Keep checking the Newsletters, flyers and your team leaders for important upcoming events, dates and start times. Your team newsletters and team managers have the most up-to-date information. See also the team news section in the newsletter. For results, see the WRFL, AFL and VAFA websites. Albion Hotel On Sunday 13th June (long weekend), the Club is proposing a BBQ Fundraiser Day for all teams commencing 12pm. It is a great opportunity for all teams to mix together with a common goal of raising funds for the Club lights project. A feature of the afternoon (and useful training session) will be the “Lap-a-thon”, where all players are encouraged to obtain sponsorship to run as many laps as they can (or sponsor someone – per lap – to do it for you). A goal kick challenge and mini Fundraiser CLUB BBQ footy game(s) will also take place – subject to adequate numbers. Further information and forms will be issued soon. Please register your interest with your team manager so we can organise the day. Wyndham Denture Clinic Patten Pavement Services MAIN ARTERY Page 3 of 20 v0.1 Patten Pavement Services
  4. 4. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au Please note that all players should be wearing mouthguards during (Laverton) games and at training during contact drills. MOUTH-GUARDS The Club advises that mouthguards are compulsory for all Junior Players and that insurances may not cover players who sustain mouth/teeth injuries if they’re not wearing mouthguards. Mouthguards should ideally be professionally fitted, RUSSO PAVING and you should contact your Team Manager or Co-ordinator for & Wayne Nott recommendations on where this can be done conveniently. Those boots were meant for playing………. OLD FOOTY BOOTS Statewide Water Hey mums and players! Have you gotten too big for your boots? Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) Well, don’t leave those small footy boots at home gathering dust, and never throw them away if they’re in good condition. Why not bring them into the Club on training days and offer them for ‘cheap’ sale or as a giveaway to a smaller Old Westbourne player who could use them for 2010? This is a great way to get those boots back where they belong……on the footy field! Albion Hotel Do it now! Find those old boots and put them in your bag ready for the next training day! Use of Club Name and Please note that the Club’s name and Logo shall only be Logo used and promoted as authorized and/or approved by the Committee. Team Newsletters are an approved use of the Club name and logo. The Club needs to ensure that it is seen in the best light in the football, school and general communities. Please check with the Committee should you have any questions in this regard. Thanks. Wyndham Denture Clinic The Club has been Granted a Liquor Licence. Licence applies Liquor Licence Thursday – Sunday with specific times. Patten Pavement For explanation, terms and special conditions, especially relating Services to hours, behavior responsibilities, please refer to the extended article. All members should read this article. MAIN ARTERY Note that with the issuing of the Liquor Licence, our Level One Good Sports Accreditation is achieved. Page 4 of 20 v0.1
  5. 5. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au As membership tickets for our 2010 twentieth year have now been printed, make sure (Laverton) your membership fees have been paid & ensure you get your membership ticket, Membership probably from Treasurer Troy Dennis or via your team Manager. Tickets Please note that with the Liquor licence, Membership (or the company and signing in by a member) may be required to enter the premises. Please refer to the full article (back of Newsletter). RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott RSA Courses We have arranged with Good Sports to run an RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) course at our venue next Tuesday. Thank you to those people; all are asked to arrive approx. 6.45pm for 7pm start. See full article for participants list. Statewide Water Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) Assistance Needed URGENT: Help Needed: Especially for changes to Website! Looking for anyone interested in helping out with the Communications within the Club. This includes assisting with Albion Hotel updating the contacts database, sending out emails, SMS’s, and updating the Club website. Training will be provided. If you’re interested please contact Mark Aquilina – mark.aquilina@gmail.com or 0421 837 510. Ground report: The two main ovals are in fantastic shape, clearly better shape at this time of year than the past few years. We thank all teams for their patience and understanding during the re- Ground Report seeding program. We now have many teams wishing to use the one lit Colledge (East) oval over the 5 week days. This will inevitably result in some overlap of training sessions. All teams should be respectful of others and we trust that the respective coaches can work together for this short Wyndham Denture term inconvenience, and arrange training drills accordingly, until the lights Clinic are installed on the Williams (West) oval. Our special thanks to Graeme Clark of “Statewide Water Cartage” for his assistance and generous rates for services offered to the Club and school over the summer period. Statewide Patten Pavement also offers Labour Hire Services. Services Contact Graeme on 0414 984 702 for his services. MAIN ARTERY Page 5 of 20 v0.1
