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Lab Atlanta Spring 2017 Review


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Overview of first semester LAB ATL 2017

Published in: Education
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Lab Atlanta Spring 2017 Review

  1. 1. LAB ATLANTA Spring 2017
  2. 2. `
  3. 3. Mission Statement ❖ We develop civically engaged, design-minded leaders focused on building a vibrant and sustainable future for themselves and the city of Atlanta.
  4. 4. A Few of Our Community Partners ❖ Leadership Atlanta ❖ MODA ❖ High Museum ❖ National Archives, Atlanta History Center, other research libraries ❖ IKEA and SCAD ❖ Atlanta Symposium / Atlanta Studies @Emory ❖ Georgia Tech ❖ AT&T ❖ Office of Multicultural Affairs/Welcoming Atlanta ❖ Atlanta Public Schools
  5. 5. Goizueta Scholarships
  6. 6. Results Confirming WHY Lab Atlanta
  7. 7. Transdisciplinary Capstones “How Might We?” ❖ Dani- HMW support working students in Vine City? ❖ Hunter- HMW provide affordable housing to middle-income and low-income Atlantans? ❖ Payton- HMW create hip-hop music that brings people together? ❖ Sarah- HMW raise awareness about food programs for students during the summer? ❖ Hollis- HMW increase awareness of homeless youth with mental disease? ❖ Haleigh- HMW increase diversity in the dance field? ❖ A'lyah- HMW build nutrition literacy? ❖ Avery - HMW make art more accessible to people in the city? ❖ Brianna - HMW increase teacher's involvement in the development of standards?
  8. 8. Avery I have fallen in love with Atlanta, and I want to stay involved with LAB because I think it has such an important mission… I have grown as a person because of this, I have learned so much about the city…You have done an amazing job of making the students feel at home and helping us grow.
  9. 9. Sarah Wow! This has been quite a semester. It has been truly invaluable. I have loved the constant desire to be better and do good in our community… I cannot wait to see the future students and help mentor them. I think this program will continue to foster creativity, engagement, and leadership.
  10. 10. Daniela I want to thank you for allowing me to be among the first pioneers of Lab Atlanta. I absolutely loved spending time with you, the faculty, and yes the students… I hope that Lab will continue on because I think that students throughout Metro Atlanta should have the opportunity to spend a semester here…coming to LAB was a great decision and I would do it again! Being at Lab has really changed the way I see Atlanta. Thank you for taking personal interest in all of the students’ lives.
  11. 11. Payton Before Lab, I wasn’t happy with my school. I wasn’t happy with myself. I didn’t know that “one thing” I could do for the rest of my life, and it was hard to find that. Now, I believe I know. Life has meaning again. I actually want to do school work. Meeting new people, interfacing with kids from other schools, and just looking around has opened up my eyes to the opportunities around me. And, I thank you for that. Thank you so much for being there when I needed you. LAB ATL is going to be amazing!
  12. 12. What We’re Working On ❖ Academic calibration ❖ Social integration ❖ Recruitment strategy
  13. 13. 2017-18 Enrollment ❖ Drew Charter ❖ Grady High School ❖ North Atlanta High School ❖ Lovett ❖ Paideia