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Data examples and dcs gife 2014


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Examples of philanthropy and nonprofits using digital data

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Data examples and dcs gife 2014

  1. 1. #pacs Data and digital civil society GIFE 2014 Lucy Bernholz Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society Digital Civil Society Lab
  2. 2.   The  ways  we  use  private  digital  resources  to   organize,  create,  distribute,  and  fund  public   benefit.         What  is  Digital  Civil  Society?  
  3. 3. 2010  Data   Many  types,  many  tools,  many  uses   •  Structured  data  for  decision  making   –  ….and  new  ways  of  working   –  …and  paGern  finding,  storytelling   •  QuanItaIve  and  qualitaIve  data  for  advocacy   •  Public  data  as  catalyst   •  Ambient  data  as  advocacy/protest  tool   •  Data  as  a  byproduct   •  Data  as  a  scaling  strategy   •  Data  for  feedback   •  …..more…..  
  4. 4.   Structured  data  for  decision  making   •  TransacIonal   •  Contextual   •  Impact  
  5. 5. (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA  3.0)     Photo:  web  screenshot  hGp://     …and  new  ways  of  working…  
  6. 6. PaGern  finding  and  story  telling   hGp://  
  7. 7. QuanItaIve  +  qualitaIve  data  for  advocacy     (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA   3.0)     hGps://­‐mural/  
  8. 8. Public  data  as  catalyst   (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA  3.0)    hGp://­‐civictech  
  9. 9. (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA  3.0)    Photo:  Stephanie  Rudat:  hGps://   Ambient  data  as  advocacy/protest  tool  
  10. 10. (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA  3.0)     Data  as  a  (strategic)  byproduct   hGp://­‐data-­‐unleashed/  
  11. 11.   (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA   3.0)     Data  as  a  scaling  strategy   hGp://  
  12. 12.   (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA   3.0)     For  feedback  and  improvement  
  13. 13. InvenIng  digital  civil  society     (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA   3.0)     Types  of  data  influenced  by  Brad  Smith:     hGp://  
  14. 14. (CC  BY-­‐NC-­‐SA  3.0)