  6. 6. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au (Laverton) NEW LIGHT POLES! Two new light poles have been received for the West (Williams) oval. When installed (pending final footing design and building permit), they will provide much needed relief to the (main) East (Colledge) oval, especially with the heavy training workload. RUSSO PAVING This is a significant capital expenditure for our Club, and there are plans to raise funds Light Poles & Wayne Nott during the year to assist with the costs associated with this important project. These will include major raffles, BBQs and other functions. Australian Sports Foundation: The Club has received preliminary advice from the Australian Sports Foundation (which is a Government initiative to promote sporting projects in Australia) that the Old Westbourne Training Lights Project will be eligible for tax deductibility benefits for donations. Statewide Water Cartage ASF donation forms will be prepared soon and a copy will be given to every Member. (Statewide Labour Hire) Donations of $2 or more will be tax deductible. Old Westbourne is also to receive consideration for a discretionary grant. Access to the school (Clubrooms etc) from Sayers Road has been disrupted with construction works for the new Year 9 Learning Centre. NO ACCESS IS PERMITTED via the ‘old farm gate’ off Sayers Road, so it is recommended that Albion Hotel all traffic progress via the main school entry off Sayers Road or via Marquands Road ACCESS Update (Gate C). Work on the new entry via Sayers Road (at Doubell Boulevard) is expected to be started soon. Trainers are urgently required for the Senior Teams. Duties include pre-game strapping, massage and on-field assistance. Nurses and some medical personnel may already pre-qualify. Wyndham Denture REQUIRED TRAINERS Clinic Course training fees will be paid for by the Club. Remuneration can be negotiated. Patten Pavement Services Contact the Senior Football Manager – Damien Billman: Ph. 0409 210 208 Email: Damien.Billman@yahoo.com.au Or the Club – MAIN ARTERY Email: secretary@oldwestbourneafc.com.au Page 6 of 20 v0.1
  7. 7. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au Your Club and Team needs volunteers! (Laverton) The Club and all teams express their thanks to all the volunteers who offered their precious time and efforts to the multitude of tasks required to make it possible for the players to take the field on game days 2010. Volunteering is fun and rewarding, course training is paid for by the Club, and remuneration may be available for senior team trainers. Volunteers RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott Please refer to your Club or team management if you are willing, prepared and able to assist in any way. As with previous years, trainers are urgently required for some teams. Pre-qualified first-aiders and some medical/nursing staff may already have the required pre- requisites. Also, check local newspapers and take note of other Club advertisements seeking coaching and training staff for 2010. Please contact the relevant Coordinator, Coach or Team Manager should you wish to assist with a team role for 2010. Statewide Water Note: Whilst parents most often fill the volunteering roles for Junior teams, Senior Cartage teams all over the Region struggle to find regular volunteers. Please be mindful of this (Statewide Labour Hire) when attending matches, and offer assistance when you are in a position to help. NOW is the time to think about course training for 2010. Note to anyone wishing to volunteer – course fees are paid for by the Club. Albion Hotel Courses The Club needs team trainers and Club Umpires. Check the status of your current registration. Are you due for renewal? Also, Wyndham City Council is offering education and training opportunities as part of the Wyndham Volunteer and Community Learning Program. Check their website for upcoming courses that may be of interest to you. Most courses are free, except for First Aid. Uncollected Trophies Wyndham Denture Clinic There is a number of uncollected trophies at the Club awaiting collection. Patten Pavement Services See the article at back of Newsletter for list and collection info. MAIN ARTERY Page 7 of 20 v0.1
  8. 8. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au (Laverton) Coaching and team manager appointments: (*Names in Bold font are confirmed for 2010) Team Coach Assistant Coach Team Manager Seniors Brett Connors Daniel Slattery, Juan Pavez (Johnny) Justin Johns RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott Reserves Andrew Horsburgh TBC Under 19s Darren Saunders TBA Noel Forbes All Coaching Appointments & team officials for 2010* Club XVIII Simon Christo Johnny Temuskous Lucianne Grixti Under 16’s Mark Robinson Bruce Anthony Mark Stephens Statewide Water Under 14’s Shaun Ellis Steve Herman Steve Lowery Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) Under 12’s Ian Walson & Ian Fox Michelle Grimley Under 11’s Brian Knee TBA Val Lear Under 10’s Tony Costa TBA Robert Jerkovic Under 9’s Cameron Mullenger Gavin Johnson Albion Hotel Youth Girls Graeme Clark Margaret Hetherington For further details: www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au. Or Senior or Junior Football Operations Managers. Grammarians The Club, through Damian Billman, is keen on re-formation of a past players and friends social interaction and networking group, namely the Old Westbourne Grammarians Association. Old Wyndham Denture Clinic If you’re a past player, friend or associate, contact Damian: Ph. 0409 210 208 Email: Damien.Billman@gwf.com.au Patten Pavement Services MAIN ARTERY Page 8 of 20 v0.1
