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Clearinghouse payer 5010 checklist


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Clearinghouse payer 5010 checklist

  1. 1. Example 5010 Readiness Checklist Clearinghouses/Payers Clearinghouses 1. Will you be upgrading your systems to accommodate version 5010? 2. When will the upgrades be completed? 3. Will you change the fees we are charged for version 5010 upgrade? 4. Will we need to re-enroll to file 5010 transactions? 5. When can we begin testing the transactions to ensure all systems work? 6. If we decide to add new transactions that we have not done in the past will there be an additional charge? 7. Will your systems accommodate 4010A and 5010 concurrently? Payers 1. Will you be upgrading your systems to accommodate version 5010? 2. Will you be using a clearinghouse to convert any 4010A to 5010 format and vice-versa? 3. Will physicians need to do any direct testing with you? 4. Do you anticipate any problems with crossover’s or secondary claims? 5. Will I need to re-negotiate my provider contract or electronic data interchange agreement based on the move to 5010? 6. When will you be ready for testing? 7. Will you be issuing updates to physicians and providers during the transition? If so, through what media?