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Last Memories--Memorial Book

  1. 1. Memorial BookIn Loving Memory ofEthan Edward Lombard (July 5, 2007 - October 20, 2007)
  2. 2. "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body." Elizabeth Stone This memorial website was created to commemorate the beautiful life of our baby boy Ethan Edward Lombard who was born on July 5, 2007 and returned to Heaven on October 20, 2007.Dear Ethan,
  3. 3. Since the day you entered our lives, we knew that we were given a very special little angel. We cherished every moment of your life that Godblessed us with... 3 months and 15 days worth. It hurt more than we could have ever imagined when you went to Heaven, but we trust that Godknows how special you are and that He needed you by His side.Your impact on our lives, and the lives of so many others that love you, will never be forgotten. We miss you every second of every day baby e,and we will live with you in our hearts forever.With patience, we will see you again, our little angel baby. <3 Read Ethans Life Story
  4. 4. Here are a few songs that make us think of Ethan for various reasons. For instance, the song "Mushaboom" was a song that we would always play for him whenhe was still in my belly. "Harvest Moon" and "Bird Stealing Bread" were songs that we would play for him to help him fall asleep at bedtime. :) Other songs are just some that we would sing and dance with him to, mixed with a few others that just touch our hearts now that he is in Heaven. He enjoyed them, so we hope you do too. <3 By the way, if you have a song that makes you think of Ethan and you would like to have it added to the playlist, send me an email at :)
  5. 5. Baby Ethans Valentines Day things. :)
  6. 6. Some people only dream of Angels... I held one in my arms.
  7. 7. Valentines... to Heaven This Valentine is not of the ordinary kind, Its still filled with love...and blessings inside; But mine has to be sent on the wings of love... You see its destination is the Heavens above. Its not being sent to my parents so dear, For they are still with me each day of the year; Its being sent to my child...who left earth so soon,Whos now in the Heavens with the stars and the moon. The message is the same as your valentine, I love sweet precious child of mine;
  8. 8. My love is still deeper than the ocean is blue, And its sent with hugs and kisses...from me to you. I know you are with me each and every day, You listen as I talk to you...and hear what I say; For that is one thing that death cannot do... ...youll always be a part of me...and me a part of you. Happy Valentines day sunshine...I miss you so much, I know you know how many lives you have touched; Youll always be mine...I love you with all my heart,I know well be together again...and then well never part. So you see the meaning is still the same... The method of delivery is the only change; Mine must be sent by a little white dove... On the wings of Heavenly Love. Written by : Laura/Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial Little Red Sox Fan
  9. 9. "To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die." - Thomas Campbell
  10. 10. The Broken ChainWe little knew that morning that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, In death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone; for part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.
  11. 11. Click here to create a special Snowflake for Ethan The Tree of Life by Lisa O. Engelhardt If I could grow a tree for you, Id water it with tears, And nurture it with memories gathered through the years Grounded in firm values this tree would find its roots And from its legacy of love
  12. 12. would grow the sweetest fruits. Ever branching outward, its canopy would swell, A living, loving tribute to a life lived full and well. Finally, its leaves would reach the floor of heaven, and then Id climb up on its branches... just to hold you once again.“May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating." - Irish Blessing
  13. 13. Click here to see the candles lit for Ethan - 12/9/07Click here to see pictures of Ethans Christmas Tree
  14. 14. Galleryso sweet, so unforgettable..
  15. 15. baby e <3
  16. 16. Lets go Red Sox, Lets go! His Conan OBrien look...hehHaving fun talking to mommy
  17. 17. Check out my "muscles" :)
  18. 18. Such a happy baby. ;) and then, one day, his smiles came in. ;)
  19. 19. Talking to Mommy. :)Silly boys :)
  20. 20. Nap time!
  21. 21. Getting big :) 2 months old.
  22. 22. His first walk Sleeping in daddys arms
  23. 23. Ethan at the Pumpkin Patch
  24. 24. weeeeeeee!
  25. 25. His first walk Sleeping like an angel.
  26. 26. Ethans 1st bath (hated ittttt) Father & Son
  27. 27. ohh, i love sleeps!
  28. 28. 7/5/07, the day our angel was born. Ethans 1st day home!
  29. 29. 1 month - his great grandpas fire helmet
  30. 30. Memorial Candles our words, your light..
  31. 31. 02/16/2008 02/16/2008 02/16/2008 02/16/2008 Mommy Mommy Vi (Paul Kurlfinks mom) Mommy Daddy & I are sending BIG Just thinking about your Good morning sweet angel. Such a sunny day today!kisses up! I love you efan ed! sweet little smile - I miss it! I Thinking of you and your Thinking of you always <3 - Night night <33 love you sweet baby <333 mom today and sending lots Love you sweet baby <33 of hugs your way. xoxo 02/16/2008 02/16/2008 02/15/2008 02/15/2008 Nana L. Nana Mommy Daddy! "E" I hope you got a giggle Ethan,Nana loves you up to Night night little e eddie I knew you were good atout of watching mom & dad the sky and back again!!XOs baby ! <333 Love you so sharing. All those babies in send your vs to U. Silly much! babyland loved you for guys!! Love & miss U sharing your balloons and bunchesxo valentines! We love you! 02/15/2008 02/15/2008 02/15/2008 02/15/2008 Mommy Mommy Aunt Mary Nana L. Efaneddie, so sweet! He Hey little son-shine! :) Morning Ethan. Saying Morninbaby. .just dropping wanted to share his Daddy is off today so were hello. Thinking of you. of a bushel of hugs & kisses valentines with the other going to get balloons & send from me and papa...we miss babies. :) hehe. I love your valentines to heaven! you so much. love you youuuuuu!! <333 <3 always..xoxoxo
  32. 32. 02/15/2008 02/15/2008 02/15/2008 02/15/2008 Aunt Monica Mommy Jackys mom Christine Been thinking about you Sweet dreams my little Honey>>hugs ... Happy Valentines day sweet little guy! Love you! valentine <33! Love you! e bug. I love you tons and tons! I hope you got all the kisses I sent today! XOXO. 02/14/2008 02/14/2008 02/14/2008 02/14/2008Angel IsaBella Carvalhos Mommy! Auntie Noreen Daddy! Mom Guess what baby e! Aunt Happy valentine day buddy Happy first V-day Bubby! Happy Valentines Day Sabrina is having a baby miss and love you.wish nana We all miss and love you soprecious baby boy,sending BOYYY!! A new little baby k a happy v day from papa much. Every day we have your way alots of boy cousin for you! :D kelly your memory is like V-Day! Iballoons.Stay close to your love you so much! family.Gbless 02/14/2008 02/14/2008 02/14/2008 02/14/2008 From Heaven Mommy Uncle Moosie and Auntie l. hesserdoodle! Jen Happy Valentines Day, I Happy valentines day! i love I lub you efaneddie angel Love and Miss You All! & miss you my little Hey lil Bud-E, happy baby! i sure hope my Thanks for all the Love you efaneddie *biggest kiss ever* valentines day. I am really valentine got to you in timesend me each and every day <33 xoxo! sorry that I did not get a for the big day!!! sending for I feel it up here!! card up and out for you. We you lots of kisses today <3 love and miss you lots