  9. 9. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au U19 News: (Laverton) 2010 Captain: TBC Vice Captains: TBC The U19s need a regular driver for the 22 seat (school) bus to take the players to away games. There’s not that many games (see fixture), so it would be great if you could help. RUSSO PAVING Contact Damien Billman. Team News and Player Milestones & Wayne Nott Club18 News: 2010 Captain: Decided on Rotation basis per game. & Special News Seniors & Reserves News: Seniors Captain: Frank Pavez, Vice Captains: Charles Hunter, Gary Walker Statewide Water Team Manager: Johnny Pavez Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) New additions: Senior Assistant Coach – Justin Johns Vice Captain – Paul Hudson Leadership Group Frank Pavez, Gary Walker, Paul Hudson, Grant Connors, Chris Hudson, Jason Nikola, Mitch Wilson, Damien Lockwood, Justin Johns and Heath Hunter Albion Hotel Football training is now taking place on a Tuesday and Thursday 6pm onward. Cheers Brett Connors Seniors 2009 Captain: Francisco Pavez Vice Captain: Gary Walker & Charles Hunter Reserves 2009 Captain: Shaun Anderson Vice Captain: Matthew Whiting U9 News: U9s training will be Wednesdays and Fridays. U10 News: The year has started with a very committed and enthusiastic group of boys playing a very strong team orientated brand of footy. Hope this continues. Excellent commitment Wyndham Denture on game day from parents is making the task easier. Numbers of interested players is Clinic excellent (24) and already have seen signs of improvement from players from last years group. Some kids experienced playing in the rain for the first time in their careers in the first game. Patten Pavement Under 10s Training is on Wednesdays & Fridays. Services Regards, Tony Costa (Coach) MAIN ARTERY Page 9 of 20 v0.1
  10. 10. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au Team Managers and Coaches to send in relevant news items etc for 2010. This is your forum. (Laverton) For other team news, refer to your team Newsletters. For results and fixtures, refer to the relevant website. U11 News: 2010 Captain: Jarod Sutton Vice Captain: Zac Strong Coach Brian Knee, Asst Coach Dean Stanley, Team Manager Val Lear The Under 11s are travelling well this season. We are currently sitting 2nd on the ladder, only percentage is keeping us from the RUSSO PAVING number one spot. We have played 6 games with 5 wins and 1 loss. & Wayne Nott Our numbers are up this year to 25 which is encouraging. All the boys are enjoying their footy and we are seeing an improvement in players every week. U12 News: 2010 Captain: Vice Captain: Training days are Tuesday and Thursday. Training nights as of 16/03/2010 will be Tuesday and Thursday. Statewide Water Parent Helpers required. Please see Michelle. Team News and Player Milestones Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) U14 News: It has been a great start to the year both on and off the field for the under 14 squad this year. We have had great numbers to & Special News training each night, with good communication from players unable to make it. A special thanks to ALL of the parents, who have put their hand up to help each week, making the team manager's role a lot easier. It is great not having to chase helpers each week. Albion Hotel The under 14 side has been graded into "C" Division and are showing excellent form. Injuries have hit hard early in the season, and we wish the boys a speedy recovery, and hope they can get back playing soon. COACH - Shaun Ellis ASSISTANT COACHES - Steve Herman , John DiGregorio TEAM MANAGER - Steve Lowery, CAPTAIN - Matthew Howe COACH’S REPORT The U14's have had a good start to the year sitting 3rd on the ladder with a 4-2 record. While our 4 wins have been against struggling teams, the 2 losses have been against top teams and we have not been disgraced in either. The most pleasing aspect as coach is that all the players have improved individually as well as improving each week as a team. All we need now is for our Wyndham Denture players to stop breaking bones so we can get a full team on the Clinic park and we should have an exciting season ahead of us. Let's make sure we keep getting to training as the weather gets colder and wetter. Thanks to the parents who have helped me so far both at Patten Pavement training and on match days and for all the phone calls keeping me Services up to date on players’ availability for training and games, it makes my job a lot easier. MAIN ARTERY Training is Wednesday and Friday. Page 10 of 20 v0.1
