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Question 7


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Question 7

  1. 1. Looking Back AtYour PreliminaryTask (The SchoolMagazine Task),What Do You FeelYou Have Learnt InThe ProgressionFrom It To FullProduct?
  2. 2. Front CoverBy doing the preliminary task I learnt thatwhen I made my magazine for a school. Ihad to do some research into what schoolmagazines are like. From this I learnt that ithad to be quite plain and simple. Also thepicture had to be presentable with thestudents looking smart and tidy.Also I had to think of suitable subheadings that would fit in well ina school magazine. I thought of a colour scheme of blue, whiteand black and by sticking to this colour theme my schoolmagazine looked more professional.Also the picture had to be presentable with the students lookingsmart and tidy. Also I had to think of suitable subheadings thatwould fit in well in a school magazine. I thought of a colourscheme of blue, white and black and by sticking to this colourtheme my school magazine looked more professional.
  3. 3. After doing my preliminary task it helped me a lotwhen planning my music magazine. Like thepreliminary task, I did research. Before I did myresearch into a rock magazine, I had to find outwhat genre magazine my audience wanted toread most. When the results came back themajority of the audience said they would prefer toread rock magazines. I then did research into a lotof rock magazines. I analysed front covers,contents pages and double page spreads’ and picked out the key aspects ofmagazines. After doing this I made flat plans to get a rough idea of theylayout and then went straight into making my magazine. I used the leadsinger from the band on the front cover as on most magazines you usuallyjust get the one artist on the front cover. After this I chose a colour schemeof black white and grey and stuck to it all the way through to make thepages link together. From the preliminary task I learnt that on the frontcover you need to make things really stand out to catch the readers eye.
  4. 4. Contents PageAfter doing research for frontcovers I had to look at contentspages. When I looked into schoolmagazines for my preliminary taskthere were very few schoolmagazines with contents pages butthe ones that did have them werereally plain, simple and quiteboring.When I did my contents page for my preliminary task I made it plain and simple but Imade it a bit more exciting. I used brighter colours and used pictures aswell tohelp attract an audience. When I did my rock magazine I had to make it reallystand out. I used the same colour scheme as the front cover and I useddifferent types of images that relate to a few pages. I also used two ‘bursts’ withtext inside them to help my attract my audience. After doing my preliminary taskI learnt that when I did my music magazine I had to make it look reallyprofessional. I did this by focussing on the images and layouts. I also made thetext bold and used black boxes just behind the white writing to make the pagecontents really stand out.