  33. 33. 02/14/2008 02/14/2008 02/14/2008 02/14/2008 Nana L. Aunt Tabby Auntie Eileen NanaHappy "love day sweet "e" se Awww thank you for Happy v-day ethan sorry i Happy Valentines Day nding you lots of hugs & sending us all these angel havent talked to you lately, Ethan!Tell Great Nana Bettykisses.give nana k & b kisses kisses! happy valentines! we busy training jasper. kiss that I love her too and miss from me & papa xo love you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo nana k for me. hope u 2 being able to buy her a BIG enjoy v-d luv a.e. heart filled with candy. 02/13/2008 02/13/2008 02/13/2008 02/13/2008 Mommy Mommy Mommy & Daddy Adam Ahmads mommy Night little sweet angel!! :D I hope you like your new Kisses to you sweet baby! Hey cutie pie,Love ur Tomorrow is Valentines Valentines Day things Good morning! Its rainy beautiful face,I will ask Day! Youre the best Daddy & I brought you today, but it should be sunny Adam to hug you tight,andValentine I could ever have. I today! I love you lil puntin by tomorrow for v-day! Love give u million kisses:)love u love u! <33 head <3 you! <333 lots,ur mommy is so sweet. 02/13/2008 02/12/2008 02/12/2008 02/12/2008 Mommy Mommy Daddy! Grandmother to Angie- Robert Night night little e eddie Love you little baby boyyyy! I woke up and was thinkingbaby <333 Give hugs to all of Got you a special v-day of you so I thought I would Our hearts will be aching foryour angel friends from me. present. :] Daddy & I will come and say hi! i love you our sweet Angels on Love you! xoxo come bring it to you E. Mommy and I have the Valentines Day,but Ethan tomorrow. I love you! best valentine ever! will be your special Valentine Angel forever.xo
  34. 34. 02/12/2008 02/12/2008 02/12/2008 02/12/2008 Mommy Nana Uncle Moosie Mommy & DaddyHi cutie patootieee! :) Love & I got a sweet treat from your Good morning lil Bud-E. Night night sweet angel miss you sweet angel boy! Mommy.It was a unseen pic thinking about you always. baby! :D Love you lots and of You and Avery as Ben and Love and Miss you. ~UM~ lots <3 xoxoxo Jerry.Both your little heads in the cutouts!XO 02/11/2008 02/11/2008 02/11/2008 02/11/2008 Mommy Ethan Delgados Mom chris Aunt Tabby Goooooood morning! Your little Angel Ethans I am sorry for your loss. Hey sweetie, it might be coldMommy loves you little ittle pictures put a smile on my outside, but I feel warm e! face which I havent had one inside because of you!! <3 for days. Many blessings to you. 02/11/2008 02/11/2008 02/10/2008 02/10/2008 Uncle Moosie Mommy Adams mommy MommyBud-E, Sorry that I havent I feel so close to you sweet Sending u Kisses Good morning babe e! <3lit any candles lately, been baby. I know youre always sweetheart..xoxox Youre always on my mind &very busy. Youre always in with me. I love you! Night forever in my heart. I miss my thoughts and in my night <33 your smile <3 heart. Miss you
  35. 35. 02/09/2008 02/09/2008 02/09/2008 02/09/2008 Mommy Mommy Adam Ahmads mommy EthanI know youll get them! <3 I Wait until you see the Hi Cutie,World is not the My dearest Mom and love you so much baby Valentines that Saige, same place since we said Dad,Im in a beautiful wabey. *kisses forever* - Austin, Avery, Joshie & J good bye,i wish all my boys place:)and can see you from night night! made for you! :) Were going just come home.My heart up here in heaven :)Youll be to send them up! <3 aches for all of u. in my heart for ever:) 02/09/2008 02/09/2008 02/09/2008 02/09/2008 Az Nana L. Christine Mommy Rest in peace you sweet Hi Sweetie, me & Papa Hey e bug! Uncle billy and I Good morning son-sweet angel :). When you see stopped by to see you talked lots about you last shineee! ;) I love youmy Daddy up in heaven, give today.Cupid sure is busy night! We miss you so much soooooooooo much! <3 him a big hug from me :) filling your Val. mailbox and love you even more!! with lots of Love. LUV U XOXO 02/09/2008 02/09/2008 02/08/2008 02/08/2008 Mommy Nana Auntie Noreen MommySweet dreams little efaned! Hi My Sweet Ethan. I see Hi Buddy I see you have two Thinking of you bunches and Mommy loves you!! <333 that your Mommy has friends, I am so happy for bunches sweet baby & loving painted some real cute you. Give kisses to Nana you even more <333 *xoxo* pictures for her Bubbly.I Kelly xox think somebody special loves you!!!!
  36. 36. 02/08/2008 02/08/2008 02/07/2008 02/07/2008 Mommy Adam Ahmads mom Mommy Christine Night night sweet little e Hi Sweety,Give Adam hugs Daddy & I visited today and Hey e bug! I cant wait to seeeddie baby! Give a kiss to all from me,i wonder what he saw all the cute things people you tomorrow and show youour angels up there with you. does when he misses me?I have left for you! You are so youre valentine! Thanks for I love you! <33 hope he does fun things with loved sweet baby <33! the 2 beautiful days! I love u and Tristan,kisses,xo xoo you millions 02/07/2008 02/07/2008 02/07/2008 02/07/2008 Aunt Tabby Tristan Ethans Mommy Mommy Mommy Hi Sweetie! I stopped by to Hi Ethan, Your mommy and Goooooood morning! I love Night night little angel baby!see you today and left you a daddy are so strong! Keep you little ittle e! <3 *kisses* Come visit me in my little Valentine. Hope you giving them strength and dreams tonight (after you like it! Love you bunches & love. I know thay miss you! visit Daddy first, of course). bunches! <3 Play with Tristan lots!!! :) I love u! 02/06/2008 02/06/2008 02/06/2008 02/06/2008 Daddy! Aunt Mary Daddy! MommyOk,bubbly, Im going to bed. Hi Sweetie. Just dropped by Hey E Eddie! We all miss I painted you somethingMaybe youll visit me in my to see your smily face. I you so much! Your momma special today. :D Its the firstdreams? Ok, well I miss and know you are keeping an eye gives me tons of strength! time Ive painted since you love you! Goodnight! out for all of us. Shes the best! (Tied with you went to Heaven. I love you e of course!) Love U! eddie!<3