  11. 11. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au U16 News: (Laverton) Captain - Damien Harris, Vice Capt - Alex Chrysostomou Leadership Group - Ashley Collins, Jason Robinson, Josh Stephens, Byron Wallace, Matthew Walson. Coach - Mark Robinson, Asst Coach - Bruce Anthony Team Manager - Mark Stephens Runner - Matt Iannacone, Trainers - Norm McGinness, Donna Chysostomou. Team News RUSSO PAVING The boys continue to work very hard at training and are improving each week. We & Wayne Nott have been very competitive for parts of all matches without getting the results the boys deserve. Outscored Wyndhamvale in the second half 9goals to 8, Came home with a wet sail against North Footscray to fall 9 points short, Outscored by Deer Park 5 goals to 4 in the second half on the weekend, plus 2 wins. It is pleasing to see individual improvement in many players, and I believe that as the individual gains confidence it will flow onto the group. Fantastic chasing and effective tackles by all the boys on the weekend. Statewide Water We are not that far away. Cartage Set yourself a personal goal, be ready to go from the first bounce! (Statewide Labour Hire) Training is on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The Old Westbourne footy Club has a proud history with the Sayers Road Auskick group. Old Westbourne AFC Juniors started when (in 2003) some Auskick parents were keen on forming some junior teams to enter the local competition in 2004. Albion Hotel Sayers Road Auskick 2010 Season Auskick News The season has started well! We are still taking on-line registrations for our Sunday morning sessions. Our sessions run from 9am on Sundays on the front oval at Westbourne Grammar School (Sayers Road Truganina). The 2010 cost is $65. Our website (just Google Sayers Road Auskick) has a step-by-step guide on how to register as well as all the links and printable forms required to complete registration. If you have any queries please email us at sayersroadauskick@gmail.com We look forward to seeing you at Auskick soon. Wyndham Denture Clinic Darren & Craig Sayers Road Auskick co-ordinators Check us out on Facebook. Patten Pavement Services MAIN ARTERY Page 11 of 20 v0.1
  12. 12. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au (Laverton) All players, parents, officials and supporters are reminded that they are representing Rules, Regulations & themselves, their family, their team and the Club when they represent Old Westbourne. Behaviour The Club and Committee expects the best behaviour from all, and we thank and take pride in those who continue to set the standard in good behaviour. A copy of the Code of Conduct is available from your Team Manager. RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott The Club proudly announces the following Committee appointments for 2010. Statewide Water Cartage President: Adrian Lipscombe (Statewide Labour Hire) Vice Presidents: Damien Billman Mark Stephens (ret) Administration: Secretary Val Lear Information Manager Mark Aquilina THE 2010 CLUB COMMITTEE Sponsorship and Marketing: Sponsorship Albion Hotel Assistant Sponsorship Damien Billman (informal) Grants; Fundraising Mark Stephens Football Operations: Senior Manager & VAFA Damien Billman Junior Manager & WRFL Graeme Clark Cricket Club: Luke Hudson Finance: Treasurer Troy Dennis Food and Beverage Adrian Lipscombe Property Beryl McGinnes Public Affairs: Social Matthew Campbell Publicity Herb Gallina (Grant Connors – Media) Wyndham Denture Extra Members: Ivan Board Clinic Names shown in formally accepted roles. Other official appointments TBA. Patten Pavement If you wish to assist in any way for any sub-Committee role, please contact the Club or Services the relevant Committee member. Your Club needs you. MAIN ARTERY Page 12 of 20 v0.1
  13. 13. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au The Website is undergoing some significant changes to make it more user friendly, Club Website (Laverton) more current and more useful. Contributions Please be patient. In the meantime, contact the Co-ordinators, Coaches and Teams Managers for the latest information. RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott Liquor Licence, Membership Tickets & RSA Course Our liquor licence was granted on May 3 & includes conditions that were generally expected. It is good from both the social & fundraising aspects for the club to have the renewable limited licence as it lawfully allows us to sell liquor to members & guests for consumption on the premises. Statewide Water Cartage Briefly the conditions/ limitations include: (Statewide Labour Hire) a) Days & hours We can only trade on 4 days of the week, Thu to Sun. There are specific hours for each of those 4 days & we must adhere to those. b) Amenity We are not to cause or permit undue detriment to the amenity of the area during or immediately after trading hours. This refers primarily to noise & includes music/ entertainment noise levels, which are set by a Albion Hotel State Environment Protection Policy, from any function as well as traffic, etc when leaving the school site. c) Special Condition No liquor is to be supplied during, or for 30 minutes after, any match or training session involving persons under 18 years