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Published in: Self Improvement
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  1. 1. Fatherly <br />Love<br />Priceless Memories<br />Of Symphony <br />Presents…<br />Father Of A Year!!!<br />
  2. 2. A Dad Like Him<br />H = Handsome perfect daddy he Is.<br />I = Invent a method of doting.<br />L = Loving person.<br />A = Amiable to everybody.<br />R = Romantic being.<br />I = Indicates good deeds. <br />O = Outstanding person.<br />A = Amazing human to all.<br />D = Dribble and<br />D = Double of love given<br />U = Unto Us.<br />N = Nice being. The <br />B = Best person ever.<br />A = Always sweet.<br />C = Constructs abet for anyone.<br />U = Understands man. All of these<br />D = Describes a <br />Daddy like <br />Hilario Addun Bacud<br />Happy Father’s Day!!!<br />Daddy<br />
  3. 3. Chronicles Of Fond<br />H = Hilario Is his name. He was born and rises early fifties.<br />I = In the area of Tuguegarao Cagayan now a municipal. <br />L = Larry for short.<br />A = Absolutely ever wanted Is to aim,<br />R = Raise up high over the horizon<br /> I = Into his goals triumph because<br />O = Of that victory comes a success.<br />A = An Ideal recognition well<br />D = Done. Good man he became.<br />D = Dose nice things to everyone.<br />U = Until suddenly, he bump into a beautiful woman that caught his eyes <br />D = Doing business on her own. No <br />B = Buts, no doubts they had wed. Years later,<br />A = A three lovely siblings was born. So cute and full of<br />C = Charm. The bond of love was even getting stronger.<br />U = Uttermost a priceless family circle were formed. Now come what may<br />D = Dismay still unbreakable. <br />Daddy<br />HilarioAddun Bacud<br />Happy Father’s Day!!! <br />June 21,2009<br />HilarioAddun Bacud<br />
  4. 4. I constantly remember those days <br />that my daddy had given me… I love you.<br />Your three beautiful angels will present something for you.A Symphony Of A Father And Daughters…CalledOneness<br />Mary Quiny<br />Therese<br />Virmae Concesa<br />Mary Quincy Therese<br />
  5. 5. (Daddy)<br />Watch you when you were born.<br />Yet I had been gone so long.<br />Try the hardest way to hold on for you to live your life.<br />You are the special heaven’s gift.<br />Sending you a picture of mine makes me reminisce that you are always on my thoughts.<br />Writing you a letter until we meet again, may God hold you In the palm of his hands?<br />How grateful to have you In my life across miles away.<br />Daughter: (Quiny)<br />Why cannot you stay with me?<br />See me grow up Into the stages of my life.<br />Recalled once you cradle me In your arms.<br />Lucky me there Is a memories that was left behind better than nothing.<br />All those time I had heard you through letters.<br />Now I am full grown I did understand everything that happened In the past.<br />
  6. 6. Daughter (Quincy)<br />No matter what may come or know you would see me through and through. <br />Wish you by my side years after years. <br />(Daddy)<br />Never want anything moreover I need your presences Into my life. <br />Extend my love for you far yonder miles apart.<br />Warming you with my presence and keep you In my prayers. <br />Instead of a gem or even a flower cast the gift of a lovely thought In the heart of a daughter. <br />
  7. 7. Daughter (Virmae)<br />Your kindness for me can never be bought or sold.<br />The doting that you gave will endure forever In my life.<br />I always appreciate your thoughtfulness kind ways.<br />Much more I am thankful of all things you do, all ways of showing that you cared enough.<br />So long much love from the sincerity of my heart.<br />Thanks for everything my dearest beloved daddy.<br />(Daddy)<br />By my side you will be here soon.<br />I know you want your freedom to do things your way but as a dad I am concern.<br />Inside my heart you are always my little daughter. These are the precious times between you and me.<br />Now that you here beside me, I brought the sunshine to your life.<br />Seeing you as a grown woman encourage you to build up your dreams and goals.<br />Spare your life with laughter and joy.<br />
  8. 8. Once you are In my life I would give my best shot to aid your needs. <br />You gift Is worth having by my heart. <br />I am filled with gratitude for the things you have full measured Into my life. <br />Give you the colors to adorn your happiness. <br />These and the rest are from the bottom of my heart. <br />You doubled my joys for being here with me. <br />
  9. 9. Oh! Gosh! What Is next of course the mom’s surprise dad for father’s day. Come on let us see. Happy father’s day!!! DAD<br />End of part one catch your breath<br /> brace yourself will be right back!!!<br /><ul><li>I cannot see mom dad Is looking for you.