  37. 37. 02/06/2008 02/06/2008 02/05/2008 02/05/2008 Mommy Adam Ahmads mommy Mommy MommyI miss you so much it hurts, Hi sweetheart,Lots of love Night night little puntin Daddy & I put another but my love for you is so and kisses,I get so sad,why head! I love you sooooo special Valentine in your boxmuch deeper than any pain I our babies r leaving us?we much! <333 today! Love you up to the skycan feel. I love you my little Need u guys here more.I & back again! <333! *kisses Bubbly! <33 wish we could keep u.... forever* 02/05/2008 02/05/2008 02/05/2008 02/05/2008 Nana Mommy Aunt Tabby daddy! Ethan I planted your It is always so peaceful there WOW,its going to be a really Hey crabman! I woke up Memorial Tree today and with you. It was nice to sit warm day today!Must be all early and was thinking of put it outside by the front with you for a while that extra loving you are you. Today is supposed to be door.Nana Loves You Up to yesterday. - Be there soon. I sending down to us all!! real nice so you knowthe sky and back again!XOS love you sweet e! Thank you Ethan!<3 mommy and I will be there! 02/05/2008 02/04/2008 02/04/2008 02/04/2008 Mommy Uncle Moosie Christine Adam Ahmads mommyNight night little angel babe! Hey lil Bud-E. Miss you very Hey Baby! Thanks for out Hi sweetheart,I just noticed Mommy loves youuuuuu much. Auntie Jennie and I little blessing. I Love you lots you also went to heaven in <333 had a nice talk about you and miss you everyday! Oct,just like Adam and today. Always on our minds Alex.Lots of kisses ,Till i see and in our hearts you
  38. 38. 02/04/2008 02/04/2008 02/04/2008 02/04/2008Angel Isabella Carvalhos Mommy Deryks Mom Ruth/Twin2Angel Jose Mom Figueira Good morning sweet baby! To the family of Ethan, Such Hi Ethan,sweet heavenly So pretty and warm out a short time your beautiful Im so sorry for yourangel,lighting this candle in today! Sending kisses up to Ethan blessed this earth. I loss.You truly have ayour memory,and keeping you always <3 Love, can tell it was a meaningful beautiful precious Angel you and mom in my Mommy time. God Bless watching over you. God thoughts. bless. 02/04/2008 02/03/2008 02/03/2008 02/03/2008 Mommy Mommy Mommy & Daddy Aunt Tabby3 months & 15 days youve Oh well! You can still Hey Bubbly! Thinking about Good morning ethan! the sunbeen gone now sweet baby. celebrate with your G. Nana you like always. Make sure is shining bright today-- and Just as long as you were Dolores! :D I love you you put your Patriots jersey im sure that is because of here with us. I love u so bebeee! <3 *MUAH*! on! We love you! *xoxox* you! xoxoxoxoxoxox much <33 02/03/2008 02/02/2008 02/02/2008 02/02/2008 Mommy Daddy Mommy Adam Ahmads momNight night little e eddie kid! Hey little Buddy! Mommy & Daddy & I brought u your V- Dont worry mommy,EthanI love you soooooooo much! I are so lucky to have you. Day mailbox & a Patriots must` ve been playing withUp to the sky & back again, We are thankful for each day balloon today! I know youll Adam in snow,then gotas Nana would say. :) Night that we had together. I love be rooting them on from tired.:)Sleep sweet Baby night! xoxo you! above! i<3u! boy,love you .xoxo
  39. 39. 02/02/2008 02/02/2008 02/02/2008 02/01/2008Angel IsaBella Carvalhos Mommy Mommy Adam Ahmads mommy Mom Hi Baby! No dreams about Night night little e eddie! Now i have 3 boys in heavenVery sorry for your lost,i lost you lastnight, but thats ok. Hopefully Mommy will have i cant wait to see all ofmy child too,Keeping you in Maybe tonight. Its always another dream with you in u,Adam,you and alejandro- my prayers. something to look forward it. <333 kisses forever <333 hernand ez,All my handsome to. I love u! boys.Love u all.xoxo 02/01/2008 02/01/2008 02/01/2008 02/01/2008 Mommy Nana Aww Ethan, Joshie saw MommyI had a dream about you last Soon you will have been in His name at the top of his Just reading some of your night! It felt so real when I Heaven longer than the time last reply here & thought it special snowflakes before was holding u & heard your you spent with us.One seems was actually u messaging bedtime. :) I think Nana voice! & Nana W was there so long and the other so very him back from heaven! He makes the best ones! Night too. i<3u short.MissU Ethan looked sooo happy!<3 Night efaned! love u <33 01/31/2008 01/31/2008 01/31/2008 01/31/2008 Mommy l. hesserdoodle! Melissa-Zacharys Nana L. mommy Daddy is working on your *eepydoodle!* *e epydoodle! Lil E Man ,nana & papalife story little baby. How do * *eepy doodle!* May God bless you and your came to visit you today, and we put into words all those family. saw all your valentinespecial moments we shared? hearts. You are the "LOVE" Well try. <33 of our livesXO
  40. 40. 01/31/2008 01/31/2008 01/31/2008 01/31/2008 Mommy Mommy Adam Ahmads mommy You are my sunshine, Efanedddieee oh hes my Good morning little angel Hi sweetheart,as soon as i My only sunshine~You make little efan ed! Just thinking babe! Can you feel all of our saw ur picture it seems like i me happy when skies areabout you baby & had to look kisses up there? I hope so! I know u,I cant wait to go to gray...I would sing that to at your pictures for the LOVE U! xoxoxo heaven cause i will meet all Mommy when she was just a 100th x today of u, xoxo little kid~missing you <3 01/30/2008 01/30/2008 01/30/2008 01/30/2008 Mommy Adam Ahmads mom Auntie Noreen Daddy!Sending night night kisses up Hi baby,You and Adam have Hello Buddy Just thinking of Hello my special baby! You your way sweet baby! one thing common,you both you.Sweet Dreams xoxo had all the sunshine on your Mommy loves youuuuu! have Aunt Noreen.Next time area today! It was great to when i visit Adam i will tell go out to see you today! him to take care of u 01/30/2008 01/30/2008 01/30/2008 01/29/2008 Mommy Joshie Mommy NanaGood morning to the cutest, You are the sweetest angel i Sending so many kisses up Ethan, Nana loves you up to sweetest, little angel in know! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo your way sweet baby. I love the sky and back again!! Heaven! xoxo you!! Night night. <333
  41. 41. 01/29/2008 01/29/2008 01/29/2008 01/29/2008 Uncle Moosie Vi (Paul Kurlfinks mom) Mommy Aunt Tabby Hey lil Bud-E thanks for Sweet angel boy. Hope you Sweet little angel! Heaven is Just wanted to peek in to say making me smile. Your are having fun today in so much brighter with you that we all love you soooopictures always put a smile heaven. Hugs to you and there - I just know it. I love much! You are always in our on my face. ~UM~ your mom ((Wendi)) you so very much baby e! hearts <3 XOXOXOXOXO X <33 01/28/2008 01/28/2008 01/28/2008 01/28/2008 Mommy Daddy! Uncle Moosie Yara Sweet dreams little babe! Hey Bubbly! I think the You are on my mind alot. I My deepest condolences go <333 picture of your cute monkey dont talk alot on here, but I to your family and I was so feet with flaky toes is my think of you often. Please very grateful to have been favorite ever. Aw heck watch over everyone back able to see you before you theyre all my favorite! east for me. went to heaven. <3 01/28/2008 01/28/2008 01/28/2008 01/27/2008 Mommy Uncle Moosie Mommy MommyI always get good sleep now Morning Lil Bud-E. Weather Night night sweet little e Im wearing mine too ebecause of lil brewster. :) Im has been bad, but there has eddie! <33 xoxo eddie! I love you sweet baby happy I have him to cuddle been a light shining from <33! Always on my mind. with. I love you! <3 xoxo above. Thanks for watching XOXO over us. ~UM~