of age. The licence does allow the club to hold pre-booked non-member functions (if it so decides) but again only within the days & hours specified. The licence also has a Section 120(2)(e) Approval:— Persons under the age of 18 years are permitted on the licensed club premises other than in the company of a responsible adult in relation to preparation for and participation in sporting events only during the trading hours (as specified in the licence). This approval does not include social activities but does include presentation functions. The licence has an accompanying endorsed plan which defines the licensed area Wyndham Denture outlined in red. It is the area contained within the walls upstairs of the Andrew Park Clinic Pavilion. Patten Pavement As well as the conditions of the licence the club still has to comply with the policies Services set by our applicable leagues. These are: * For WRFL junior games— No alcohol to be consumed during or between junior games. MAIN ARTERY * For VAFA games—No alcohol to be consumed until after completion of the last game on the day. The only exception is for sit down luncheons between the hours of noon & 2 pm & subject to prior VAFA consent. Page 13 of 20 v0.1
  14. 14. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au (Laverton) Liquor Licence (cont’d) Some repercussions from the licence are: * We need to ensure we strictly comply with the licence & alcohol consumption regulations as the licence has to be renewed each 12 months, (expiry Dec 31 each year), & we do not want any reported “incidents”. Also we have a duty of care to our members & to further develop & maintain our family friendly culture. * “Incident” could be excessive alcohol, under age persons, noise during &/or after RUSSO PAVING functions, etc. Note: Good Sports ask for all incidents, regardless of whether & Wayne Nott alcohol related or not, to be listed in the Incident Register. * We can only serve & sell to members & their guests for consumption on the premises. That means there is no take-away & no “travellers”. * “On premise” is the area within the walls upstairs (the licensed area) so no drinks are to be taken outside on the balconies. Note: Penalty notices are displayed at the Bar & currently range from over $6,000 for supply to a minor up to over $13,000 regarding intoxication to both nominee/ Statewide Water licensee & drinker. Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) * “Members” of OWAFC are specified in our Rules of Incorporation (& there is a condition in the licence that our Rules have to comply with Schedule 1 of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998) & entry to the social area upstairs (the licensed premises) may be controlled by presentation of a current membership ticket. Please note that our Rules provide for opposition players & officials, etc to be temporary members for that day, thus facilitating after match drinks without the need to sign them all in as guests. Albion Hotel Membership Tickets: As membership tickets for our 2010 twentieth year have now been printed make sure your membership fees have been paid & ensure you get your membership ticket, probably from Treasurer Troy Dennis. To assist in raising funds it is likely that for ticket No’s 2 to 100 you may have to pay a little extra to get ‘your No.’. Further details to be announced soon. Also when you are getting your membership ticket please make sure our club records are correct & up to date, including: Name Mobile Tel Email Emergency contact (esp. for players) name & Tel. We need these for club communications otherwise you may be missing out. We also have to have a list of members under the liquor licensing requirements. “Guests of members” must be signed in the Visitors Book upon entry & must be with Wyndham Denture the member & cannot remain after the member leaves the premises. Clinic The Visitors Book & the List of Members must be available upon request if a police officer or licensing inspector makes a visit to the premises. Patten Pavement PP. Ivan Board is the nominee on the licence. It will be club procedure that the Bar Services cannot be opened or remain open unless at least one responsible person who holds an RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) certificate is serving in the bar. MAIN ARTERY Finally, with recent community concern & publicity in regard to alcohol abuse, etc the government has reacted & increased surveillance & more regular visits by police & licensing inspectors to ensure compliance & minimize problems. Sporting clubs are Page 14 of 20 v0.1