  10. 10. Where can she be. Even us are Invisible ourselves.</li></ul>We love you dad!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!<br />
  11. 11. Smile daddy. Do not get mad get glad!!! <br />We love you daddy!!!<br />Happy Father’s day To Dad!!!<br />
  12. 12. HERE ARE SOME DEDICATIONS FOR YOU DAD<br />FAPPY FATHER’S DAY<br />Dad we salute you on everything your kindness.<br />Well done dad. <br />We love you!!! <br />Nothing can compare.<br />Thank for being the head of the family.<br />Though there are few hindrances we still mend each other.<br />Bring us superior qualities of love.<br />We appreciate your good deeds.<br />Happy father day to you In did we appreciate your thoughtfulness.<br />A father’s fond perceive no hopelessness.<br />With all our hearts gratitude <br />for taking the aid that you have given us.<br />
  13. 13. Do like what we did? Do you notice something strange mom Is missing. Anyway, she Is about to reveal herself or maybe not. <br />Wait, I think mom not coming. Dad Is going cry. <br />Oh! No! Do not make daddy cry mom Is coming soon right sisters.<br />
  14. 14. Happy fathers day dad!!! We love you!!!<br />From: <br />Me Quiny and My Boyfriend Japeth<br />Okay dad your wish to see mom here Is she Is!!!<br />Part two starts.<br />
  16. 16. Which Is beyond wheat these poor words can say I give you all I best I can.<br />Which Is a treasures my life for your love that can prove forever.<br />With nothing we need alter or unlearn.<br />Within goodness shines upon us blissful Is overflowing. <br />Your love for me Is something simply there.<br />You have always been where I return.<br />
  17. 17. Man:Nothing last forever without you I can never survive.Now I can feel how much you care.Of course nearness won the battle over yonder.Priceless fond you spare Into my life can never be outweighing. Since you been gone away I am missing you.That you would give has always been a given.<br />Woman:<br />The home that Is our harbor from the sea still arises.<br />The more I know you the better I love you.<br />The place where what we are an easy be.<br />Time Is running by, the rivers are flowing fast, but be still within my heart.<br />Tomorrow never fades like my fond will last for a lifetime.<br />Weep through the air as plain and necessary as the love bond between us<br />.<br />
  18. 18. Man:<br />There Is no difference In the way I love you<br />We behold to all I really am longing for your presence.<br />Just as unpretentious and unbidden.<br />Like god made people to love, I found you at my first hello.<br />Loves brings us closeness no matter how great the yonder between us.<br />Loving so much each time I remember you here.<br />Woman<br />Mine and yours alone Is what makes us entwined.<br />Money means a lot, belongings are Important but everything will be gone at least I still have you for keeps.<br />My being was full of colors of love since you became mine.<br />No human can copy a strong bond between our relationship between you and me.<br />Not only this era but constantly were longing for her absences.<br />Nothing can describe the way you takegood care of me.<br />
  19. 19. As long as we live I would not stop thanking you.<br />Because God Is my witness of loving you so dearly Is what Intend.<br />Countless blessing when you came Into my life.<br />Enjoying times with you I miss. <br />For me I love you.<br />
  20. 20. Testimonials dedicated to my beloved husband Mr. HilarioAddun Bacud<br />Over the years we are apart I kept thinking no how thinks are going to be we were happily In one corner. I love you very much!!!<br />Now that our family Is as one then It will never fall apart again. We appreciate the love that you are giving us. We all love you.<br />The end of part two. <br />Guess who Is given a testimonial, <br />she Is our good companion as well as best friend, <br />she Is our mentor beside that a loving, kind person Is she.<br />First guess two words. <br />“Mommy”<br />Hope you like the show that I presented only just for you. Happy father’s day!!! I love you!!! My beloved.<br />
  21. 21. Edited By: maryQuinytheresaLazaro Bacud and jaapeth sound effect By: mary Quincy theresaLazaro Bacud<br />Written By: <br />Virmae Concesa LazaroBacud <br />What a wonderful production and directed By: AgripinaLazaro Bacud<br />Hope you enjoy the show. Until next time.<br />