How does your media product represent particular social groups?


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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

  1. 1. How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. My music magazine represents my target audience of teenage girls due to the content and style of my magazine. My magazine shows what teenage girls like for example feminine colours including pink and purple as I have used this a lot throughout my magazine. The pictures I have used in my magazine are of teenage girls therefore my target audience can relate to them.
  3. 3. The girls within my pictures are fashionable, pretty and well groomed this shows the interest teenage girls have of style, fashion and beauty. I have used similar models within my magazine as they have similar skin tones and are shown to have an interest in fashion and beauty due to their hair make up and clothes the models I have used have a similarity of interests and little diversity but are still relatable to all teenage girls.
  4. 4. My magazine is targeted at a large and wide audience as I have chosen teenage girls as a whole group who will be attracted to my magazine if they have an interest in fashion and pop. In my opinion a large percentage have an interest in fashion beauty and the pop genre, because of this I believe that my magazine will attract a large audience to read it due to the representation of teenage girls.
  5. 5. My magazine cover is on the left, the magazine on the right is a fashion magazine I looked at during my research. I have used a similar casual pose for the model in the main image is a feel that this represented the fashion house style of my magazine. I have put my main image in a similar position to ELLE by positioning the main image in the centre of the page surrounded by the article titles. I have used a fashionable outfit for my cover image to show the fashion house style and that my target audience are interested in clothes and fashion. The top in my image is a similar colour to the background image as this was done in the magazine cover next to my magazine. I have used similar colours to the ELLE magazine including purple, white, pink, black and grey to represent the colours my target audience (teenage girls) like.