  15. 15. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au understood to be one of their target areas. More than ever we— players, officials, (Laverton) members, supporters & visitors-- all need to comply with our licence & licensing legislation, respect our neighbours, respect club & school property, & act responsibly at all times. RSA Course at Andrew Park Pavilion, Tues. May 25, 7pm—10pm. We have arranged with Good Sports to run an RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) course at our venue next Tuesday. Those registered from our club are: RUSSO PAVING Mark Aquilina, Geoff Barnes Rian Bazla (Michael Riches mate) Ben Black & Wayne Nott Dale Carlton Christine Dennis Mark Dorricott Jake Geogan Chris Hudson David Hudson Adrian Lipscombe Tarni McGinness Jason Nikola Wayne Nott Anthony Ravaneschi Stephen Zhang. Thank you to those people; all are asked to arrive approx. 6.45pm for 7pm start. Upon satisfactory completion of the short test near the end of the session an RSA certificate will issue to each participant. Statewide Water As people from other clubs have been invited there could be approximately 30 Cartage participants. (Statewide Labour Hire) RSA Certificate Holders Volunteer details needed. According to records known to Ivan there are approximately 13 people (OWAFC members) that hold RSA certificates, mostly through courses arranged through OWAFC. If there are any other OWAFC members, that may have done the course via another Albion Hotel club or organisation, & are prepared to help out occasionally at our Bar could they please advise Ivan then he will arrange to view, & possibly copy, your certificate. Ivan Board Tel: 9749 3808 or if n/a try 0422 389 102. Good Sports require that a list of those holding RSA certificates is displayed near the liquor licence in the Bar. Uncollected Trophies & Recognitions. In order to clear out some old trophies & engraved tankards & wine glasses all uncollected items are listed so that awardees can contact Pres. Ace or PP Ivan Board to collect their goods. Alternatively, if they do not frequent the club now, &/ or may not receive this newsletter, could a current member who may know of their contact info please give Wyndham Denture them the message or perhaps give Ivan a Tel contact as some items are quite old. Clinic 2009 Tankards & Wine Glasses. Jason Arnold Chris Binney Ann Davidson Noel Forbes Patten Pavement Cliff Lever Services Kris Miller Nick Nicardillo Mrs Nedinis Anthony O’Keefe Blake Pilkington Amanda Shultz Rebecca Vegter Jeff Wilson. 2009 Trophy Leigh Barnes MAIN ARTERY 2007 Glassware Mick Haley 2007 Trophies Bruno Gerace Ben Harmer Aaron Millichip 2004? Glassware Leigh Johnston Page 15 of 20 v0.1
  16. 16. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au 1998 Trophy Marko Digioacchino. (Laverton) Good Sports Level One Accreditation. A report setting out Good Sports requirements & some benefits was included in the last newsletter. Now that our liquor licence has been issued our Level One will be achieved. RUSSO PAVING Our Smoke Free Policy that was adopted in July 2000 is being updated & will replace & Wayne Nott the existing policy. The updating covers some minor re-phrasing & re-formatting only. Upon completion it will be permanently displayed in all change-rooms & in the social area. It will probably be listed in the next newsletter & on the club website. Statewide Water Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) Albion Hotel Wyndham Denture Clinic Patten Pavement Services MAIN ARTERY Page 16 of 20 v0.1
  17. 17. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au (Laverton) RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott Statewide Water Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) Albion Hotel Wyndham Denture Clinic Patten Pavement Services MAIN ARTERY Page 17 of 20 v0.1
  18. 18. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au (Laverton) Saturday 5th June Clubrooms, 7.30pm RUBIK’S CUBE PARTY! RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott Statewide Water Cartage Ever wanted to let yourself go and change clothes with your team mates and a (Statewide Labour Hire) bunch of strangers? Well, now you can at Westbourne’s First Annual Rubik’s Cube Party. Excited??? I know Riosa is! Essentially, you must come dressed in the six colours of a Rubik's Cube (blue, green, yellow, orange, white and red). Albion Hotel eg. a red hat, blue shorts, green jocks, white socks, blue shirt and a yellow jacket You go around swapping clothes and by the end of the night you end up as one colour and can make up one side of a Rubik's Cube. Anyone who does not end up in one colour will be dealt with by the fines committee. Throughout the night we will have Rubik’s Cube themed drink specials, colouring in contest, classic songs about colours, a colour parade and a host of other colour related fun. There will be prizes for; - Best Dressed - Sexiest Dressed - Funniest Wyndham Denture Clinic Rules: Each party attendee should make their best effort to wear only bright coloured clothing and wear as many different colours as possible. Accessories such as head Patten Pavement bands, wrist bands, hats, etc. are all encouraged and make the night more fun (just Services don't wear anything you want to keep). Contact Kris for more info. MAIN ARTERY Page 18 of 20 v0.1
  19. 19. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au (Laverton) RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott Statewide Water Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) Albion Hotel Wyndham Denture Clinic Patten Pavement Services MAIN ARTERY Page 19 of 20 v0.1
  20. 20. Old Westbourne AFC Club Newsletter www.oldwestbourneafc.com.au (Laverton) RUSSO PAVING & Wayne Nott Statewide Water Cartage (Statewide Labour Hire) Albion Hotel Wyndham Denture Clinic Patten Pavement Services MAIN ARTERY Page 20 of 20 v0.1