  42. 42. 01/27/2008 01/27/2008 01/26/2008 01/26/2008 Ethan, did you see l. hesserdoodle! Mommy MommyThe beautiful bracelets that Good morning love! i miss E Eddie Spaghetti! :D Daddy Love you sweet little angel Nana got us for an early you every day & think of you and I were making up some babe! Night night - MommyValentines gift?Im wearing often <33333333 fun songs about you today. loves you! <333 mine right now.I love u so You know how silly we are. much!<3Aunt Tabby :) I love you!! xoxo 01/25/2008 01/25/2008 01/25/2008 01/25/2008 Mommy Kelly Kelly xoxoxox Kelly Loving you so very much My friends from work all say I love that i got to have u lay Tell my loves up there i saidwittle kid :D - Always in my HII and theyve heard soo in my arms and fall asleep! HI! I want to send u a BIIIG heart baby wabey! <33 much bout and call u there dont forget bout how we kiss and hug and i love you angel in heaven! MUAHHH bonded in Boston while mom always and forver! xoxoxo and dad shopped!hehe 01/25/2008 01/25/2008 01/25/2008 01/25/2008 Kelly Auntie Noreen Mommy Mommy & Daddy Hey my love bug!I just Just checking in on you. I Good morning baby boy! Hey Bubbly! Your mailbox iswanted to tell u that I always miss you. xoxo Hope you got a good sleep, perfect! Daddy & I did ourthink of u everyday! I know although Im sure you did. I best. :) We love you so much that youre happy up there! miss and love you more than little e. Sweet dreams baby I could ever say! boy! <33 XOXO
  43. 43. 01/24/2008 01/24/2008 01/24/2008 01/24/2008 Nana Mommy Auntie Noreen JoshieHi Ethan, Nana got her some Goin to decorate your baby Hi Buddy I love and miss Did u hear me tonite when I Angel Kisses tonight!!! It mailbox tonight for your you. Everytime I see your said my prayers?Those were only lasted a half an hour Valentines! Hope you get pictures you make me smile. tears of joy.I just really miss but I got my shares some good ones so we can xoxo u & wish we had more time worth.Thank You Bunches! keep them forever. I love u! to play here. XOs 01/24/2008 01/24/2008 01/24/2008 01/24/2008 Uncle Moosie Aunt Tabby Mommy Daddy!Just dropped in to send you Hey little guy! Just thinking Good morning Morning Eddie Spaghetti! I love. Whenever i need a about you and hoping you starshineeeeee :) Love and was thinking about you a lot smile, I look at all the are catching all of kisses miss you more with each yesterday. Me and James pictures of you and they from down here. Love you passing day - <333 talked about you. You are the brighten up my day. Love bunches!! <3 best thing in life!! you 01/24/2008 01/23/2008 01/23/2008 01/23/2008 Mommy Nana Uncle Moosie Mommy Night night little efaned! Ethan,Nana loves you up to Just a moment to say hi, Sending kisses up your way <333 the sky and back again!!!! miss you, and love you. Keep baby boy - Mommy loves an eye on all that love you. you more than you will ever We all miss you down here. know! <3
  44. 44. 01/23/2008 01/23/2008 01/22/2008 01/22/2008 Nana L. Uncle Moosie Mommy & Daddy Mommy Sweet E,the most popular Watched the little video Night night bubble e! Hope Wow! So warm today baby! Angel Baby in heaven. So today. Made me smile. Your you like the video Daddy All the cold is gone and the much love, kisses and parents love you soooooo made for you. As always, we sun is shining down on us. Ithoughts are sent to you each much. Many many people miss you, but we know love you sweet baby! <33 day from all that miss U XO love you. Always in our youre happy up there.<3 hearts 01/22/2008 01/21/2008 01/21/2008 01/21/2008 Mommy Mommy Christine MommyMommy & Daddy loves you Our song came on as I was Thanks for all the angel All Mommy wants to do is so much baby! I hope you getting out of the car tonight kisses. I love you lots and love you, little e! I knowfeel all of our love up there. baby e. I stayed to listen & think of you every instant. youre with me always. I loveNight night little angel babe closed my eyes to remember you my sweet angel <333! <3 how we danced xoxo 01/21/2008 01/21/2008 01/21/2008 01/20/2008 Auntie Noreen Nana L. l. hesserdoodle! Nana Sorry I havent written to Mornin Sweet Baby, its I love you efaneddie! *EEPY Thank You for all the kisses you lately. You are on my pretty cold down here but * you sent our way!!Nana mind everday. XOXOXO just the thought of you loves you up to the sky and makes me warm all over. back again!! Love & Miss U 4EVR
  45. 45. 01/20/2008 01/20/2008 01/20/2008 01/20/2008Aunt Tabby & Uncle Neil Daddy Uncle Moosie Mommy Awww I love the snowbaby Hey E, Mommy made the Morning Lil Bud-E, thinking Well, theres not enough toyour mommy made for you! coolest snowbaby ever. We of you as always and wanted make a snowman, but iveThank you for sending all the know you saw it though. to just make sure I sent you a got enough for a snowbaby! kisses. We love you! Love you! little love this am. Miss you. *smile* ;) I love you sweet e! xoxo 01/19/2008 01/19/2008 01/19/2008 01/18/2008 Mommy Mommy Aunt Tabby Mommy & Daddy Enjoying all of the kisses Love you little puntin head. I just found myself humming Were snuggling with lil being sent down tonight - Always the first and last this song a few minutes ago brewster tonight! We love Maybe a snowman thing on my mind every day, and thought I should stop by him just as much as you do.tomorrow? I love you baby! and every moment in to say "hi"! Love you Night night baby e man! night night <3 between too. I love you! xo bunches! <3 *xoxo* 01/18/2008 01/18/2008 01/17/2008 01/17/2008 Mommy Aunt Tabby Mommy Uncle MoosieSmiling just thinking about Ethan, I know you heard *kisses* baby. I love you! Sorry I havent been on herehow cute you are! :) I love Uncle Neil and I talking night night. lately, but you never left my you e eddie! <3 about you today. We love mind. Aunt Jennie and I miss and miss you so very much! you every single day <3
  46. 46. 01/17/2008 01/17/2008 01/17/2008 01/16/2008 Auntie Eileen Mommy Nana Aunt Mary Baby Boy, Sorry I havent Good morning baby! Nana misses your kissing Thinking of you. Yourtalked to u, but busy at work. Mommy found some booth.;)That ;s OK,Ill keep smiling face lifts my heart.I love u much & miss u more. beautiful snowflakes made blowing kisses up to heaven Pray for me beautiful angel. Keep an eye on Daddy at for you. :D I love you so for you to catch! Here comes Give God a kiss for me. work luv U much Ethan! xoxo some now!!XO 01/16/2008 01/16/2008 01/16/2008 01/16/2008 Aunt Monica Mommy Aunt Tabby MommyThanks for looking over me *kisses* to you sweet angel Just thinking about you as Love you little sweet pea! :) today! Austin thanks you! baby! giving kisses to always. Love you sweet baby Good morning to you! dreamsy bear too. i love you! boy! <3 xoxo 01/15/2008 01/15/2008 01/15/2008 01/14/2008 Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy Thinking of you before Thanks for sending down Loving you little baby <3 I love you sweet angel <3bedtime sweet baby. Hoping some angel kisses for us night night youre drifting to sleep in today baby e! your G. Nanas arms. I luv you baby e <3 xo
