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Media presentation

  1. 1. Plan B are a recent artist and are quite popular. The quote at the top says “The music that changed my life” so it makes you want to see how it changed his life and why. Also it includes popular artists which are shown down the side of the page. The artist is on a plain background which makes him stand out more. I don’t read this magazine often but it is quite a thick magazine so it must have a lot of information so it would have been worth buying and it seems to be aimed towards a young age group.
  2. 2. <ul><li>The artists featured are usually popular or new, some of these magazines have featured artists such as Jessie J, Laura Marling, Paul Weller, Arctic Monkeys, Cee Lo Green and Dizzee Rascal so there is a range of different artists so it can attract all different kinds of audiences. </li></ul><ul><li>Q are their own company they have their own magazine, website and radio station. </li></ul><ul><li>The current editor is Paul Rees who is the former editor of the UK edition of Kerrang magazine </li></ul><ul><li>The magazine costs £3.99 but you can access some of the information online. </li></ul>
  3. 3. One advert which is on the back of the magazine, is advertising the Coldplay album. It also says it can be purchased on iTunes encouraging people to pre-order the album. The background is bright colours that merge together and also there are parts of graffiti which in ways can attract a younger audience as some younger people like to be creative and the graffiti can attract them to it. The website advertises t-shirts and hoodies trying to sell them but with all different artists on the front so there is something for everyone
  4. 4. Q has 170 pages, there are about 20 advertisements in the magazine and the last few pages are advertising music concerts. The magazine has a few car advertisements which suit the magazine on some pages as it is aimed towards a young audience so they would have the latest car. The rest of the magazine and website advertise artist merchandise, albums, and concerts/tours so it fits in perfectly with the music magazine and website. The website includes, Home page, News, Q25, Q radio, Features, Track of the Day, Q 50, Gallery, Q live, Q covers, Ticket shop, T-shirts shop, and newsletter sign up What I like best about the magazine: The range of artists included in the magazines, and it is not aimed at a specific audience and they advertise popular artists so it is always interesting and has a topic for everyone What I would change about it? The information on the front, there is not much advertised on the front cover, it only has one topic and doesn’t help attract an audience by not including what other topics are inside.
  5. 5. The magazine is produced once a month and is £3.99 Q are an independent company, they produce a magazine, and they have a website and radio station Q target a young audience. You can tell this as they advertise concerts and albums. Also they advertise new cars as a lot of young people want the latest things. Also the younger audience prefer younger and more recent artists.
  6. 6. The front cover The front cover stands out well to the audience. The red and white logo in the top left hand corner. They’ve used a pale grey background so the logo really stands out. The singer from Plan B is on the front. The photo of him is quite dark around the edges, which make him stand out even more on the background. The title is written at the bottom and the font is an autograph style. The contents Page The contents pages is spread out. There images dotted all over the page which relate to different pages. However the pages numbers are not in order and they are spread about the page, even though this is different to other magazines, it is not very clear and quite confusing.