Lauren Kerwin
Lululemon Athletica was started by Chip Wilson
in Vancouver, Canada
Challenges and goals
Integrated Theme
Key components
Social Media, Blogging
Key Components
Public Relations, Commerce,
and Advertising
Key Components
Metrics of Success
Evaluating Success
Propose Budget
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Lululemon Athletica

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  • Lululemon began because founded Chip Wilson took his first commercial yoga class. Wilson did not like how individuals wore cotton clothing where the individual sweat through it and the fabric stretched. Wilson decided he wanted to change what individuals wore when in yoga. He opened a studio where he designed clothes during the day and had yoga classes at night where the clothing was sold.
    His clothing became so successful, Wilson opened the first lululemon store in Vancouver in November of 2000. Wilson’s store started as a store which individuals came to discuss yoga and how the physical and mental states in individuals changes throughout practices. The store became so popular that Wilson was unable to help consumers in the way he initially wanted.
  • -Lululemon’s mission is “creating components for people too live a longer, healthier, more fun life”
    The goals written on the manifesto are : Quality, Product, Integrity, Balance, Entrepreneurship, Greatness, and Fun
    The goals are within the company and are for followers to set and record goals through their multiple year span.
    1. Be true to yourself
    2. Balance goals for a balanced life.
    3. Set goals to ensure success
    4. Share your goals and build support
    Lululemons challenges are to maintain the companies integrity by staying true to the company and what it stands for. With new competitors joining the market Lululemon must continue to maintain their core principles.
    CHALLENGES AND GOALS FOR ADVERTISING - A challenge for lululemon in advertising is working to get individuals outside of their usual workout routine and into a lululemon outfit that will ultimately change the way they workout and perform
    A goal for lululemon is to make their clothing, manifesto, and way of like a norm for all individuals who are workout and care about their well- being.
    Lululemon strives to maintain their role in the community as constantly evolving to better the consumers and their workout experiences and lifestyle.
  • -Integrated theme for client. The theme for Lululemon Athletica’s new ad campaign is focusing on individuals who are just starting to get into working out – specifically yoga, and Pilates- delivering information on how Lululemon clothing allows for individuals to feel better pre and post-workout
    The Integrated theme for a lululemon client is to maintain the strong stance that wearing lululemon athletica allows for individuals to have a stronger, harder, and more meaningful workout. The clothing does not make you workout better, but the motto and stance that comes with wearing lululemon gives consumers the ability to much themselves harder.
    An Integrated theme for maintaining lululemon athletica as then umber one yoga, pilaties, and workout choice for all.
  • Find a blogger who blogs about yoga, pilaties, and working out. Ask if can advertise on the blog, and lululemon athletica will send the individual free clothing so they are able to wear it and report on it.
    Lululemon athletica also has its own blog site where follows are able to ask questions and share with other follows what they are doing, how they are doing it while getting feedback.
    Lululemon should continue to work on their blog but also promote on others. This way lululemon can become more dynamic, while brooding their company scope.
    The company should work with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to give away prizes, sweepstakes, asks questions, and to better communicate with their followers.
    Using social media and blogging allows for consumers to better their relationships with the company, keeping Lululemon at the top of the competitive market.
  • Key components of proposal – Pr, commerce, and advertising. Hold web seminars to discuss the clothing and ask questions about yoga and other workout activities.
    The website will be between Chip Wilson and consumers. This should happen at least once a month. Lululemon should advertise on yoga, Pilates, and workout websites, catering to different regions where the company can show followers
    Public Relations for Lululemon continues from word-of-mouth. Individuals working out or wearing the clothing of a daily basis are able to tell their friends about the company and their opinions on the clothing.
    Lululemon will conduct trade shows and fashion shows at all new locations to show individuals their new products along with the best and most beneficial ways to wear them.
    An advertising plan for lululemon is to have an option on the website where an individual can put in their body type and dimensions and the website will give the consumers the best clothing options for their body. Allowing an individual to buy work out clothing that will allow their body to benefit from the workout and not hurt or strain any thing.
  • -Key components of proposal – components compliment each other.
    When opening new stores, Lululemon should work with workout studios in the area to promote their clothing and activities.
    Lululemon also holds yoga classes in their stores and should hold yoga classes online so followers can tune in and workout in the comfort of their own home.
    By having yoga, pilaties, and other work out classes along with demonstrations of the clothing proper ways to wear them and information on which garments are best for certain body types. This all gives lululemon athletica the ability to connect with their consumers on a personal new level, giving lululemon the advantage over other yoga, pilaties, and work out brands.
  • Metrics of success can be determined throughout a multitude of different ways.
    In order to know the success of Lululemon Athletica’s online advertising, you must determine
    Lululemon’s predominance on the website
    The websites activity
    Consumers opinions
    Quality rating
    Work with public relations specialists to determine how lululemon is perceived by individuals
  • Lululemon Athletica will work on their Google Adwords to ensure their name is online and vivid throughout the internet
    While doing all of the personal classes, meet and greets, chats, and activities; Lululemon athletica will have comment cards and ask all individuals participating for their input and questions to make lululemon better.
    Lululemon will also give all consumers who buy garments in store an opportunity to share their opinion on the clothing with an opportunity to receive a gift certificate or prize for helping the company.
  • -Propose budget, timeline.
    Would like to have advertisements on yoga and Pilates websites in all areas by where there are Lululemon stores within the next 6 months.
    To have the entire web streaming videos up within the year.
    $25,000 into streaming live web chats and web yoga, pilaties classes
    $25,000 into advertisements on yoga, pilaties, and workout studios in different areas
    $10,000 into demonstrations, in-store classes, in-store activities, meetings, meet and greets
  • Lululemon should continue to maintain strong relationships with their consumers to ensure all are keeping the company aware of any problems or strengths the company has.
    I recommend that lululemon athletica continues to work with their employees and consumers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and and issues that the company may encounter the employees and managers will work with make the best out of every situation.
    My main recommendation is just the lululemon athletica continues to strive to maintain the best yoga, pilaties, and workout garmentsin the world.
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    1. 1. Lauren Kerwin A40942296
    2. 2. Overview Lululemon Athletica was started by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada
    3. 3. Challenges and goals LULULEMON MANIFESTO
    4. 4. Integrated Theme
    5. 5. Key components Social Media, Blogging
    6. 6. Key Components Public Relations, Commerce, and Advertising
    7. 7. Key Components Compliments
    8. 8. Metrics of Success
    9. 9. Evaluating Success
    10. 10. Propose Budget
    11. 11. Recommendations