  47. 47. 01/14/2008 01/14/2008 01/14/2008 01/13/2008 Mommy Uncle Moosie Mommy NanaGood morning starshine! It Hey lil Bud-E, just wanted to Sweet dreams little angel! Ethan,Nana loves you up to is a beautiful day today wish you a good morning We all miss you so very the sky and back again!You baby. I love you! <33 and tell you that I miss you. much baby boy <333 xoxo are always on my mind and Sorry I have not been always in my heart.10:00 I dont around. busy busy busy. think so.Smiling up! 01/13/2008 01/13/2008 01/12/2008 01/12/2008 Mommy l. hesserdoodle! Mommy MommyLoving & missing you tons ...just sending a little Night night little puntin Good morning little little baby boyyyyy! *meeperdooel* your way!!!! i headdd :D babyyyyy! <3 Sweetest little love you!! <333 kid ever. I love you! 01/12/2008 01/11/2008 01/11/2008 01/10/2008 Mommy Mommy Nana MommyGoodnight sweet little angel Morning lil buddy - Mommy Hi My Sweet Ethan, I just Night night little bubble e!baby. I hope you can feel all is missing you so very much! got done watching your Mommy & Daddy love you of Mommys love up there! Please watch down on A. video again and I am so much <333Im sending it up every day! Edie baby. Love you!! <333 sending tons of kisses and Love u! xoxo hugs your way. Catch them all!!XO
  48. 48. 01/10/2008 01/10/2008 01/10/2008 01/10/2008 Nana L. Nana Mommy MommyMornin sweet baby..pls look Ethan Nana Loves You up to You are always the first It felt so good to spend time down on A. Edie and help the sky and back again.Tell thing on my mind when I sitting with you today baby. her & all that love her GOD I said Thank You for wake up. Good morning Mommys getting a special through this tough time..I sharing you with us!!XOs baby! - I love you! xoxo bear made for you! I love Love you.. XOXO you e! <3 01/09/2008 01/09/2008 01/09/2008 01/08/2008 Sarah Did you know... Mommy MommyThinking of you Baby E! <3 you would move us? Good morning little e eddie Sweet dreams my little Sarah did you know?...did any of us <3! angel! Dont forget to dream really know? sweet baby about nana, papa, and fafas. boy, you are missed & loved ;) I love you! xoxo so very much!!! <3 01/08/2008 01/08/2008 01/08/2008 01/07/2008 Auntie Noreen Mommy Mommy Aunt LaLaHi Buddy Miss and Love you You are still my world, my Missing those kisses of yours I felt your soft lips brush Forever!!!!! !xoxo hope, my every thought, my little e. Best kisses Mommy across my cheek-just as the true love. I miss you baby every had. One day baby. I brightest, strongest, <33 Mommy loves you so love you! night night xoxo <3 warmest beam of sunshine much! xoxox feel upon me today-xo i<3u
  49. 49. 01/07/2008 01/07/2008 01/06/2008 01/06/2008 Mommy Uncle Moosie Nana Mommy & DaddyGood morning little angel <3 Hey lil buddy. miss you and My Sweet Ethan,I love you Efanedddieee, oh hes mySending kisses up your way love you. Say Hi to Nana K up to the sky and back little efan ed! Singing before baby. Mommy loves you! and Nana and Papa B for again!Kisses and hugs!! bedtime bubba. We love you! me. Keep watch over night night mommy and daddy for me too. 01/06/2008 01/06/2008 01/05/2008 01/05/2008 Mommy Mommy Mommy l. hesserdoodle! Just thinking about u lil Its such a pretty day out Lighting you a candle from ...cant help but think of you potato head. Nothing new today baby. I hope you like Nana Ws house! We miss everyday & miss you oh sothere tho. Always thinking the new flowers Daddy and I you so much baby. kisses much!!! <3 love youabout you and missing you. brought you. Love you lil now & forever xoxo night efaneddieeeeeeLove you so much baby <3 *puntinhead* <3 night <3 01/05/2008 01/04/2008 01/04/2008 01/04/2008 Mommy Mommy Mommy MommyGoing to Nana & Pop Pops Daddy and I were singing Love you chubby bubbly <3 Ethan, today is Papa Wshouse soon for his birthday your songs today! They birthday! Send him extraparty. Ill be thinking about make us smile just as big as kisses today. I love you soyou, as always. I love you! you always did when we much <3 <3 sang them to you. luv u son <3
  50. 50. 01/04/2008 01/04/2008 01/03/2008 01/03/2008 Nana Uncle Moosie Mommy uncle jimmyEthan, Nana loves you up to Morning lil buddy. miss and Love you little buddy <3 Hi ethan, thinking about you the sky and back again!! love you mucho mucho. We night night. Mommy loves everday, mom and dad too. are always thinking of you. you! miss you. Love ya ~UM~ 01/03/2008 01/03/2008 01/03/2008 01/03/2008 Nana Christine Mommy Nana L. Hi Ethan,Its going to be a Thanks for the snow buddy, I Dont worry about me Ethan, You are daddys hard day for Mommy too loved it! Happy New Year Bubbly, just watch over guardian angel sitting on his with Daddy being sweet baby. I am coming to Daddy today. We love and shoulder as he goes back toaway.Please keep letting her see you in a little bit, look out miss you so very much baby work today...Watch over know that she is not alone! for me. <3 boy <3 him. W/ALL ourloveXO XO 01/03/2008 01/02/2008 01/02/2008 01/02/2008 Auntie Noreen Mommy Uncle Moosie Mommy Hi Baby Make sure you We saw a little bit of snow Just taking a moment to stop Good morningggggggggggwatch over Daddy today as today Bubbly - I know you by and say good afternoon ggg! Loving you so veryhe goes back to work. xoxo were sending your angel little buddy. Thinking about much little baby. <3 xoxo kisses down to us! Missing you all the time. you so very much <3
  51. 51. 01/02/2008 01/01/2008 01/01/2008 01/01/2008 Uncle Moosie Mommy Mommy Nana L. Just stopping by to say Love you buddy <33 Taking you with us into 08 Sending a New Year Kiss to Happy belated New Years baby boy - always in our my sweet baby boy. Pls givelittle buddy. Keep watch over hearts, shining brighter with one to Nana K, & Nana & Mom and Dad this New each passing day. I love you! Papa B., from us. Loving you Year. Love and Miss you so xoxoxo always. XOXO much 12/31/2007 12/31/2007 12/31/2007 12/31/2007 Nana L. Aunt Tabby Clores~Isabella Mommy Carvalhos MomIts almost 08 and for once I Just thinking about you and Good morning my love! Its will make a resolution I loving you very much! <3 Very sorry for the loss of New Years Eve today. I missknow I will keep, I will miss your precious little boy,he is you <3 & love you every day of my so cute,i lost my beautiful 21 life. XOXO years old daughter.God bless you 12/31/2007 12/30/2007 12/29/2007 12/29/2007 l. hesserdoodle! Mommy Mommy What amazing things... I lub you efaneddie!!! <3 Were home! Cant wait to Bubbly! Mommy & Daddy ...Mommy & Daddy must be visit you tomorrow baby. We miss you baby boy! I carry sharing with you thru their love you! *kisses*! night your picture in my pocket eyes as they visit NYC in night and Daddy and I take turns your memory; We miss & holding it. We love you! love you oh so much!
