Medical identity theft handout june 2011


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Medical identity theft handout june 2011

  1. 1. Simple Safeguards: Presented by Retired FBI Special Agent Preventing Medical Identity Theft Jeff Lanza1. Keep Track of Your Insurance Cards If you think you are a victim: Protect your health insurance card just as you CALL YOUR INSURER would your ATM card or Social Security Card. Most insurance companies have Report lost or stolen cards to your insurer antifraud units that specialize in medical immediately. Never lend your card to someone and never provide your insurance information to identity theft problems. If you think you some who called you on the phone. are a victim of identity theft, call the2. Scrutinize Your Statements insurer’s customer service and ask for You should receive an “explanation of benefits the antifraud hotline. statement” every time a medical claim is made. CHECK SUSPICIOUS MEDICAL You should check these statements carefully for RECORDS: any unusual charges for medical services that you do not remember getting. If you have a question Contact the provider in question and ask about something listed, call your insurer to get for a copy of the medical records in your more details. name. Do this even if you have to pay3. Get an Annual Statement for the records. Sophisticated thieves know how to redirect your DO NOT TELL THEM YOU explanation of benefits to a fake address. To SUSPECT FRAUD counter this, ask your insurer for an annual itemized list of all claims billed to you. The minute you say there may be Fraudulent claims that may not have appeared on someone posing as you to get medical your explanation of benefits should show up on care, the provider may not let you see the this list. records. Once you have the records, you4. Check Your Credit Report can then look for discrepancies like a Do it regularly. Unpaid hospital or doctor bills different age from yours or a history of that have gone to a collection agency will diseases you do not have, that will help eventually show up on your credit report. You can prove the fraud. get a free annual copy of your report from all three credit reporting agencies at: FILE A POLICE REPORT You will need this to open an5. Get Copies of Medical Records investigation, get access to medical Do it routinely. Each time you go to the doctor or records and to help clear up any hospital, request a copy of your medical records problems on your credit report. and keep them in a safe place at home. That way, if someone does steal your information and your Resource: medical records are altered, you’ll have the World Privacy Forum “before” copies. These documents will make it much easier to prove you are who you say you are when you report the fraud. They will also help when trying to correct files. Speaker Information:6. Avoid Offers of Free Services Jeff Lanza This is a common ruse for fraudsters. Better to Phone: 816-853-3929 have routine screenings like blood pressure and blood sugar tests done through your physician’s Web Site: office.