Most Commonly Used Software in the Business World


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Most Commonly Used Software in the Business World

  1. 1. Most Popular Business Software
  2. 2. People who have decided to have a career in thebusiness world will need to learn how to use afew popular computer programs that arecommonly used in the business community.Let’s take a look at some of them.
  3. 3. Microsoft WordThis is the most popular word processing program in theworld.•Allows the user to preserve, edit and create content.•Can insert illustrations, graphics and photos•Can populate tables of content automatically.•User can choose a wide variety of fonts, alphabetize lists,create tables and insert comments•Used for everything from creating complex sales proposals towriting simple memos.There are other word processing programs on the market,such as Corel’s Word Perfect. However, theindustry standard remains Microsoft Word.
  4. 4. Microsoft OutlookThe main use for Outlook is storing, receivingand creating email.•User can schedule meetings by using theintegrated calendar function.•Can send a finished schedule to other Outlookusers to be automatically entered into theircalendar.
  5. 5. Microsoft ExcelThis is the most popular electronic spreadsheetprogram in the world.•Used primarily for manipulating and arrangingdata into rows and columns that are easy-to-read.•Used for maintaining inventory, tracking lists andcreating mailing lists.•Used for project management and accounting.
  6. 6. Microsoft VisioA thorough understanding of how Visio workswould greatly aid any person who is planning acareer in the fields of computer programming orproject management.•Primarily used in the creation of flow charts. Theseflow charts provide a visual representation of thestep-by-step operation of a various project.•All flow charts can be copied and pasted into anyother Microsoft applications.
  7. 7. Microsoft PowerPointPowerPoint is considered the industry standard in termsof creating electronic slideshows.•Can be used for instruction manuals, reports, salesproposals and other types of visual presentations.•Allows the user to create sound effects, limitedanimation, graphics, pie charts and graphs forpresentations.The Keynote application made by Apple is steadilybecoming more popular, but currently PowerPoint is stillused by more businesses.
  8. 8. Adobe AcrobatDesigned by Adobe Systems, Acrobat is a set ofapplications that can be used to manage, print,manipulate, create and view files in PortableDocument Format (PDF). Adobe Reader is theonly part of this set that is not a proprietarycommercial program. It is available fromAdobe’s website as downloadable freeware.
  9. 9. Additional InformationIf you are interested in learning how to usethese business tools, please visit:Last Minute Training
  10. 10. Additional InformationIf you are interested in learning how to usethese business tools, please visit:Last Minute Training