  52. 52. 12/29/2007 12/28/2007 12/28/2007 12/28/2007 Uncle Moosie & Auntie Aunt LaLa Auntie Noreen Nana Jen Jen Every single moment of Hi baby just sending you a Nana loves you Ethan!! Up Hey Baby Buddy, Just every single day (& every big smooch on your belly. to the sky and back again!!thinking of you and wanted second in between) you, make sure you give mommyto pass on a little hello. Miss mommy & daddy sweetly and daddy a sign in ny. xoxo you so much. Love you thought of; Missing you!xo always and ever. 12/28/2007 12/27/2007 12/27/2007 12/27/2007 Uncle Moosie uncle jimmy Lucy-momto angel Laura Auntie Noreen Hunter Hey buddy, keep an eye on Hi buddy, miss you Hi Ethan Pls give Nana K a mom, dad, nana, and papa The loss of a child is the kiss from me and tell her I as they visit NYC. You will greatest loss of all. I am so miss her. Thank You Buddysee them atthe big tree. Smile sorry for your loss. My xoxo brightly on them. thoughts and prayers are with you and you family. 12/27/2007 12/27/2007 12/27/2007 12/27/2007 Auntie Noreen Aunt LaLa Mommy Uncle Moosie Keep Mommy,Daddy and Watch over Mommy, Daddy, Leaving today little angel. Hope you enjoyed theNana & Papa going to Nana L. & Papa L. today on Watch over us when we go. celebration. We missed youNY to celebrate your life. xo their trip; Make sure they all You are our reason & we are here, but you were thought come home safe & sound; going as we promised. I love of and talked about alot. Smooches, lala you! Love you forever and always
  53. 53. 12/27/2007 12/27/2007 12/26/2007 12/26/2007 l. hesserdoodle! Auntie Eileen Nana Mommy & Daddy Just thought you should Found a tiny star on my desk Ethan,The picture of us Leaving tomorrow to go see know you are on my mind today, same day I brought together just takes my breath the big tree! Were going to wittle guy!! <333333 your picture in. I put it on away,it is the best present take your picture with us xoxoxox your picture as I know this ever!!!I love you up to the when we go. Make sure you was a sign from U. sky and back again!! look down! xoxo <3 12/26/2007 12/26/2007 12/26/2007 12/26/2007 Auntie Eileen Auntie Eileen & Auntie l. hesserdoodle! Mommy Rita 1 more thing, I have to say Mommy lubd her presers we Good morning bubble-e! you were one of our best Hey Big Boy. I hope your made her :D *high five* xoxoxo shining stars in 2007. Pls XMAS in Heaven was nice. efaneddie!!! i lub you Watch over us and Help Know that were thinking of eberrryday xoxox <3 make 2008 better. LUV U u. Thanks for keeping an eye on us. Love U 12/26/2007 12/25/2007 12/25/2007 12/25/2007Desmet Family, Belgium Auntie Noreen Aunt LaLa Nana L.Dear Ethan, know there is a This day is now over. You It just isnt the same without Merry Christmas Sweet candle burning here in are still my BEST present in you; Missing you more & Baby.My Christmas came on Belgium for you and your 07 and always. xoxo more with each passing day; 7/5/07. You are the greatest family. Our deepest Forever youre in my heart, gift of all. Missing youcondolences JanFabJason&J always everyday of my oyce life..XOXOXO
  54. 54. 12/25/2007 12/25/2007 12/25/2007 12/25/2007 Christine Mommy Nana Uncle Moosie and Aunt JenJen Merry Christmas Angel. I Merry Christmas Lil E Eddy! Merry christmas sweet know santa brought you I know you are so busy ethan! <3 nana loves you <3 Well Christmas is here andeverything you wanted, lotsa today - just know that kisses and hugs we have said our prayers atlove too! Thinking wbout you Mommy & Daddy are proud xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox midnight mass. We hope that always. I lub you. <3 of you big boy XOXO oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox you heard them. Merry oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Christmas lil one. oxoxoxoxox 12/25/2007 12/25/2007 12/25/2007 12/24/2007 Daddy Mommy Merry Christmas to Uncle Moosie and Aunt All..... JenJen Merry Christmas Bubby! Merry Christmas Efan!You are the best gift me and Thank you for my frame. :) ......And to All a Good Night!! We will be thinking of youmommy could ever get. Love Daddy let me open it a little <3 and the Nanas as we go to you!! Daddy after midnight. I love you!!! Sunday Mass tonight. We XOXOXXO will say a prayer for everyone here and there. 12/24/2007 12/24/2007 12/24/2007 12/24/2007Love from Heaven Above Mommy l. hesserdoodle! l. hesserdoodle! When tomorrow starts Loving you sweet little & oh! i hope you totally love I love you & think of you without me, try to Christmas angel. <333 your present...i had a special eberyday little efaneddie! <3understand, an angel came little elf deliver it to you <3 lub you to plutos & back and called my name, then *big kisses* for you efaned! xoxoxo took me by the hand.
  55. 55. 12/24/2007 12/24/2007 12/24/2007 12/23/2007 UNcle Moosie Nana L. Mommy Auntie NoreenMerry Christmas eve lil man. Merry Christmas Eve Sweet Merry Christmas Eve E! Sweet Dreams & Good Night Enjoy the celebration up Baby. Im trying hard to be Daddy said maybe Jesus will Love You Forever xothere and keep an eye on us happy like I know you want let you ride on Santas sleighall. We all love you and miss us to be but Im missing you & hand him the presents. ()- you. <3<3<3&l t so much XOXO ;] we <3 u! 12/23/2007 12/23/2007 12/23/2007 12/23/2007 Auntie Noreen Uncle Moosie Mommy Nana Sorry I havent written to Sitting at work and wanted I dont shine if you dont Ethan,You must all be busyyou in the last few days but to take a moment to say hi shine little e eddy. I hope you up there planning for theyou are always on my mind. and Merry Christmas to you can feel all of our love up "Big Celebration" When you xo little one. Say hi to everyone there. We can feel yours. get a break tell all we send for us. our XOXOXOXOs 12/23/2007 12/23/2007 12/22/2007 12/22/2007 Mommy Mommy Mommy MommyI cant believe tomorrow is Night night sweet little angel I look at your photos & still Night night little e eddy! I already Christmas Eve. I baby <3333! Mommy misses cant believe that Daddy and love you to the miss you so much. Please you & loves you so very I made you - you couldnt mooooooooon! (and back)!shine down on us e. I LOVE much. xoxo have gotten much cuter! Sweet dreams baby <3 YOU <33 forever i<3u
  56. 56. 12/21/2007 12/21/2007 12/21/2007 12/21/2007 Mommy Uncle Moosie Mommy Uncle Moosie Daddy and I saw Jeffs "The greatest power is often Good morning starshineee! I Yes Ethan, talking to yourMommy today. She told Jeff simple patience" E. Joseph bet you have the biggest mom made me a little to keep an eye on you up Cossman This is for your Christmas tree that the calmer. I miss them, and Ithere. Love you little ittle e mom and dad. sent with world has ever seen up miss you. Always thinking of <3 love. ~U.M.~ there! Missing u little guy <3 you and them. 12/20/2007 12/20/2007 12/20/2007 12/20/2007 Mommy Ethan Christine Uncle MoosieSweet dreams my little angel Talked to your mom today. Always thinking about you I am looking at picture of <3 *kisses* It was nice. She loves you and mommy and daddy too! you and you are on your side soooooo much. She is a great I hope you see some snow smiling. You really lit up a woman. And dad aint that from up there. Miss you tons. room with that smile. Now bad either. luv ya Sleep tight tonight. <3 Im smiling too 12/20/2007 12/20/2007 12/20/2007 12/20/2007 Aunt Tabby Joshie Mommy Uncle Moosie Every time I see a little I love you and think you are There is not a second that Watch over mommy and firetruck, whenever Saige as cute as saige. tomorrow i goes by that I dont think of daddy for me. They miss yousays "baby", I think of you. I will say another thing. hugs you. I miss you so much it so much. Aunt JenJen and I love you soo much! <33333 & kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxojos hurts, but all worth it. I love miss you also. hxo you e eddy
  57. 57. 12/19/2007 12/19/2007 12/19/2007 12/19/2007 Mommy Nana Mommy Uncle MoosieI hope youve been getting all J came home from school Daddy got you a blue angel Justed wanted to stop by and the kisses Ive been sending today with a tiny stocking he that lights up outside. I hope say Hi. I think I caught you up! I love you now and has given you. We put a tiny you like it baby e. Missing looking today. It was gloomy always. Night night sweet heart inside. The one that and loving you always. <3 except for this one ray of angel baby <3 keeps popping up!;) Mommy & Daddy sunshine.... 12/19/2007 12/19/2007 12/19/2007 12/19/2007 Daddy! l. hesserdoodle! Mommy Mommy Hey, I was just thinking of ...thinking of you sweet angel "Just take your time, where I never knew I could love so you so I thought i would baby <3 *meeperdoo dle!!!!!* ever you go" - trying to take much! - so much more than I come say "hi". I love and in the little things each and could ever explain. Missing miss you!! Daddy! every day. You taught me you now and always. Night that. <3u Night baby boy <3 12/18/2007 12/18/2007 12/17/2007 12/17/2007 Uncle Moosie Nana Daddy! Mommy Miss you and love you. Ethan... Please keep Mommy Bubby, I talked to you alot Goodnight sweet angelThank you for watching over and Daddy tucked under today at your grave. I XOXOXO - Love, Mommy & us all. Thinking of you your wings.I love you up to confronted things I didnt Daddy everyday. the sky and back again! want to, and came out better because of it. Love Dad!
  58. 58. 12/17/2007 12/17/2007 12/17/2007 12/17/2007 Uncle Moosie Mommy Aunt Tabby l. hesserdoodle!Hey lil buddy, give Nana K I bet Nana Betty knitted you Awwww I love that booty Just looked at the pichuresand Nana B a kiss for me. I a nice hat and scarf for picture! <3 You are too cute that make mommy lol & iwatch these pics go by and I Christmas (and maybe a for words! Loving you waffled a little too <3 miss you so much. Thanks doyly too!) ;) Give her a kiss always! XOXOXOX *pinches super tute booty* i for watching over us from us. Love you! miss you baby boy 12/17/2007 12/17/2007 12/16/2007 12/16/2007 Uncle Moosie Auntie Eileen Mommy Cousin Kelly Morning sunshine... Thank Good Morning Baby Boy. Goodnight little angel <3 i Goodnight my lil e, ill seeyou for the bright and shiny Thinking of u and how much love you so very much! xoxox you in my dreams. thanks am. It is a little cold here in I miss u. Kiss Nana K and now and always. for being such a blessing inVegas, but I am sure you will give Stella a hug for me. Talk our family! love you! warm it up. to u soon Love A.E. muahh!!! sweet dreams! 12/16/2007 12/16/2007 12/16/2007 12/16/2007 Auntie Noreen uncle jimmy Uncle Moosie MommySweet dreams my little guy. I Love you. miss you mom and Thanks for coming into our You are my sunshine, myLove You. Give a kiss to your dad too. life. We all miss you only sunshine. You make me Mommy & Daddy from me. something fierce. Keep happy when skies are grey. - xoxo shining down on us. You are I know you will never stop always in our thoughts. shining for us. I<3U!
  59. 59. 12/16/2007 12/16/2007 12/16/2007 12/16/2007 Auntie Noreeen Kelly Kelly Nana L. Just thinking of our Little Im sitting here looking out Ethan thers not a day that i Mornin sweet baby, i hope Xmas Angel. Give Nana K the window in the snowy dont think of you!I miss and you can feel the warmthand Stella a kiss for me.xoxo storm thinking of that love you!Tell my Stella and from all our hearts down special trip u made up here Nana that i said Hi and give here that miss and love you to see us!Truly Grateful!xo them a kiss! 43 sooo much..xoxoxo 12/15/2007 12/15/2007 12/15/2007 12/15/2007 Mommy Uncle Moosie and Aunt Ranell Christophers Knowing JenJen mommyEfanedddieeeee, doodlebug! Ethan your Mommy and Hes the cutest kid but hes Thinking of you and missing You sweet little boy....I hope Daddy are so STRONG! Wenever smug! :) I sing it every you very much. We love you your having fun up there. all have learned so much day baby e. I love you! very very much. Kiss him 4 me....keep watch from them and YOU! WE over your mommy..she love you guys so much! misses u 12/15/2007 12/14/2007 12/14/2007 12/14/2007 Aunt Monica Auntie Eileen Uncle Moosie I Love & Miss You Just looking at ur pictures Hi big guy, i just wanted to Not a day goes by that I Hi Ethan, Im still a little baby boy. Love you. tell you have a great week- dont think of you, mommy, mad at "you know who" but end and kiss nana k. for me. i and daddy. Thanks for as I promised you I am love u both. love a.e. ps a.r. joining their lives and ours. trying hard.Keep going to loves u 2 You are a blessing. bat for me.</
  60. 60. 12/14/2007 12/14/2007 12/14/2007 12/14/2007 Mommy Auntie Eileen Saige & Aunt Tabby Mommy I love the picture of you Hi Big Guy! Thanks for Hi Ethan! We loved seeing Goodnight sweet angel <3 sucking on your two little watching over me during your new video today. <3fingers. I miss those fingers. that 5 hr drive home last nite I love you effydoodle. <333 in the snow storm. Miss U and Love U Big Time XOXO 12/14/2007 12/13/2007 12/13/2007 12/13/2007 J Bird Mommy Uncle Moosie MommyI miss you buddy! I love you! Just looking at your pictures Aunt Jennie wants you to Good morning buttercup. :) again. I miss you. know that she loves you very Missing you as I always do. I much. We speak of you love you <3 everyday. Always in our thoughts. night night lil E 12/13/2007 12/13/2007 12/13/2007 12/12/2007 Mommy Daddy! Aunt Tabby James Goodnight little baby e. I Hey Bubble E. Thank you for Sweet Dreams Baby Boy! <3 Whats up buddie hope all ismiss and love you so much! the warm days you have well with ya same with mom <3 been sending us. Its so nice and dad you guys are on my to go to your marker on mind every day. well buddie warm windy days! good nite Lata bud
  61. 61. 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 Auntie Noreen Irish Blessing pt 2 - UM Irish Blessing - Uncle Mommy Moosie Nite Nite Baby LOVE U “ angel wings tenderly Good morning beautiful FOREVER xoxo beating.” “May we live in peace angel! The sun is shining without weeping. May our today, but it doesnt compare joy outline the lives we touch to the way you shine in my without ceasing. And may heart. I LOVE U! our love fill the world, angel w 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 This little light of BIG WET KISSES l. hesserdoodle! Uncle Moosie mine..... I could hear you giggling at Good morning sunshine!!!! Woke up to a tiny sparkle..Im gonna let it shine..let it Nana while I was kissing <3 i love you now & always poking through the curtains. shine...let it shine...let it you under the mistletoe.You It was you telling me rise shine!! You, mommy & know Nanas always do and shine. Busy day, but you daddy are my light- funny stuff like that.Luv U will be on my mind smooches, aunt lala 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 12/11/2007 Nana L. Auntie Noreen Mommy Uncle Moosie Mornin Sweet Baby,just Good Morning Like Goodnight sweet baby e Watching as my digital sending a BIGG Hug and everyday I woke up thinking <333 photo frame wisks throughKiss to my forever #1 baby of you.U are always in my pictures of you and yourboy.I love and miss U more heart. XO parents. Miss you each and than i can ever say XOXO every day.
  62. 62. 12/11/2007 12/11/2007 12/10/2007 12/10/2007 uncle jummy Mommy Joshie Uncle Moosie and Auntie JenJen Hi ethan, thinking about My little bubbly, Mommy Today I found a penny and you, mom, and dad today. and Daddy are so proud of made a wish just for you. Ill Hey Little E, we lit our love and miss you all. you. <3 be playing with you tonight candles for you last night. in my dreams. Love you When the candles went out, baby Ethan! the glow remained & we knew it was you. 12/10/2007 12/10/2007 12/10/2007 12/10/2007 Johnny Chantelle & the boys... Joshie The Sweetest GlowEthan: I miss and love you. I God bless you Ethan, I wish Ethan I love you very much Brighter than any candle is will have you in my heart & pray for you, your and know you are always the glow on your Mothers forever. Now you are a mommy & daddy everyday. here in my heart. XOXOXO face when she speaks of you golden angel and dont You are a beautiful angel... Baby Ethan.She heals my anyone ever forget that! heart! How lucky you are! 12/10/2007 12/10/2007 12/10/2007 12/10/2007 Auntie Noreen & Uncle l. hesserdoodle! Auntie Eileen & Auntie Aunt Monica Jimmy Rita Her little mister efaneddie! I think of you all the time!Ethan We lit our candle for u my candle shone so bright Hi Baby Boy. We lit a candle Me and the boys miss you & all the other little angels last night for you & it even for u last nite. Hope you saw sooo much! Love you always We love you!!!!! had a special froggy holder it and heard how much we and forever! for you <33 xo both love u and think of u often Love AE/AR
  63. 63. 12/09/2007 12/09/2007 12/09/2007 12/09/2007 Nana Sara Your Family in NJ Nana and Papa L. Hi Ethan,At seven tonight I Ethan I miss and love you Ethan: We lit a candle for Star light, Star bright,think it got about 20 degrees very much.I wish you were you with Aunt Mary and candles shining on youwarmer here and a whole lot still here. Uncle Charlie. Know that we tonight..the world is glowing brighter!We love you up to think of you often and love with thoughts of you..We the sky and back! you! LOVE you Angel Baby XOXOX 12/09/2007 12/09/2007 12/09/2007 12/09/2007 Daddy Aunt LaLa Mommy All that LOVE & MISS YOU Candles shining on for you Lighting candles & thinking Your candles are shiningtonight bubbly. We love and of you--as always; I came to bright on the front porch Ethan..look down from miss you always. Dont see you today & see that the tonight. You will ALWAYS heaven tonite and see the forget to look down!! Love flowers are starting to shine on baby boy, always. light from all of us shining Daddy! bloom, xoxo Love, Mommy back up at you..we miss you so much..XOXOXO 12/09/2007 12/09/2007 12/08/2007 12/08/2007 Mommy Mommy Mommy MommyWell be lighting a candle for Goodnight sweet little bubble I know you were watching Good Morning bubbly! <3 you tonight baby angel. E! over us tonight Bubba. NanaDont forget to look down on got you a little reindeer. Its us. We love you! <3 a baby just like you. I love you so much!
  64. 64. 12/08/2007 12/07/2007 12/07/2007 12/07/2007 Kelly Daddy JAMES James Ethan, You are missed by Hey bubbly, Me and Mom Buddie just want to say good Miss ya Buddie sure wish ieveryone that knew you and think about you all of time. nite and i will check in later coud spent some more time your family. We miss and Alot of people love and miss miss ya buddie good nite with ya. ikeep you with me love you! you, but I know we will all be every day right in my right together again. pocket Lata Lil Cus 12/07/2007 12/07/2007 12/07/2007 12/07/2007 Auntie Noreen Mommy In Memory of all who Mommy have died I was just thinking of you Always thinking of you little Good morning baby e!!and I am sooo glad that I got efaneddie. Daddy and I were Dear Ethan: As you roam Daddy told me he had a to kiss you. Good Night. singing your songs today. the clouds today, please give dream about you lastnight. I We miss you so much. WE a big salute to all you pass wish I did. Maybe tonight. I LOVE YOU!!! who died at Pearl Harbor on LOVE YOU!!! <333 this date in 1941 12/07/2007 12/07/2007 12/07/2007 12/06/2007 Nana Mommy & Daddy Aunt Tabby Auntie Noreen Hi Ethan,I watched your Goodnight little e eddy! Hi Ethan, its late & very Sweet Dreams!! video today and my heart *XOXOXOXOX x infinity* quiet here.I was just looking was whole again for 21 at your pic again, but Imseconds.I miss you so much!! sure you already knew that:) Up to the sky and back Love U again!!
  65. 65. 12/06/2007 12/06/2007 12/06/2007 12/06/2007 Christine Christine uncle jimmy Mommy You are in my heart and I know you taking care of Hi buddy, just wanted to say Good morning little mind every minute of the mommy and daddy. I am so hi and let you know I miss effaneddie <3 I hope youday. I love you sweet baby e. glad I got to see your you. slept good and woke up Always. beautiful face. smiling like you always do. I love you so much <33 12/06/2007 12/06/2007 12/05/2007 12/05/2007 l. hesserdoodle! l. hesserdoodle! Mommy Auntie Noreen Have to *sing* it again Just thought i would *sing* Thinking of you little one. Hi Baby - I was just thinkingbecause it makes you smile!!! the besTesT song i ever sang Wondering if youre playing of you. Hugs & Kisses to <3 XOXOXO for know which with Alex or maybe you,Nannny and one it is efaneddie!!! <3 snuggling up to Great Nana Stella.Sweet Dreams. xo for a nap. I love you! 12/05/2007 12/05/2007 12/05/2007 12/04/2007 l. hesserdoodle! Mommy Mommy & Daddy Kisses for Mommy & Daddy I finished one of mommys Goodmorning! I love you Night night little efan ed.presents today...she will love little e eddy! <33 Dont forget to say your Look after them & kiss it because you helped me prayers along with Mommy. Mommy & Daddy sweetly make it <3 love you tutie <33 Love you angel baby <3 before they drift off to sleep patootie!!! <3 tonight, Sweet Baby E